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Welcome to Redolence, the encyclopedic home of perfumes and perfume brands. At Redolence, we inform our readers on
the latest perfume launches, the famous fragrances and the less-unknown but wonderful scents and also the reviews of them. Since 2020, we have been exploring the realm of senses by providing reviews and content on the famous fragrances. We are among the world’s leading online platforms that feature over 10000 fragrances and perfumes. We have a genuine passion for perfume; hence we are committed to providing relevant knowledge ,experience  and reviews regarding perfumes online. If you are into the nitty-gritty of smells and tastes, then you are at the right place.  

On our platform, we regularly update you with the latest fragrance industry news, fragrance articles and fragrance
reviews. We provide suggestions on sampling ideas. When looking for great ideas on creating spice perfume mixtures, then this is the place for you to be. We also feature interviews from members of the top fragrance industry. In our reviews, we can evaluate the unisex fragrance, masculine fragrance and the feminine fragrance.

Our philosophy is geared towards outsourcing and providing every customer with personalised and educational content
regarding fragrance and perfume. Our knowledge of perfume is jaw-dropping, detailed and historically conceptualised. You as our reader, you are welcomed to contribute to our reviews after reading our articles and other content on our platform.

Our mission is inclined to equipping our readers with relevant knowledge on perfumes so that they can make an informed decision on which one to buy for after understanding the notes,occasion smell and off course the reviews from people who have used it.. We also ensure that they learn all
the basics regarding selecting the best perfumes. We believe that fragrance is an art that has logic at its heart. So our perfume review content will always provide you with the knowledge to select the right perfume depending on your occasion. We also thrive on bringing the world of fragrance close to people by hosting Open-session workshops.

 For us, Perfume is an art and craft object that needs to be appreciated.  After all, perfume is an art of expressing our smell sense and we all love to smell nice.Hence on our review on the latest promenades in town, addresses their impressions and memories that they do provide.  As perfume experts, we hope to inspire others to stop and smell the roses in life. All said and done; you are welcomed to get the right knowledge on all the perfume from the online encyclopedia of perfumes that brings the community of perfume lovers together.

For the perfume brands, no matter big or small, we would like to hear news from you. Our goal is to place your perfume
brand in the context of life. Well, as you know, perfume has no vocabulary because there is no language for the sense of smell. For us, we consider smell as an emotion and a memory that connects to your client’s brain when they first feel.When they smell something, they will feel it before they even think. Thus, we translate that feeling into a wordplay by reviewing your perfume brand. We bring up a memory, a dream, a wish, an emotion and a desire for clients to yearn for your brand.  Get in touch with our team, or you can send in your comprehensive material to get started.  We will include this in our reviews or even in the news section.

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