Sandalwood Colognes

Best Sandalwood Colognes for Men/ Women – (Reviews)

If you want to try out the best sandalwood colognes this year, then here we list the best Sandalwood colognes in 2020. There are many people who love sandalwood colognes, and they feel like making a collection out of it. For such cologne lovers, this article is the right one. You need to buy the best from several sandalwood colognes. Sandalwood colognes are very much common in scent when we talk about men’s colognes. Their scent is of smooth woody aroma, which is very sweet as compared to other perfumes.

There are many people who specifically demand sandalwood in the cologne. The tinge of sandalwood makes it more attractive and makes the smell strong and sweet. The Santalum species is the source of real and pure sandalwood. The top sandalwood cologne is a bit expensive due to the pureness of the colognes, the smell is pure of sandalwood, yet the sweetness and strong fragrance vary for being a man cologne or a woman’s cologne.

Why people prefer to buy colognes

Colognes are different from ordinary perfumes because of the concentration of essential oil in the fragrance’s water and alcohol base in it. The oil concentration is very less than normal perfumes. That is why it lasts longer than the ordinary ones. This is the most important reason because of which people prefer to buy it. There are some companies like Wildstone, Titan, Engage, etc. which make colognes. These are available for men, Women, and Unisex. There are other types of fragrances that fall with the same concentration, such as Eau de toilettes and Eau de Fraiche. From the higher sensual notes to mild aromas, everything is available in the market.

1. Captain’s Choice Sandalwood After Shave

The first in our list of best sandalwood colognes is Captain’s Choice. Even though this product from captain’s choice is technically an aftershave and not a cologne, it’s perfume was too captivating to not positioned it on this list. While splashed at the skin, this product no longer best leaves the wearer with a clean from the barbershop odour to them. However, it may also assist in refilling and smooth razor-burned skin. With the assistance of thirty volunteers over the route of numerous months. With a low-key profile and gentle, lingering aroma, this fragrance is great for a time on maximum — however by no means too lengthy.

A masculine fragrance that evokes a way of life and but promises a nice zip to the revel in. The perfect choice for a man who wishes dependable aftershave overall performance with moisturizing comfort all day long. In case you follow a cologne afterwards and do no longer need a heady scent with a purpose to intrude, that is the one for you. It is made with all-natural substances. The perfume is contained within a glass bottle that does not contribute to the plastic waste trouble. Moreover, on the grounds that every bottle offered allows guiding the midwest haven for homeless veterans, it’s no longer best a great sandalwood aftershave; however, it also does a whole lot of correct, too.

2. Penguin Original Premium Blend Cologne

Original penguin may have created its mark among the Fifties. However, it continues to live on lately. This fresh, aromatic fragrance is a wonderful mixture of heritage, wit, and style. Launched by the design house Sphenisciformes seabird inside the year 2016. This aromatic aquatic fragrance includes a mixture of citrus, apple, lime, sea notes, sea salt, inexperienced notes, rosemary, musk, and amber. Even supposing typically this can often be a cologne that has the foremost delicate infusion of wood in it, it with guardianship happens to be the best wood cologne. 

The result of it doesn’t overpower the user with the scent of wood and instead slowly works it in as a result of it sinks into its base. This cologne has prime notes mint, lime and bergamot, heart notes of ocean salt, rosemary and violet leaves, and has base notes of wood, driftwood, and musk. The following elixir is one that is just like the Mediterranean and should be worn for every formal and casual occasion.

3. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

At the beginning, launched in 1982, this cologne by Guy Laroche turned into as soon as considered a throwback to the heavy colognes of the nineteen eighties and a scent that is too dated. However, over the few years, it has begun to make a comeback, and men over again appreciate this perfume conventional blend of fragrance notes. This product is manufactured from extremely good material. Its miles advocated for romantic wear. This product is synthetic in France with pinnacle notes-basil, rosemary, inexperienced mint, verbena, lavender, lemon. Heart-angelica, wormwood, juniper, coriander. 

Base notes oakmoss, patchouli, cedar, pine needle, balsam this fragrance has pinnacle notes of basil, mint, lemon, bergamot, and lavender. It additionally has coronary heart notes that consist of carnations, coriander, jasmine, and wormwood. Ultimately, at its base, this cologne has notes of sandalwood, leather, patchouli, and cedar. It has a heady scent profile that can yet again be preferred by means of men who love a fragrant perfume and surely makes in our list of best sandalwood colognes.

4. Stetson Caliber Men’s Cologne

Compared to some of the opposite sandalwood colognes available on the market, Stetson Caliber is a fairly recent addition to the lineup. It only delivered in 2014, so it has not been around so long as a number of the colognes through the large design homes. Even so, however, it is still controlled to make an effect and to attract its honest share of enthusiasts. Cologne interacts along with your human pheromones to create a fragrance that is appealing and uniquely you. 

Stetson makes a super present. That possibly has loads to do with the manner this fragrance is crafted. It took the fragrant wood odour of sandalwood and blended with western-stimulated fragrances along with American sequoia, key lime, black pepper, and nutmeg. With a mix of key lime, black pepper, warm sandalwood & American sequoia, and tips of nutmeg and sequoia, Stetson Caliber is a cologne for the hardworking instantly shooter. All of which makes this the precise cologne for the present-day cowboy.

5. Cool Water by Davidoff for Men

Released through the layout residence of Calvin Klein in the year 1998. After all, the most colognes with the water in their name have citrus or salt-based notes to them. This fragrance starts with top notes of mint, seawater, and green notes: quickly move into heart notes of sandalwood, geranium, and green notes. Then later finally settle into its base notes of oakmoss, cedar. Tobacco and amber. After all the times it has made these perfumes with the most time very in the market. It is very preferred for only casual wear. The best part of the product is coming from in retail packages.

Before trying this heady scent, some men erringly trust that it is a citrus-primarily based scent that is comprehensible considering its call. In the end, maximum colognes with water in their call have citrus or salt-based notes to them. This one is a bit special, however.  Keep away from bare flame or direct warmth resources.

Even though it does have green notes for its pinnacle notes, it is an adorable smelling sandalwood heady scent. Keep away from touch with eyes. Do not follow touchy pores and skin. Do not observe broken or inflamed skin. If inflammation develops, lessen the frequency or discontinue use. This perfume starts with top notes of mint, seawater, and inexperienced notes; fast move into coronary heart notes of sandalwood, geranium, and jasmine, after which eventually settle into its base notes of oakmoss, cedar, tobacco, and amber.

6. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave

Taylor of Old Bond street does a great job of keeping scent profiles the same across their variety of products, and this no exception! Though stated as “lotion,” this is an alcoholic aftershave splash, and adding a bit of water would water help to tame the burn and dilute the scent a bit. We received comments on this fragrance than other colognes. We do not think it lasts as long as other colognes with tones of sandalwood. It is an all-time English Classic colognes. 

This sandalwood aftershave no longer only has a heady masculine scent but also allows soothing razor-burned pores and skin after shaving. It is a fragrance that feels fashionable and classic however is not stuffy like a few different sandalwood colognes can be. That is in all likelihood because it starts to be evolved with top notes of amber, geranium, rosemary, and lavender earlier than it moves into its extra sophisticated middle notes.  All of these scents come together to make a fragrance that is as classy as it is masculine.

A traditional aromatic citrus perfume opening with top notes of sparkling lemon combined with uplifting herbal nuances of lavender, thyme and rosemary, a sparkling, green floral coronary heart of jasmine and white cyclamen is warmed through a diffused spice accord earlier than descending right into a base of treasured woods, moss, and amber musks. Carries crucial oils of lemon, thyme, rosemary, lavender, galbanum, and patchouli. It is perfect for all occasions. The scents are a Masculine and confident scent. It is a solid, strong, and long-lasting sandalwood scent and lasts long up to 10 -12 hours.

7. Proraso Red after Shave Lotion & Cologne

Another one that makes in our list of best sandalwood colognes is Proraso. This cologne was created in Italia. It has been the barber’s alternative since 1948. No silicones are used by anyone. The World Health Organization thinks that Associate in Nursing aftershave can’t match the silage and projection of cologne has ne’er tried Proraso Red. Soothes, moisturizes, and nourishes skin, whereas providing immediate relief when shaving. This aftershave not solely splashes on swimmingly. However, it helps to create a stunning wood scent profile that lingers with the person for many of the days. 

This product does not only have a pleasant smell to that. However, it additionally helps to sleek razor-burned skin. It’s no marvel such a lot of barbershops use this product to treat their customers. Once applied, this product makes the person want a real gentleman, a person among men World Health Organization has enough category to use this product daily. Apply to the skin when shaving, massaging gently to facilitate absorption.

8. Blazing Saddle Solid Sandalwood Cologne

Even though some colognes use sandalwood to both create a more sophisticated heady scent profile or one, which has extra of an outside vibe, this strong cologne, does matter a little bit differently. It makes use of sandalwood to try to capture the essence of the vintage west, and they will have just succeeded in their quest. The scent of a western film is blazing saddles solid cologne made up of leather, sandalwood, gunpowder, and sagebrush. It smells such as you simply walked off the set of a fistful of bucks. That is because this strong first-class cologne now not only has a robust sandalwood odour to it, but it additionally has numerous traditional western scents that reinforce it. Those are small-batch, handmade solid colognes.

This product comes in a touch tin with a twist-pinnacle, and the little tin comes in a completely first-rate (reusable) in shape-style slider field. It is made with natural components like cocoa butter and beeswax. It is difficult to touch. However, it melts when you heat it a touch bit. Those encompass the scents of sagebrush, leather, and gunpowder. It is an exciting fragrance profile for sure, and it’s miles homemade in small batches to make sure it is satisfactory.

9. L’Instant De Guerlain EDT Spray for Men

First released in 2003, this cologne is one that has been going robust for the past 17+ years. Launched through the layout residence of Guerlain. That is as it is not handiest and has the wonderful heady scent of sandalwood at its base but is also formulated with many different exciting notes that supplement its woody base. It is ideal for casual use its miles long-lasting perfume.

These include top notes of apples, bergamot and mandarin oranges; coronary heart notes of iris, magnolia, ylang-ylang, and jasmine; plus base notes of honey, vanilla, and tonka beans to complement the wonderful sandalwood scent. A mix of Indian sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, lapsang tea, cocoa beans, lavender, hibiscus seeds, and musk. All of it comes collectively to create a cologne that is very masculine at its middle; however does not take itself too seriously.

10. Stetson Preferred Stock Cologne for Men

It was introduced in 2014. ​For the rare man of passion, honour, and true grit, Stetson Caliber is the fragrance that brings out his unique character and announces it to the world. It has a very fair fan following in the market by staying six years in the market, which quite very impressive. That is different from other products. With a mix of key lime, black pepper, warm sandalwood, and American Sequoia and hits of nutmeg and sequoia. That is probably has a lot to do with the way this fragrance is crafted.

It is available in fragrances of classic, black, calibre, and lady stetson and it interacts with our human pheromones to create a scent that is very attractive and uniquely you. It is going to replace the normal perfumes not only for your business meeting any other event in your life, all, which is, make this the perfect cologne for the modern cowboy.

Anyone who thinks that this sandalwood cologne is merely for cowboys and ranch palms had better assume again. This cologne is a sensual, sophisticated and confident, mixture of sandalwood, and citrus, with notes of fir resin, sage, leather and musk, this fragrance is right whenever you want to end up a contemporary cowboy. Stetson makes bold, timeless colognes for the present-day world. Try all our fragrances, including traditional, black, quality, & woman Stetson. That is due to the fact this heady scent is nicely-rounded enough to be loved via any man that enjoys adventure and desires to mission and charisma of confidence. 

This perfume starts evolving with notes of leather, green grasses, and cool walking streams that cement its masculine heady scent profile. It then acts into the citrus, vetiver, and sandalwood notes that may be found at its coronary heart. Moreover, by the point it ultimately settles down into its base, the wearer will be capable of revelling in the muted scents of musk and resin.

11.  Dr. Harris Sandalwood Cologne

Sandalwood Cologne is a very dramatic and masculine heady scent made from the special essence of sandalwood with notes of Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Clove, Bergamot, Neroli, Camphor, Ylang Ylang, and Rosemary Oil. This is a very specific scent for any person who is searching for standing out from the crowd. It gives you an immense feeling of freshness. 

12. Creed Original Santal for Men 

The balsamic base notes of this heady scent interlace fantastically with all the different unusual indispensable oils used in it. The fragrant opening of Indian sandalwood, juniper berries, cinnamon, and others, create an internet of a sweet-spicy accord that is tough to escape. Tonka beans and vanilla evoke the richness of the heady scent and lead you to the best dry down. This scent can without difficulty emerge as a signature scent, for now, not solely guys; however, many ladies as well. 

Though this scent has a floral accord so do no longer be cautious of the use of it. It has notes right that shines through some certain heat line.

The overall performance of this is highly nicely and lasts for about eight hours beside budging. So, assist yourself with this outstanding and genuine sandalwood fragrance and clutch all the compliments you can. 

13. Paris by Yves Saint Laurent 

This fragrance was once named after the city, Paris. The creator, Yves Saint Laurent, adore the town of Paris and is determined to devote this piece to the charming, romantic, and vivacious human beings who stay there. The ideal fragrance for any woman. This scent carries many notes, out of which a few standouts, and it begins with some citrusy and floral accords of vivid bergamot and attractive violet. As we method the centre notes, we are met with lovely may additionally rose alongside with excellent top-class iris. At the base of the fragrance sits, the sensational sandalwood be aware that pushes the envelope further.

Sandalwood’s heady scent works superb for women, and they can be worn on any event or day. Working and mature girls are recognized to lift this scent with a way greater grace due to the heat and stable notes here. If you use one to two sprays, you can assume the heady scent to stick around for at least three to 4 hours. The silage presented via the scent is regarded as average for the form of charge you pay for it. However, it is something that can be dealt with. 

14. Heritage by Guerlain for Men

This dependent heady scent used to be launched in 1992 and used to be created with the aid of Jean-Paul Guerlain himself, whilst the sheen bottle was once the work of Robert Granai. As per the creator, this scent is supposed to strike a stability between the modern-day and the ordinary aspects. The opening notes of this heady scent are abundantly radiant and crisp. The concord of lavender and juniper does not fail to make a grand appearance, while the heat centre notes of spices and patchouli heat the scent. The dry-down of this product carries lots of sandalwoods, cinnamon, and carnal accords.

This scent is best for formal settings for each guy and lady and works properly with night dine-outs too. This can be made into a signature scent for mature perfume-lovers due to its effective and special combination. The sturdiness of this fragrance is remarkable, and it is surely one of the quality sandalwood cologne out there. It is a traditional heady scent that you can’t omit out on. However, this may also no longer be an excellent choice for you if you are a highschooler. 

15.  Bond No. 9 New York Sandalwood

This heady sandalwood scent was once an addition to a famous series with the aid of the manufacturer in dedication to uncooked substances known as Bond No. 9 New York Notes. This heady scent was once launched in 2014 and has been recognized to raise sweet-earthy and woody accord.

You can trip a splendid fruity and floral accord with a wonderful carrot colour in the pinnacle notes of this fragrance. This special mixture with sandalwood turns makes this a high-quality scent that does now not require an obtained taste. The scent is marketed for people; however, it does no longer include uber-masculine notes.

Although sandalwood is a versatile note, the mixture of this heady scent is much applicable for chillier climates or winters. You can think about a breezy waft taking the heat silage and spreading it across. The sole drawback of this product is its costing. This heady scent is no longer one of the most reachable sandalwood cologne, and will most likely be a little heavy on the pocket for a signature scent. 

16. Santal Carmin Cologne

A rich and deep fragrance that reveals it is a reassuring and comfortable character with roundness and softness. Santal Carmin Colognes Absoule is concentrated at 18%. It is a pure perfume, which offers the freshness and elegance of a cologne but lasts on your last on your skin. It is free from Sulfate, Paraben, and phthalate.

This product made my top quality, which is imported by countries such as India, Mexico, Calabria, and Texas. Use liberally and often, as the finest raw materials keep this cologne about from being cloying. It has a warm and spicy style of cologne. It is a premium cologne made in France and is definitely one of the best sandalwood colognes

17. St. James of London

Recognized as one of Britain’s best scent Manufacturers Company established in 1953. It’s one of the best products. This product is warm, calming, sandalwood carries the reputation of its company. This product has a long-lasting, classic fragrance without ever overpowering. The soft energizing fragrances of Citrus, Jasmine, Amber, and Vanilla.

 It is a traditional scent, giving it a timeless English core and is a perfect balance of sandalwood and bergamot. Though it is not long-lasting, its fragrances are natural as it 100% made from fruits and flowers. There are no parabens and alcohol in this product. It is a mild cologne product.

18. Caswell-Massey Gold Ca

It is a product of a balanced aroma of invigorating fragrances. This product from Caswell-Massey product well designed for both men and women. It has a classic blend of Bergamot, Citrus, Cedar and Musk and is a very woody, spicy and exotic cologne which is suited for all occasions.

 It comes in a classic glass bottle with a golden cap and is free from all Parabens and Sulfates in this product. Only Natural ingredients are used. It is perfect for gifting anyone or using it in any occasion such parties and a business meeting. The smell of sandalwood in this product dives you crazy, and it smells spicy, woody, and clean.

19. Kuumba Arabian Sandalwood 

The fragrances of this product are created with oils and resins of flowers, plants, roots, and trees. Highly concentrated, few drops go a long way for a long time. Based on oil-based formulae, that is why its smell strong and lasts long compare to other colognes in the market. Not only that, but it can also be used in various types such as massage oil, bath oil, and as a lotion. 

The quality is never compromised made of natural ingredients, only no parabens, and sulfates present in this product because it made of oil-based formulae it last longer than other traditional alcohol base perfumes than evaporate very quickly.

20. Pacifica Beauty Sandalwood Perfume

This product is 100% made of vegan, and no animal products are used in making this product. It smells a warm, velvety and woody blend, tempered by slight sweet notes of Sweet orange, Tangerine, and mandarin. A create an own layer for a custom fragrance. A formula without parabens, phthalates, and other ingredients that harm your skin. This is a nuanced and deep Sandalwood like no other.

The sandalwood used in this product is imported by Indian Sandalwood, the best sandalwood in the world. Every ingredient is used to make this product is to take in your dreams with the best quality of essential and natural oil from across the world. This cologne is undoubtedly the best sandalwood colognes.

21.  Mambo by Liz Claiborne for Men, Cologne Spray

It is a product by Liz Claiborne. It is a blend of the of bergamot lime sage, thyme, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli musks. The sandalwood consists of spiritual and meditates as bring enlightenment and vanilla sweet, warm, and pure of it blend beautifully with sandalwoods. The vanilla to bing kindness and special memories. 

The scent is warm. Smooth, woody, Exotic, Musky, and earthy. Its undoubtedly the must for any man. If you are looking to woo your girl, just go for it. It’s like a warm musky kind of smell that’s very smooth and works well in cold weather but its good to wear in summer as well. I can’t really explain the smell, so just buy it, it is cheap and you won’t be disappointed.

22. Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood Cologne Intense Spray

The next one in our list of best sandalwood colognes is a product from famous Jo Malone. This product contains dominant notes of Sandalwood, violet and musk, which nicely blended with each other are giving you a perfectly balanced perfume. Additionally, it contains two more combinations of notes of amber and geranium as the initial scents. These fragrances have exotic and satsuma.

It is smell wonderfully and lasts all-day. A small perfume with a very strong scent. This product uplifts your senses with all strong, irresistible, and last long scent. A fragrance with sandalwood and ginger that defeat all other odour and make you smell pleasant.

23. NZ Fusion Botanicals Australian Sandalwood

This product is made of western Australian Organic Sandalwood and wood from the Australian Sandal Tree. The Trees are grown in the harsh and beautiful landscapes of the Australian desert. The fragrance is long-lasting, wood, deep, and sensual. It only applies to clean and dry skin. Only natural ingredients used no chemicals are used in this product. The higher concentrated fragrance is providing a richer, more rounded scent that other diluted colognes. The sandalwood has a rich colour and aroma in it; this gives a more pleasant smell to us. The ingredients are only plant-based ingredients are present in this product.

Buyer’s guide:

Ancient Arab perfumers had been seduced through sandalwood’s sweet magic long, lengthy in the past:  in pulverised or sawdust shape, it shaped the base of solid perfumes and incense. Moreover, sandalwood has the lengthy key to non-secular traditions in India, too:  so soothing, it’s taken into consideration a useful resource to meditation, helping to nonetheless whir thoughts. In rituals, sandalwood oil may be used at the forehead, the temples, or rubbed among the eyebrows. In addition, it is used as incense and burned on altars, as a manner of communicating with the heavens. 

Santalum album is not simply a tree but a parasitic plant that grows through suckering itself to the roots of different bushes and slowly developing as high as 10 meters. To extract the deep, candy woodiness, timber or root chippings are steam-distilled. If you ever come upon a piece of the wood itself, it is magical:  the scent can nonetheless be loved, years after it changed into the harvest.  (A touch light sanding re-releases the heady scent if it fades.)

Sandalwood’s creamy sweetness is used within the base of as many as 50% of female perfumes. Supremely versatile, it blends exquisitely with lavender, cloves, geranium, galbanum, black pepper, jasmine, frankincense, jasmine, and patchouli.  It works as a ‘fixative,’ tethering different components and preserving them ‘authentic,’ in a composition. However, it’s underneath a bit of a cloud, fragrance-clever. So many sandalwood bushes were cut down in India, largely for the production of perfume and incense – often illegally harvested, as it is one of this precious commodity – that it’s become endangered.

The coolest news, but, is that plantations in Australia are now approaching-flow, producing sandalwood oil of high pleasant – to the relief of ‘noses.’  (And conservationists.)  Moreover, on the equal time, an extensive variety of synthetic sandalwood-like ingredients is utilized in place of this at-danger timber, to offer that smooth milkiness.


These are the best sandalwood colognes in 2020. You can try many other fragrances such as vanilla, Musk, cedar, Strawberry, etc. There are so many premium notes of colognes and there are so many strong, mild strength, and smooth products are present in the market There are many brands, such as wild stone, Engage, and many others. These colognes are available as spray, cream, and lotion. Some of them are for humans and some of them act as room fresh. We hope that you find the best pleasant one from our list. If you have any recommendations, please write to us. Don’t forget to share your reviews.

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