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Hermes Perfume for Men

Hermes Perfumes are popular worldwide for their insistence of using all natural ingredients and materials in it. When we bring any of the Hermes brand Perfumes, each of them carries a fascinating and sophisticated elegance of smell of high –end luxury quality. It is one of the oldest French based perfumes, attracting an elite crowd towards itself. Hermes is also well known for home furnishings, leather accessories, clothing, jewelry and watches. The sophisticated and unique style of Hermes made it among the most appreciated brands in the world. The brand Hermes came into picture in 1837and after expanding activities in 1947, Hermes introduced its own perfume brand and since then it is proving to be a perfect luxurious choice perfume with its each and every buy.  This article is all about reviewing ten best Hermes perfumes for women.

Here are the ten best Hermes Perfumes buy for women:-

24 Faubourg- Eau de Parfum

This perfume was composed by Maurice Roucel in 1995, representing Hermes with remarkable accuracy.

It is a classic feminine scent, it gives a creamy blend of white floral notes and vanilla along with orange and bergamot in every spray. Each droplet of perfume extremely invigorates the senses by its fragrance. The design of the bottle is simply promising with a golden cap completes its look perfectly. This perfume can be used through day and night with an ease and also it is a long lasting perfume which will last for 7 hours. It is available in two quantities i.e. 50 ml and 100 ml.

It is an all season perfume; women can definitely show their faith in this product because it is totally worth it.

Notes- Perfect blend of orange, peach, hyacinth, bergamot, Ylang-Ylang, Black elder, jasmine, Gardenia, Orange blossom, Iris, vanilla, Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood.

Occasion: Best for all seasons.

Jour d’ Hermes – EDP

This perfume is among one of the newer fragrances introduced through representation under the Hermes brand. The fragrance that you get from each droplet of this perfume is absolutely mesmerizing to the senses. It delivers a delicious complexity that feels luxurious. The fragrance is a combination of floral, musk, grapefruit with fresh lemon and aquatic notes.

The structure of the bottle is simply designed which is rectangular in shape with white on top and has a low base is totally promising with the fragrance of perfume that resembles it to be simply gentle and pleasant. It is available in the quantity bottle of 85 ml.

This perfume absolutely could be the first preference of every woman. It is providing a satisfactory quantity at an affordable price.

Notes- Grapefruits, Lemon, Aquatic notes, white flowers, Green notes. Sweet pea, Gardenia

Musk, Woody notes.

Occasion: Best for summer.

Eau des Merveilles Bleue EDT

This product offers you a unique flavor fragrance with pleasant aromatic, aquatic scent. When wearing this perfume, it always makes you feel fresh and crisp. The perfect blend of distinct fragrances would make you sensual and the presence of aromatic, aquatic fragrance will transport you to the beach in a few seconds. It is a medium lasting perfume which can last for 6 hours and for its long lasting fragrance use the perfume for twice or thrice in a day.

Angular design of the bottle makes it so eye-catching. It perfectly gives the illusion of blue aquatic feeling of the ocean. The appearance and structural design of the bottle is absolutely satisfactory, what it contains. The product is totally worth it and it could be the perfect choice of perfume for every woman.

Notes: It has a perfect blend of sea salt, Absinthe, Patchouli and woody notes.

Occasion: Best for summers

Kelly Caleche

The edey look of this product makes it so attractive which carries a distinctly luxury fragrance with it. The product was designed by Jean- Claude Ellena and the product is manufactured in France. It looks Charming and whimsical at the same time for which it is recommended for romantic wear. What makes it unusual and exciting, it’s better notes of grapefruit and undertones of smoky leather.

The presentation brings a strong touch of women hood; the pale pink fluid locked under gunmetal gray bottle with daintily padlock on its top add sparkles to its luxurious look. It is a medium lasting perfume, which gives you a good 5+ hours of wear, with a mature and delicate fragrance. Floral notes make it overwhelmingly sweet at first note.

Notes: Blend of Iris, violet, Rose, Tuberose, Mimosa, Vanilla and leather.

Occasion:  Best for summers and springs.

Jourd’ Hermes Absolu

This product is a feminist super charged version of Jord’ Hermes, this product offers an enhancing floral scent where the sharp notes of grapefruit with woody bae notes serve super charged feminists of this fragrance.

The design of the container of Jourd’ Hermes Absolu is quite resembling its predecessor; only the pink tones and gold and white topper distinguish it from the first integration. It is a moderate lasting perfume which gives 5+ hours wear.  The delicacy of this scent is that it flaunts perfectly in the seasons of spring and autumnal days.

Notes: It has a perfect blend of Grapefruit, Apricot, Blossom, Floral notes, Jasmine, Sambac, Gardenia. Oakmoss and woody notes at the end.

Occasion: All seasons perfume.

Herme Un Jardin en Mediterranee EDT

Give your look a fresh zest, wear Herme Paris one of best perfume that is Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranean, totally inspired by fig trees aroma with smoky and woody scent, which later blends into a mild and comforting citrus fragrance that stays with fresh smell and beautifully carries its aroma throughout the day.

Hermes Un Jardi en Mediteranee launched in 2003 under the brand name Hermes, the mesmerizing bottle’s design is as satisfactory and promising as the fragrance it holds inside. The product offers a fresh aroma with delicate wear. This would be the best buy for every woman, it contains all natural and raw materials. If you are looking for a long lasting fragrance then this product would be your perfect choice.

Notes: It has a blend of pink laurel, green lentisk, pear, orange, bergamot, blossom, fig tree, apple, magnolia and white oleander.

Occasion: All season perfume.

Hermes Elixir des Merveilles EDP

Experience the sensual scent of Elixir des Merveilles which offers a delicious and sparkling aroma of chocolate and candied orange. The eye-catching design of the bottle is so unique and charming that for once it definitely attracts every one toward it.

All women who want things for earthy and woody scents, the product is perfectly preferable to them. The magical fragrance of the product is long lasting which makes it a perfect buy.

Notes: Blend of orange peel, Caramel, Siam resin, Peru balsam, Incense, Vanilla, Amber, Tonka bean, Sandalwood and cedarOak.

Occasion; Suited for cold days.

Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil EDT

Here, one more fragrance with a woody and earthy taste. This sparkling scent is a garden blossom all packed in a well crafted bottle. The fragrance has good staying power. It will go with your everyday wear and add an exquisite smell to your overall attire.

This would be the best choice for those who are nature friendly and loving because it is the one which will introduce you to the beautifully blended scents of different and distinct raw materials.

Notes: Blended scent of lotus blossom, green mango, calamus with sycamore wood and incense.

Occasion: Suitable for summer and spring seasons.

 Hermes Twilly d’ Hermes Eau de Parfum for Women

Twilly d’ Hermes launched by Christine Nagel, this perfume is all about to bring out feminine spirit. The Fragrance offers floral with spicy notes that will totally sensualise you. With a spray of this perfume you will experience an aroma of sweet smelling sandalwood that lends an exotic feel. The perfume has such a fresh and sophisticated fragrance. It goes with your everyday wear.

Its portability and durability makes it a perfect buy for every woman.

Notes: Sweet- smelling Sandalwood, tuberose and ginger.

Occasion: Suited for all seasons.

Hermes Voyage d’ Hermes EDP

Experience an exciting fragrance of citrus with a blend of woody and cardamom, this perfume will overwhelm you with the beautiful scent of particular spices, feel fresh throughout the day.

 The design of the bottle is very perfectly crafted, making it travel friendly. Its attractive design will somehow grab your attention. The product is totally worth it and can easily be the first preference for her.

Notes: Perfect blend of pepper, Cardamom, Lemon, rose, jasmine, juniper, agar wood, cedar wood and labdanum.Occasion: Best suited for summer and spring.


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