Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs. 500 in 2021 – (Reviews)

Best Perfumes for Men under Rs.500
Best Perfumes for Men under Rs.500
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The reason for our happiness heavily depends on how you smell. Perfume enhances the mood and lifts your spirits. There is a perfume that helps you to reflects your mood and to project your feelings better. Whether your mood is playful, happy, mischievous, or reserved, perfumes offer many kinds of smells for different moods. You just have to spray it on your clothes right before you walk out the door to start your day. A good perfume can make you feel more attractive and confident, which helps you appear that way to those around you. No matter whether you are a regular buyer of perfume or not, there are several qualities of perfume you should know about them. While buying perfumes you should always have a look at these qualities to choose good perfume. Factors to Consider while Selecting the Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500

A Scent with a Purpose

Sense of smell influences life. Always pick a scent that helps you get in the mood you want.

Suitable for Different Occasions
A good perfume is that which can be used for different occasions. You should pick the one which can be applied for different occasions.


A good perfume will last a couple of hours, while a fake one will last only for an hour or less. You should pick an option that lasts long.

Not too Strong

Make sure that you don’t choose a fragrance that is too strong.

Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500

There are several perfumes in the market, and it becomes very difficult to choose between them. The best scent must be long-lasting, wearable, and have a sense of freshness. Well, with such a huge number of smells, buying one becomes impossible. We have made a list to help you pick the right perfume in 2020. Well, let’s get started on our review of the Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500 in 2020.

1. Wild Stone Ultra Sensual EDP


Wild Stone is one of the leading male grooming brand that tops in the list of Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500 and most affordable perfume in India. It has a fragrance that galvanises and soothes your senses at the same time. This scent keeps you fresh and energetic throughout. It is a combination of Ethyl Alcohol, Max. (95% v/v) Content: 88% v/v (denatured with Diethyl phthalate 1%), Perfume. it has a smell to create lightning yet sensual mood. The fragrance is bold, modern, and wildly. It complements the young, fashionable, and modern man of today. Ideally suited when you are going out to party or wanting to be casual.


  • India’s most trusted fragrance brand
  • it has zesty lemon and lavender smell that will captivate the inner your
  • they are created to bring out every personality
  • ideal for both party and casual


  • It lasts long
  • The fragrance is not sharp.
  • It’s very suitable for everyone


  • a little bit expensive

2. Set Wet Studio X Perfume


It comes in an attractive container. Studio X has a great scent that has various supplements from rose, vanilla, and citrus, making it light and fresh and potent and sensual. Cedar-wood being the main scent with traces of citrus makes it unique for this perfume. That’s why it had to come on our list of the Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500 in suitable for any event you may be attending. Besides, the smell is not too strong and would not piss off people around you.


  • woody base notes of cedar-wood and  with a spicy mix of musk and amber
  • Its subtle
  • contains rosemary as a middle note that helps to spark your mood
  • had a dark and intense smell,


  • Safe on skin
  • Suitable for regular use
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Cost-effective


  • For some people, it’s too hard
  • It doesn’t last very long



3. The Man Company – Body Perfume


The man company body perfume for men is available under 500 Rs; it’s a perfect choice for the fitness freak. Workout at the gym, a morning jog, or playing a favourite sport; you certainly want to avoid an unpleasant body sweat odour. It has a fragrance that matches your lifestyle and keeps you fresh notes are generally the lightest of all notes, reaching to the base notes is the fragrance of amber-wood and patchouli. It is very well packaged, and its scent is suitable for all kinds of events.


  • Attractive packing
  • The fragrance of lemon and mint and with the aroma of sandalwood, and cardamom
  • Perfect for Everyday Use


  • No Gas Body Perfume
  • Long-Lasting Freshness
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Up to 1000 Sprays


  • Not much suitable for party occasions
  • The smell is a little bit girlish


4. Denver Esteem Perfume


It has a sharp scent and one of the best smelling perfume for men. Its fragrance includes fresh bergamot & sharp lavender with a hint of pepper. And, the base consists of patchouli & musk. It is rectangular that gives the package an elegant appearance that makes it the Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500 in 2020. Denver Esteem Perfume’s smell lasts in the body for a prolonged period and suitable for every occasion,


  • Luxury perfume body spray for men
  • Features a sharp woody scent
  • Leaves you feeling confident all through the day
  • Top Notes: Clary Sage, Middle Notes: Geranium, Base Notes: Cedar-wood


  • Keeps you fresh and clean
  • Keeps body odour away
  • Long-lasting protection


Little bit strong


5. Adidas Ice Dive EDT


If you are a sports person, then you might get sweaty much that leaves a stinking smell Adidas Ice Dive EDT is apt for the athletic men who play sports and have a ravishing and engaging personality. It has a spicy fragrance that keeps you fresh all day long. It comes with vibrant citrus scents accented by soft masculine woods, which makes it the most wanted perfumes for men under 500 Rs.


  • Fresh Azonic Fragrance
  • Fragrance Booster Technology
  • Developed With Athletes
  • Woody, aromatic fragrance
  • Hybrid formula and High dense pigmentation


  • Long-Lasting Fragrance Up To 24 hours
  • Ergonomic Shape To Fit In Hand Palm
  • keeps the smell of sweat away


  • Not suitable in a very hot climate
  • Not suitable for party


6.    Fogg Impression Scent


Need to make an impression? Don’t go all out with Fogg Scent Impression, the perfect go-to for all those? Bold, masculine, and sexy lift that smile and wild side. That’s why it must appear on our list of the best men’s perfume in 2020.  It is in a bottle, which gives it an elegant appearance. Scents include citrus and woody. This cologne is suitable for everyone and any occasion.


  • Scents include citrus and woody.
  • It provides 12 hours anti – bacterial protection against bad smell.
  • Strong fragrance and one of the best perfumes for men.


  • It is gentle on your skin.
  • Up to 800 sprays
  • Long-lasting
  • Very refreshing    


  • Bit feminine
  • Pungent odour is Irresistible.

7. AXE Signature Gold Italian Perfume


The classy notes will leave an impression by bringing out your uniqueness. A combination of amber wood & sandalwood with freesia, red apple, and Italian bergamot has been specially mixed with exotic and refined ingredients that will make you every occasion extra special. You get it in a stylishly dark bottle. This is among the most popular sellers in India and top-selling men’s fragrance in 2020. You can find this in several stores around the country.


  • Beautifully crafted matte glass bottle
  • World’s number 1 male deodorant
  • Main Notes are Italian Bergamot and Amber Wood


  • Long-lasting fragrance crafted with unique exotic
  • Safe on skin
  • Gives Bold and masculine
  • Don’t fade away
  • Very much suitable for a special occasion


  • Perfume is Very Basic
  • Not suitable for sweaty people
  • Fades away soon in AC environment

8. Envy Men Perfume


This is another best perfume for men. It is for men that integrate green and woody notes. The mixture provides a likeable scent that gives soothing, masculine, yet gentle freshness. It would serve your body when not too much sweating is happening.


  • The scent has a mix of fresh with woody undertones.
  • This perfume is perfect for all-time wear
  • It has anti-bacterial effect
  • It is not scented
  • Guaranteed 1000 sprays


  • It is an ideal evening wear
  • Covers entire day


  • Stays long but only in summers.
  • The smell is too strong.

9. Marks and Spencer Men EDT


If you are thinking of choosing perfume in both look and scent, Men EDT is the best choice for you. That includes a wide range of ginger and citrus, lemon, has a heart cord of cardamom, rosemary, and cypress before leading to a base of sandalwood, musk, and vetiver for a sublimely sophisticated men’s fragrance Its the bottle provides a classy touch.


  • An ultra-lightweight
  • long-lasting comfortable
  • Opens with a burst of grapefruit, mandarin and mint scents
  • Warm and spicy aromatic middle notes
  • Amber and patchouli with a deep leathery signature base


  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Affordable and smells good too


  • Becomes skin scent, projection, and silage very weak

10. Archives Zeroone Black Diamond EDP


You can match your scent with that of your partner. It is a perfect unisex choice hence suitable for you and your partner. It provides a smooth, appealing, alluring scent that can increase your attraction. You no longer need to hide away from people, wear this perfume, and smell fabulous.


  • The effect of fragrance elevates your mood.
  • Top notes: rosemary, pink pepper, and incense.
  • Middle notes lavender, violet.
  • Base notes: amber, white musk


  • Feel fresh, energetic, and confidant.
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • The smell of musk overpowers all the other notes


Ye have gone through the list of top 10 Best Perfumes for Men Under Rs.500 in 2020. The smell is that sense that connects us to other’s memory. Wearing a unique fragrance makes you memorable and forms an impression, so you should choose your perfume wisely. If your plan is to minimise cost, then you should go for the best perfumes under 500 Rs for men. Spend less but good and smell tranquil and keeps yourself fresh. By these perfumes, you will always feel comfortable with people, and you’ll soon start taking an interest in exploring this fragrance world. Choose the best perfume for you and share your experience in the comment box.


Written by Redolence

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