How to select a Women’s Scent? The Olfactory Families

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Fragrances are customarily ordered into primary olfactory families. Fragrances from a given olfactory family share certain attributes or aspects and in this manner give comparable sensations.


Fresh and fruity, overflowing with fresh and fiery substances like lemons, limes and oranges.


Flower based fragrances. The tallness of gentility with blossoms, for example, roses, lily of the valley or bloom agrees.

Fresh Aquatic:

Refreshing, fortifying fragrances with green sea-going notes


Full of ready, crisp eatable natural product notes.


An intriguing, erotic and overwhelming scent commonly with dry woods, vanilla and musk.


Warm and punchy, improved with extraordinary flavors, for example, clove oil, cinnamon, ginger and lavender.

Woody :

Warm, hearty and dry containing leathery and mossy notes.


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