How to apply and wear perfume

How to apply and wear Perfume?

You are an artist if you know how to apply perfume on yourself, without this “special” art, the scent might get over-applied, or the fragrance might fade away earlier. It’s easy to wear a fragrance, but a little more skill is required to maintain the fragrance on our body. Since cologne can be a finishing touch in our attire and most of us apply it just before going out, which is a very wrong way to apply it.

An aura of attractiveness and confidence is felt around a person who smells good, then why don’t we put much effort into choosing a good fragrance for us.


What are the improvement things people can do to wear the scent for a longer time:



1. Don’t rub the area where you apply perfume

People rub the scent after it has applied. The fashion experts consider it is a natural habit of people to rub it after applying. Rubbing creates friction because of which the skin is heated, the natural enzymes are produced which affect the fragrance of the scent. A floral, type of scent, loses its crispness after the heat warms it up. If you want to preserve the integrity of your fragrance, apply it lightly on both the wrists and let it sink in, leave it as it is, well, again, according to the fashion experts.


2. Apply right after the shower

The shower helps in cleaning the body with any other scents and helps in the opening of pores, which are now able to absorb the scent. The scent should be applied on a dry but moisturised skin. Shower helps the skin to be moisturised and moisture helps to hold the scents for a longer period. It is the best time to spray the scent on your skin. It helps in enhancing the longevity of the scent.


3. Apply on pulse points

There are points of heat in our body, also known as pulse points. These are lower jaw, shoulder, neck, inside of the elbow, wrist, etc. These warm places of the body help in the enhancement of the scents. The heat helps the scent to diffuse into our body, and it is melded with our body’s actual scent.


4. Environment is important

Perfume acts just like a living organism when it comes to storage and is sensitive to environmental changes. Perfume doesn’t like variant temperatures, it results in unexpected chemical reactions within the ingredients, and it might make the perfume age faster, don’t put them into direct sunlight as ultraviolet rays might change the colour of the perfume.

As we do not keep a bottle of champagne in the sun, right? Mother’s lap is the best place for a new born child to sleep in, just like that, the best place for the perfume is to keep it in the original box in which it comes in. Closet can be a good idea but keeping it in moist places like the bathroom should be avoided.

5. Apply lightly in the beginning

Do not apply the cologne on every pulse point of the body. One area should be chosen and you must start with one spray only. If you sense that, your scent is fading quickly then choose another area to apply perfume the next time. Consider advice of a close friend or a family member after the appropriate applications, as after wearing the scents often, we can become nose blind.


6. Small packaged perfumes are considered the best

A half-used bottle kept on the shelf allows oxygen, which breaks down the scent’s molecules slowly and its composition gets altered. Although if we apply perfume daily, perfume in a little big bottle would not be wasted, in all other cases, small bottles should be given more preference. And if we are having a good-sized bottle, we must pour its liquid into smaller vessels with a stopper or screw cap and put it into the refrigerator to keep them blooming.


7. Moisturiser can be a great deal

It is beneficial to apply moisturising oils or Vaseline at the places where the perfume is applied before spraying it. Moisturising oils help in keeping the skin moisturised, hence, enhancing the fragrance of the perfume. Moisturisers help in holding the scents for a longer period helping in keeping us fragrant all day.


8. Can be re-applied if required

There are different types of colognes we buy, and depending on their longevity, we need to re-apply them often. Keeping it in travel boxes can be beneficial if you are out for a long time. Carrying a whole bottle while going out can be a nightmare and sometimes hazardous too, as most of the bottles are made up of glass. Moreover, nobody would like to get his or her costly perfumes broken, right? Therefore, we can use small cotton balls, apply a small amount of perfume on them, keep them in plastic bags, and remove the air inside it. They can be used for re-application instead of a whole bottle.


9. Knowing the fragrance styles is also important

Most of the fragrances contain three notes,” The Top Note,” Medium Note, ” Base Note.” We have discussed about each note below:-

1. Top Notes

Top notes are lighter set of smells, linger on the skin as soon as the applied lasting time is 15 minutes to 2 hours

2. Medium Notes

Main Elements of this fragrance usually include scents like spices or floral that lasts 3-5 hours.

3. Base Notes

These are boldest scents and can be detected around 5-10 hours.


10. Mistakes you do while applying perfume.

Listed below are the common mistakes made by men while applying perfumes. These can prevent them from getting the most and best out of their perfumes. When applying the fragrance, one should avoid:


1. Spraying the fragrance on your clothes

Spraying it directly on the fabrics causes it to mix with the natural oil that gives them their unique quality. This prevents the scent from travelling through scent stages. In addition, the fabric may stain. Perfume works better on pulse point rather than clothes as molecules come directly in contact with the skin.


2. Splashing the perfume on your skin

Splashing a perfume directly on the skin without using a nozzle spray ruins it all. This results in over-applying of the perfume. To apply in the right way, one should place one finger around the bottle while opening it and then turn it upside down. Then dab it on the body gently.


3. Spray a mist cloud and walk through it

Some people prefer to apply the perfume by walking through the mist cloud after spraying. Although it prevents over-application of perfume, the right place for it is your skin. Therefore, it’s a total waste of using this method as all the sprayed perfume ends up on the floor.


4. Rubbing the perfume onto the skin

Don’t rub the perfume, just dab. Rubbing causes the scent to fade away. It happens because as you rub the molecular bond of the fragrance breaks down. This results in a waste of using the fragrance. So, remember simply to dab it.


5. Applying too much perfume

We love a person if they have a signature scent. However, a person with heavy use of perfume stinks around the room. Too much fragrance cannot only ruin your personality but also can cause problems such as migraine, allergic reactions to others. It can also be an indication of depression if you wear too much fragrance. Therefore, you should never stink across the room with your heavy handled perfume. Always apply light and ask a friend if it is not too much.


6. Storing at wrong place

Never store perfumes under direct sunlight. Perfumes with colourful bottles are less prone to lose their scent in sunlight, so choose accordingly. They must be kept in consistent temperatures. Extreme variations in temperature may result in losing the scents of our perfume. They find themselves safer in closet or a living room rather than bathroom. The perfume likes to be in its original bottle. It gets exposed to air if we transfer it to another bottle. Perfume should be stored in boxes. Boxes act as another defensive shield for the perfume against the outside air.


7. Prefer natural perfume

Most people love to go for the fragrance obtained from natural extraction such as musk, lily, freesia, etc. They are extracted from either the animals or the plants. Howsoever, these do not pose any aroma and ultimately forcing them to be recreated with the synthetic molecules. The blend of essential oil and synthetic molecule ensures the highest quality of scent.


8. Avoid applying on rough skin

It is best to apply on a moisturised skin rather than applying it on rough and dry skin. This increases the chances to lock the perfume on your body and stay longer. A lotion or body oil is best to use, however, petroleum jelly may also work. The key is to hit those pulse points so that perfume remains more effective.


We look forward to your comments after applying these tips.Please Share it with us.

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