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15 Best Old Spice Deodorants for Men (Reviews)

Old spice deodorants are famous for giving a new lifestyle. It is one of the favorite deodorants of many celebrities and professionals. It is a personal choice for men to apply which type of old spice deodorants suit them. Selecting the Best Old Spice Deodorants is a little bit tough and confusing; therefore, in this blog, we will discuss 15 Best Old Spice Deodorants and it will help you choose your favorite old spice deodorant.
Old spice deodorants were initially launched in the market with some of the most effective deodorants, and then it became a big brand that was only worn only by older men. Luckily, the organization’s image has changed once again. Finally, they are known for their full strength in the market.
The actual reason for a comeback to the market was that they have changed the formula in their products with attractive deodorants and have released a bulk chapter of fun and playful advertisement. They also increased the quality of the product to give confidence to the users.
Best Old spice deodorants

1. Old Spice Classic Stick

In 1938 this deodorant was launched. It is an aluminum-free Old spice deodorant that is designed using the same classic scent. It is owned to blend citrus and clove perfume that many customers are familiar with but is a blend that has never been correctly duplicating by other competitors. It is a perfect scent for everyone who wants to reclaim their strong smell and have an incredibly fantastic fragrance in their armpits at the same time. This scent slogan will give you significant evidence to stand the test of time.
This scent glides on smoothly and provides the 24 hours odor protection to the wearer.

2. Old Spice Wild Collection Krakengard

The primary purpose of Old Spice Wild Collection Krakengard is to handle the heat to use athletes. This scent formula has capable of handling stressful conditions, and it is unique. This scent fragrance is like a mingle with the saltwater of the ocean, fresh herbs, and citrus deodorant. If you use this scent, you will find, unlike all other fragrances, fully capable of concealing the musky armpit odor for active men. This product gives you 24 hours of odor-free production, and it is easy to apply to the body.
It is the perfect day to release Krakengard and starts your auspicious day.

3. Old Spice Wild Collection Bearglove

The old spice will be called this scent as a wild collection and designed people also called wild. Even though in front of scent is a bear, this scent fragrance doesn’t make smell like a bear; instead of that, it has to remind most of the people forests of the great pacific northwest. The organization will say with affection about this product is it is a deodorant for the commanding men of men who want to smell like men.
This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection, and it is masking the musky armpit odor.

4. Old Spice High Endurance Robust Greens

Old Spice High Endurance Robust Greens is imbued with a strong citrus deodorant. It is Robust Greens deodorant created to last all day. Even you are working some of the most extensive workouts. This product will protect you. It is made with Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex, which helps to stop the armpit sweating problem. It is kept in dry underarm. Other ingredients are Behenyl and Stearyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Silica, Phenyl Trimethicone, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, and Cyclopentasiloxane.
This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection, and it feels like men.

5. Old Spice High Endurance Clear-Gel

Old Spice High Endurance Clear-Gel is a pure sports person. It is designed for really active men who live an active lifestyle daily. It is a gel form, so it will be easy to apply your arms without any issues. It gives you a unique identity in the entire crowd. The product fragrance is clean, has fresh woodlands, and has the green smell of nature. However, this product is created to make you smell good. The product has a powerful antiperspirant that can stop your armpit sweating immediately and give a fresh feel.

This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection, and it is masking the musky armpit odor.

6. Old Spice Wild Collection Hawkridge

The power of Old Spice Wild Collection Hawkridge deodorant is often murmuring about in hushed tones in dusty libraries located all over the world. This product will be referred to men with swift minds and who don’t want to spend an entire day with foul-smelling. However, this product is created to make you smell good. The product has a powerful antiperspirant that can stop your armpit sweating immediately and give a fresh feel. This scent’s main feature is covering up a men’s natural body smell. The scent fragrance will be like coconut, pineapple, and rum.
This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection.

7. Old Spice Pure Sport Stick

Old Spice Pure Sport Stick is a form of gel version of the same brand. It easy to apply without any problems. Since it is not a gel but it’s like a gel stick, It smells like backwoods. This product is the most competitive in the market. Its package says that it contains odor-fighting tiny robots that shoot lasers at the wearer’s stench monsters. The product’s main feature is its apparent body odor very quickly. It is the perfect scent for those who do battle against body odor problems.
This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection.

8. Old Spice Fresher Fiji Scent

Old Spice Fresher Fiji Scent is made for those who want to send their armpits on a tropical journey that will give them to smell full day long as going plan tree. This product not only for tropical plan tree smell, but it’s also fragrance like coconut. It is capable of holding fresh and tropical scents the entire day. It is not an antiperspirant, and it has no aluminum by-products in its formula.
This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection.

9. Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn

Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn is not only a scent but is has antiperspirant as well, so that can stop your armpit sweating immediately and give a fresh feel. It has high silage, so it is not smelled by those wearing this scent but will be smelled by people around you. This product will be preferable for those who regularly go to the gym. This product will assist those who have massive body odor issues. It smells like tropical mixed fruit with a citrus scent. It is to be sweet for some people.
This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection.

10. Old Spice Red Zone Aqua Reef Scent

The product name will give you an idea of the fragrance. It provides an oceanic adventure for you. Even though It is preferable for divers and who need oceanic adventure. It can also wear anyone who wants to have a slight sense of adventure. This scent has divine cypress and lime scent. Those who wear this scent will get all possible to open their doors to success. This product also gives you 24 hours of odor-free protection.
Anyone wants to lock their armpit odor; then this is a perfect choice.

11. Old Spice Original High Endurance Stick

It has the most original and essential scent by Old Spice. According to scent lovers, this is the best scent Old Spice has ever made. The unique scent is a mixture of citrus and clove. It is also a deodorant for your body. It keeps your underarms dry for a more extended period and stops excessive sweating.
Additionally, it kills any bacteria that cause your body odor and keeps you sweat-free for 24 hours.

12. Old Spice Aluminium Free Deodorant

This Red collection by Old Spice with a swagger scent of cedarwood and lime. It features a controlled scent release formula. This formula allows the release of fragrance from time to time whenever you need it. This deodorant takes away your body odor.
Therefore, your scent never fades away and keeps your body up with a fantastic fragrance.

13. Old Spice Fiji Deodorant with Palm Tree Scent

This scent reminds me of the summer day on the tropical island. Old Spice’s scent can make you feel that you are on a trip to a palm tree island.
The scent of this deodorant is a combination of coconut, palm trees, pineapple. It is a lovely and relaxing one. Its long-lasting feature allows you to smell it throughout the day.

14. Old Spice Krakengard

This wild scent is suitable for athletic people. The smell is a combination of ocean saltwater, citrus, and fresh herbs, a unique combination. Its stable features allow it to remain in your armpit for 24 hours. It is pretty similar to a Wolfthrone and is a deodorant that protects from body odor and sweat all day long.

15. Old Spice Fresh Collection Denali

It’s a fact that deodorant companies have slogans to express their products. With colorful slogans, companies can attract more audiences.
Take this antiperspirant, for instance. Some of the slogans they have chosen include, ‘it smells like cobra fangs,’ ‘It smells like you and a mountain are in a band together,’ ‘It makes larger mammal fear you.’
The scent has a light fragrance and a mixture of herbal and fruit scents without smelling feminine.

Old Spice Deodorant Buyer’s Guide

Old Spice is one of the ideal brands in the personal care segment and is the favorite deodorant for so many men for a decade. Some Old Spice products are better than other products in the market. The product quality is guaranteed. The product price is also excellent and reliable performance.

Old Spice Deodorant History

In 1934, the Shulton Company was started by William Lightfoot Schultz. The first product of this company was Early American Old Spice. It is a remarkable product for this company which was made for only women. They are reinvented new products in the 20th and early 21st centuries. Let’s start with a brief story of Old Spice. Many people believed this product was made for men. The first product got hit, but the company created Old Spice for men, and the rest say it is history. Old Spice produces men’s deodorant and after shaving lotion too.
In the 1990s, Procter & Gamble purchased the Old Spice brands from the Shulton Company. At this point, Procter & Gamble produces various types of scents. They introduce antiperspirants containing deodorant. It helps to remove sweat from the wearer.
Discontinued Old Spice Deodorants
Old Spice constantly changes and grow itself to satisfy their customers. Unfortunately, some products do not meet the customer requirement, so they decided to discontinue that kind of product in the future.
Discontinued Old Spice Wild Collection Deodorants:
• Lion pride
• Foxcrest
Discontinued Old Spice Fresh Collection Deodorants:
• Matterhorn
• Komodo
• Belize
Old Spice Deodorant Ingredients
The best way to know ingredients in their scent is by reading the Old Spice product they’re thinking of buying or contacting them directly. This article will give you an overview of Old Spice Deodorant Ingredients so that buyers will get a basic idea about these brand products.
Fragrances: These deodorants contain a variety of fragrances.
Skin Conditioners: They use PPG-3 Myristyl Ether as skin conditioners.
Dissolving Agents: They use Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, and water as dissolving agents that enable the rest of the ingredients to be dispersed equally throughout the deodorant.
Old Spice Deodorants are available in many types. It is impossible to discuss in a single article. However, we can go over some of their most popular types of deodorants. Currently available old spice deodorant list below.
The Hardest Working Collection: Some of the scents in this collection include Stronger Swagger, Fresher Fiji, Steel Courage, and Lasting Legend.
• The Classic Collection: This collection features the Classic scent.
• The High Endurance Collection: This collection features Fresh, Original, and Pure Sport.
• The Wild Collection: These animal-themed scents include Bearglove, Hawkridge, Wolfthorn, and Krakengard.
• The Fresher Collection: This collection includes Amber, Citron, Denali, Timber, Wilderness, and Tundra.
• The Red Collection: The scents in this collection include Desperado, Ambassador, Nomad, and Captain.
• The Red Zone Collection: Aqua Reef, After Hours, Champion, Live Wire, and Pure Sport make up this collection.


Old Spice was founded in the year 1934. It has been America’s signature old-school scent. Altogether, its scent has evolved a bit. Its scent has its vintage smell that presents the charm and elegance of yesteryears.
Whether you are trying to protect yourself against foul body odor or wetness, the old Spice Scents, which are listed above, will work like magic for you. Choose any of the best old spice deodorants listed above, and do not forget to share feedback in the comment box.

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