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Best Musky Perfumes – (Reviews)

Musky perfumes are one of the most popular fragrance perfumes all over the world. These are loved because they wrap the wearer in a blanket of mystery and sensuality. The wearer may experience a certain warm, earthy aroma that accompanies a musky scent, which is incredible to resist. These scents have an enticing quality, which simply cannot be matched by any other scent profile. It is the very earthy and animalistic scent, and it makes the perfect fragrance choice for evenings out on the town or cold winter days.

There are several scents available in the market from low budget to a high budget. You will find the scent that suits your taste and pocket. And it is the scent profile which is done poorly by some of the design houses. Therefore, we have found the Best Musky perfumes in 2020 so that our readers can choose the best perfumes, which are available in the market. 

1. Lucky You EDT Perfume Spray for Women:

This perfume was launched in the year 2000, and it seems that it is very popular from those times, and it was designed by Harry Fremont. Its popularity lies because it is an interesting scent profile that is properly built from the ground up. This scent is ideal for women who fancies a delicate, floral fragrance. As you can present this perfume to your friends, partner, etc., and the scent is light and clean. 

The base notes of this perfume contain musk, amber, and sandalwood, and then begin stacking floral, fruity, and green notes on top of that. Here, the heart notes include blue poppy, peony flowers, star jasmine, also has top notes, which include grapefruit, hyacinth, and green leaves. Which makes it a floral and fruity scent that any woman can enjoy wearing this perfume. This perfume is ideal for casual or daytime wear, and it is great for everyday use. 

2. Versace Diamond EDT Spray:

Although this perfume was released in the year 2011, there are many other perfumes that are based on several other popular fragrances by Versace, such as Crystal Noir and Bright Crystals. This perfume was designed by Alberto Morella, and this is a perfume that is pure as sunlight. This extraordinary bright hue radiates with a fiery intensity that sparkles the way that only a diamond can. The combination of various notes makes this perfume unique.

The top notes of this perfume have subtle fragrances of lemons, pears, and bergamot. Then it moves to floral heart notes that contain notes of Freesia, mimosa, lilies, and orange flowers. The sensual and enveloping base notes are based on deep and vibrant tones of Amber Wood and Palo Santo, enriched by the voluptuous notes of Benzoin, and sparkling and seductive musk. The bottle of perfume is shaped like the previous editions, which are coloured in yellow, but its box is decorated with baroque ornaments. The notes make this perfume not only feminine but also an empowering one. 

3. Thierry Mugler Angel EDP :

This perfume was originally launched during the early 1990s, and it is considered as one of the Best Musky perfumes up to this day. The perfume was designed by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin, and it is an oriental fragrance for women. It features an uplifting and spirited blend of sweet, floral scents. It is a fragrance with airy, fresh facets, delicious mouth-watering aromas, and mysterious notes that capture the essence of sensuality. 

The top notes of this perfume consist of pineapple, melon, bergamot, coconut, and Mandarin oranges. In addition, the middle floral notes include lilies, roses, jasmine, orchids, and honey. The bottom notes of this fragrance do not contain only must, but also, it includes sensual fragrances of amber, chocolate, vanilla, patchouli, caramel, and tonka bean. Moreover, this perfume had won the FiFi Award Hall of Fame in 2007. It offers a glamorous fragrance for the woman who is half-angelic and half-devilish.

4. Cabotine Women EDT : 

The Cabotine Women EDT Spray was released during the 1990s. This one has to be one of the best. The perfume has been created with enthusiasm and love, and with a very little budget, it became a classic of 1990 times. The perfume was created by Jean-Claude Delville, as he was expecting to make a light but long-lasting perfume. It is considered best because it combines a youthful intensity with elegance and confidence.

The base is a combination of nine sensual fragrances, and the top is a combination of several fruity notes. The top notes of this perfume consist of tangerines, plums, peaches, and black currants. The heart notes are a combination of floral scents such as hyacinth, iris, jasmine, and carnations. The base notes of this perfume consist of civet, musk, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, and cedar. This perfume is very light, easy to wear, and clinging at the same time. 

5. Rihanna Nude EDP :

This perfume was launched in the year 2012, and it is the third fragrance that bears her name on the spray. Rihanna has released several different perfumes under her name, but this is considered as the most carnal and entice of all her fragrance offerings. It is a fruity – sweet floral fragrance with the vanilla background. This perfume has a good fixative, and its base is large and very beautiful, which can last for months.

The top notes of this perfume pop with the exotic scents of pears, Mandarin oranges, and guava. And then it slowly slides into the heart notes, which are blended with jasmine, orange blossoms, and gardenia flowers. When it slowly settles down into the base, the scents include not only musk but also sandalwood and orchid. This perfume is good. It smells so good and goes with any outfit, whether it is a cold day or a hot day, it is very long-lasting and smells amazing.

6. Kate Perry Purr EDP :

The Purr perfume was launched in the year 2010, and the composition of this Katy Perry Purr is developed by Firmenich perfumer house. The main accords of this playful fragrance are fruity, vanilla, and sweet. It is light but stays with you and smells amazing. Although this perfume has musk at its base, it is not the typical musky perfume. It is because this fragrance takes those darker, warmer musk notes and then mixes them with fruity and floral notes.

The top notes of this perfume include red apples, bamboo, peaches, and gardenia flowers. The heart notes express the floral jubilation of jasmine, rose, and Freesia. And the base notes of this perfume are in a rich and creamy collection of musk, amber, sandalwood, vanilla orchid, and coconut, which combines them into one interesting scent profile. The design of this bottle is in the form of a cat with the eyes and is coloured in shades of lavender. This casual scent wears well on the skin during the spring and summer days. 

7. Dolce & Gabbana EDP :

This spray was created in the year 2006, as it is a fragrance that is particularly for women who want to draw attention towards her, not only with the looks but also with the pose, style, and inner world. As it conceived as a fragrance for the modern woman. Like all the other fragrances of Dolce & Gabbana house, it is also the ‘fragrance with character’ that is the lure and special. The nose behind this fragrance was Christian Nagel, as it is considered as one of the Best Musky Perfumes.

The top notes of this perfume consist of fresh mandarin, litchi, bergamot, and peach. The heart notes contain jasmine, white lily, and lily of the valley, which combines with the fruity touch of palm. In addition, the color of fragrance perfectly matches with the tone. The bottle of the perfume is beaming in gold and pays homage to perfumery tradition while being a perfect example of a luxurious style. It is the perfume that is long lasting and captivating and gives you energy and makes you feel confident. 

8. Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor EDP:

The spray Gardenia was launched in the year 2003, and it is a floral fragrance for women. Elizabeth Taylor was not only the icon in the back olden days, but she is considered as the icon nowadays also. She was not only the golden age of Hollywood, but also she is the representative of a pure class and femininity. Therefore, this perfume also considers all those characteristics which she has. 

The top notes of this fragrance are a compilation of clean and sweet lily-of-the-valley and fresh and clean green leaves. Moreover, the heart notes include gardenias and peony flowers. It is a scent that is rounded out with base notes of warming musk and bright carnation. The perfume stays close to the skin with short to moderate longevity. It is a sleek contemporary shaped bottle with a nice dark Emerald Green of clear-frosted glass with Gardenia blossom as a cap. As it is a nice fragrance for multiple occasions. 

9. Jovan Black Musk Cologne :

This perfume was first launched in the year 2009, and it is a pure distillation of musk that is slightly mixed with slight floral notes. The perfume is delightfully rich and helped many generations of women to find comfort in the mysteries of the night. It is a perfume which makes overpowering to some people, but those are adventurous to try it will feel like it wraps them in a blanket of sexuality and warmth.

The top notes of this scent consist of orange, nectarine, and Pomegranate. Moreover, the heart notes include iris, jasmine, and Freesia while patchouli, musk, Creme Brulee, and previous woods all of these come under base notes. Because of the warm scent profile, this perfume is suitable for wearing not only at night or during the autumn season, but also it is suitable during the winter season as well. It is a perfume with moderate silage, and it is long lasting. 

10. Michael Kors By Michael For Women:

Michael Kors EDP is a fragrance that was released in early 2000 and is a musky perfume that is loved to this day. The nose behind this perfume is Laurent Le Guernec and Alain Alchenberger. It is a floral woody musk scent for women. It is based on a fragrance profile that has cashmere, musk, vetiver as its base, and uses the strengths of these three scents to build an exception scent pyramid.

The top notes of this scent include incense, Freesia, tamarind, and Chinese osmanthus. In addition, the middle notes consist of several floral fragrances. These floral fragrances include iris, peony, lily, tuberose, and ores root. All these combinations make the product musky, a floral perfume that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd. The perfume is somewhat long lasting as it may last five hours or more on your skin.  It smells so sophisticated but youthful– a gorgeous and iconic scent. 

11. Diesel Fuel for Life for men: 

Fuel for Life EDT spray was launched in the year 2007, and it is an aromatic fragrance for women. Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier created the perfume, and it is considered as one of Best Musky Perfumes. It is a spray that captures the fresh notes of aromatic and the fruity scent of lavender. It is a fresh scent that features musk along with cassis and jasmine but is powerful, and it is worth buying. 

The top notes of this spray consist of grapefruit and anise; the middle notes include raspberry and lavender. In addition, the base notes are woodsy notes and heliotrope. It has longevity, and the best part is that it is very versatile, it can be worn just about anywhere. The perfume is a men’s fragrance that loves to play with contrast and expectations, forever keeping you on your toes. This scent is a guilty pleasure, and you will not be able to resist coming back to later. 

12. The Body Shop EDT:

This perfume was launched in the year 1981, and it is the comfortable and female fragrance that is dedicated to everyone for every moment and every occasion. The quality is classic and simple yet ensnaring scent. White musk is animalistic, yet feminine and soft, which feels seductive and sensuous. It is a light musk that has a nice powdery fragrance, and it is not at all nasty like fragrances can sometimes be.

The top notes of this perfume consist of galbanum, ylang-ylang, basil, and followed by the heart notes of rose, musk, jasmine, and lily. The base notes of this perfume include amber, patchouli, peach, vanilla, vetiver, and oakness. This unique perfume is available into two forms White musk perfume oil & eau de toilette. White musk is a comfortable and classy scent, which is just perfect for all occasions. The scent smells clean and feels you fresh but not last too long. 

13. Versace Woman EDP for Women:

The perfume was introduced in the year 2000, and it is a modern light floral with fruity and wooden nuances. The nose behind this scent was Christine Nagel. It is a vibrant scent for women who understand the importance of first-look impressions and is also perfect for the gift on any occasion, which is all year around. It is not too overpowering and is a quality scent that stays light throughout the day. 

The top notes of this perfume consist of the floral opening of wild rose, jasmine, frangipani leaves, and bergamot. The heart notes include plum, lotus, raspberry, and Lebanese blue cedar. The mesmerizing bottom notes consist of grey amber, musk, and Inoki wood. The perfume smells great, and it is not a long-lasting one. It is a sweet and flowery scent but does not carry out the fragrance throughout the day and night. It is a go-to spring scent that smells well during the fall. 

14. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker: 

The fragrance was introduced in the year 2005, and the nose behind this perfume is Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry, with Sarah being the creative director. She participated in the process from start to finish. Lovely is a soft, discreet, powdery, and intimate fragrance, and it is quite modern and charming. It is the first perfume from the house of Sarah, which is announced as ‘silky white amber fragrance.’ It is mainly dedicated to women who are obsessed with fashion.

The top notes of this fragrance open with the woody notes and soft citruses, with a touch of lavender, which is not sharp. The heart notes of this fragrance consist of notes of orchid, paperwhites, and apple martini. And the base notes of this scent include cedar, white amber, woody notes, and white musk. It is a wonderful feminine perfume which can be used in mainly all occasions and is fresh, clean, and delicate. 

15. Emotion for Women EDP:

Emotion from Rasasi is a perfume that is dedicated to tender feelings, and it is a wonderful fragrant experience. The Rasasi has built up with a reputation as a pioneering brand, energetic, creating some of the best and most exclusive Oriental perfumes worldwide. As it is considered as one of the Best Musky perfumes. However, the world has gained an outstanding reputation due to its quality and elegance of the products. 

The top notes of this perfume include orange, mandarin, lemon, bergamot, and tamarind. The middle notes of the fragrance consist of pineapple, kiwi, Freesia, jasmine, black currant, which are of floral fruity. Moreover, the rich base notes have musk, sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla. It is a fragrance that has moderate silage and smells well, and it is great for fall and winter and date night. It lasts easily for 8-9 hours on skin and even longer on clothes as it is a long-lasting perfume.

Guide to Musky Perfumes: 

Regardless of whether you hate or love this perfume, it surely sets you an impression as these are animalistic, earthy, and provide a bodily sensation in which other perfumes are on the path to achieve it. As many of the buyers consider it as a nuisance scent as a bad reputation is mostly due to people who do not know how to use the product, it is still one that has to be addressed. Here in this guide, we want to address the concerns that people have about musky perfumes and talk about the ones which are worth trying out. 

What is Musk?

Musk is an aromatic substance that has been harvested from the glandular secretions of animals, such as the musk deer, and they commonly use it for the base note in perfumes and colognes. The name Musk is derived from its name from the musk deer, and the musk was derived from killing the musk deer and removing the sac that the animal used to attract mates. Then the sac is dried to produce musk pod, and the glandular secretions inside this pod would be powdery, and it was known as having a scent that was very similar to urine. When it mixes with the alcohol, it changes its characteristic from urine smell to musk smell. Well, nowadays, due to the extinction of the musk deer, musk is no longer obtained. Instead, the musk is obtained from various, including synthetic and plant-based ingredients that can be synthesized into a musky fragrance.

There are many other perfumes which have been not listed in the above section, but people may be curious about what other musky perfumes exist, so we decided to do a section on this topic. 

Versace For Women Metal Jeans:

This scent was released in the year 2001, and this perfume is a little bit strange. Some of the notes found in this perfume are Freesia, rose, nutmeg, vanilla, and musk.

Kiehl’s Original Musk:

This scent was released in the year 2004, this perfume combines with fruity or floral notes. Some of the notes found in this perfume include ylang-ylang, patchouli, musk, and Tonka Bean.

Jovan White Musk:

It is superior to Jovan Black Musk, and this fragrance is warm and sensual. Some of the notes in this perfume consist of amber, jasmine, ylang-ylang, musk, and woody notes.


Musky perfumes are a completely different kind when compared to other kinds of perfumes, and their sweet aroma and warmth make them a good perfume choice for men and women. Over the years, there have been several musky perfumes that have been released by various brands and some of the Best musky perfumes have been listed above so that you make a clear choice to buy the best musky perfume that suits you well. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

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