How to Make your Perfume Last Longer

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Do you need to apply your perfume repeatedly? Do you feel the fragrance has faded away by lunchtime? Are you losing your confidence with lost fragrance?Are you always thinking how to make perfume last longer on clothes? You need not worry about it. We bring you the best practices to make it last longer on your fabric. We bring you a few simple tips and tricks to make your perfume last longer and to get the most out of it.

Let’s brief it first


One of the most crucial things to note is the layers the perfume is made of when it comes to fragrance. There are three notes present in the fragrance:

1. Top note

The first fragrance you smell disappears after 20 min

2. Heart note or intense middle note

Noticeable after 15 min

3. The Base Note 

It lasts up to four hours.


Tips to makes perfume last longer on clothes are


1. Enhancing pulse points by adding petroleum jelly

It’s highly beneficial to choose pulse points when spraying the perfume. Pulse points are the warm areas of the body through which the fragrance is diffused all over. Fragrance reacts to heat, and the warmth helps the scent to release itself. Because of the fluctuation in the temperature, the perfume’s scent is also developed.

Pulse points are:

1. Wrists

2. Back of knee

3. Nape of Neck

4. Inside of Elbows

Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline is highly recommended for extra fragrance, it act as a moisturiser enabling fragrance to last longer. To create a great base for your fragrance, moisturiser is highly effective. It is recommended not to rub perfume; otherwise, the moisturiser will not work.


2. Perfume asks, “Am I at the right place?”

Perfumes do not have expiration dates, but there is no guarantee for a lifetime. Perfumes can be choosy for the places they are kept in. They don’t like direct sunlight. Perfumes with colourful bottles are less prone to lose their scent in sunlight. However, why to risk our beloved scents. They must be kept away from inconsistent temperatures.

Extreme variations in temperature may result in losing the scents of our perfume. They find themselves safer in the closet or a living room rather than the bathroom. The perfume likes to be in its original bottle. It will be exposed to air if we transfer it to another bottle. Perfume should be stored in boxes. Boxes act as another defensive shield for the perfume against the outside air. Travel Containers can be a great help for wanderlusts, so pack your bags and get set go!

3. By Spraying the Perfume on our Hair Brush 

The Hair will be dried if we apply alcohol-based fragrances on it directly. We should spray it on our hairbrush and then run it in our hair. This will keep our hair undamaged and lightly scented. Spraying perfume directly into the hair should be avoided because of the following reasons:

1. Most of the perfumes is not mixed with the sweaty smell and might result in a minor disaster.

2. We know that perfumes are mostly alcohol, and we cannot assume that by putting it directly to our scalp can give us the best results; instead, it might become a reason for dried scalp dandruff.

3. Hair perfume mist can also be tried. These are the perfumes with lower alcohol content. Some even have beneficial ingredients like glycerine, botanical extracts, etc.


4. Timing Matters

The matches are won because of perfect timings. Win the key to confidence by applying perfume at the right times. We are moisturised after the shower and moisturiser provide stability to hold the scent. Smell great all day by applying perfume on a freshly washed skin, after the shower. To stop sweating, instead of having a hot shower, have a warm shower and fragrance must be applied on just after it, as we know, perfume is also liquid. People have mixed reviews on whether to apply scents just after bathing or let themselves dry first; it can be used according to your preferences.


5. Use it on bare skin

Using the perfume just before wearing clothes is another hack for the long-lasting fragrance. Perfumes can cause watermarks if applied directly onto the clothes and can make your date a bad memory for a lifetime.

If you want to smell good without getting stains, applying perfume before wearing can be the best option. The fragrance will last longer on the skin as it is more hydrated than the clothes.

Now there can be a question, whether to use body mist or perfume. Do not worry; we shared answer to this question. The body mist is composed of 45% water, 3% oils, and 6% alcohol. Perfumes consist of 20% water, 15% precious oils, and 3-4% alcohol. Perfume can be a better preference if you want the long-lasting fragrance.

6. Perfume is not a milkshake

Shaking your perfume may result in breaking up of the molecules that will result in loosening the fragrance, and who wants that to happen? I guess, nobody, right?

Even the shaking will cause the entering of the air and cause breaking down of the molecules of the perfume. It will do nothing and shorten the lifespan of your perfume, and you know what? That is just loosening the money from our pockets. Therefore, we should avoid shaking perfumes.


7. Types of fragrances should be checked before buying

There are different types of fragrances in the perfume:

1. Floral

Floral smell is one of the most popular fragrances in the perfume world. They are romantic, light, and slightly sweet scents. These blend of flowers like rose, jasmine, and lavender. They give an alluring tone.

2. Oriental

These are originated from more exotic parts of the world. For this cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and pepper are used. The fragrances are warm and sensual. A certain depth of this scent is quite popular and adventurous.

3. Woody

These are for the muskier hearty men. These are made from sandalwood, patchouli, and oak moss. These warm and dusky notes provide the air of sophistication and mystery by those who wear them. Women prefer these notes in the evenings.

4. Fresh

These are known as citrus and green notes. Bergamot, orange, and lemon are used to make these. These are the refreshing scents and revive the senses. These are a great choice for springtime.


Strengths of perfume to be checked before buying

A mixture of perfume oil and alcohol creates the fragrance. Strength and longevity depend on the quantity of perfume oil.

Types of perfumes:

1. Eau de Parfum (EDP)

It is strongest type of perfume. It contains 10-20% perfume oil. Both Popular brands and customers see this as a good choice. It generally lasts around 8 hours.

2. Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Around 5-15% of perfume, oil is contained by it. Before fading, they often have a quick burst of pleasant smell. Best for the first impression. It lasts for 4 to7 hours.

3. Eau de Cologne

It is a lighter choice. It contains only 2-4% of perfume oil. It is used as a body splash to freshen up at regular intervals. It does not last long, only 2-3 hours.

4. Eau Fraiche

It has lightest concentration, only 1-2% of perfume oil, is used. A perfect choice for those who do not like heavy scent. Last for 2 hours with a subtle and delicate fragrance.


8. Lotions and other products should be of the same scent.


Applying lotions, body washes, and other products alongside perfumes can maximise fragrance. The chances to linger your fragrance get increased. These products are shampoos, shaving creams and body lotions. These products may contain fragrance even after being labelled as “Unscented.” FDA regulates some of these products as cosmetics. We can know whether the fragrance product is cosmetic or not. It’s a cosmetic under the law if it is applied to a person’s body to make it look more attractive. These unscented labelled products also contain some amount of fragrance. It is added to cover the smell of other ingredients in the product.


10. Cotton balls sprayed with perfume can be put in plastic bags and used for touch-ups

Place 2-3 wet cotton balls in the plastic bag after putting perfume on them. The air from the bag should be squeezed out, and the balls must be kept wet until they are applied. Sometimes it is a nightmare to carry a perfume bottle, as mostly they are made of glass and make a threat in our mind of getting broken. Therefore, no need to carry your precious and costly perfumes on travel, just the cotton balls are enough.



We would love to hear if you have any suggestions on how to Make the Perfume last longer on your Clothes.Do let us know in the comment box as to which one is your favourite one.


Written by Redolence

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