Perfume Glossary


Aftershave is typically found in splash on kind instead of spray, that makes it easier to use to the face.

It’s a fragrance containing a tiny low share of alcohol that closes the pores and stimulates the skin thus is ideal for the face.

After Shave Balm:

Aftershave balm could be a light treatment for the face with no alcohol and contains moisturising ingredients thus will be soothing and calming when shaving.



Anosmia is that the total, or partial, loss of your sense of smell.


Fragrance based treatment is an all encompassing recuperating treatment; fragrant healing uses basic oils (normal plant extricates) to advance positive well-being and prosperity.


Aroma Chemicals :

Smell synthetic compounds are unstable atoms that are acquired from normally sourced items, or artificially made, that have their own fragrance.


Base Notes :

Base notes are the fundamental, most vital tones of an aroma. They have enduring forces which support the power of the top and centre notes.


Body Notes :

Otherwise called the heart or centre notes of the aroma: this is the fragrance’s predominant aroma.


Body Lines :

Incorporate shower gels, body moisturisers, analgesics, cleansers and powders created to smell precisely like the fragrance to take into account layering.


Chypre :

Chypre is a famous scent family which has a mind boggling blend of wooden, botanical, fruity and greenery smells.



Civet is a bestial scented musk that is removed from the musty sacs of a civet (an intriguing feline), however now regularly imitated with a manufactured partner for moral reasons.


New and fruity, overflowing with fresh and fiery forces like lemons, limes and oranges.


Cologne :

A cologne, or Eau de Cologne as it is likewise known, is a lighter centralisation of scent which contains around 2-5% basic oils. Male aromas are regularly alluded to as ‘colognes’, yet it may not generally be the situation. You can anticipate that your cologne should last around 2 hours once applied to the skin.


Eau de Cologne:

Eau de cologne is a more fragile grouping of a scent containing around 2-5% fundamental oils. Additionally know as just ‘cologne’.


Eau de Parfum :

A well known quality of scent, an Eau de Parfum is more grounded than an Eau de Toilette and Cologne and ordinarily contains around 15% fundamental oil. An Eau de Parfum will keep going longer on your skin then an EDT or EDC.


Eau de Toilette :

An Eau de Toilette is a specific quality of scent. It commonly contains around 10% basic oils, which is more than an Eau de Cologne yet not as solid as an Eau de Parfum or Parfum. It is a famous decision for the two people for everyday wear.


Enfleurage :

Enfleurage is the procedure of extraction of fundamental oils and aromas from blossoms utilising scentless creature or vegetable fats that are strong at room temperature to catch the fragrant mixes.


Essential Oils :

Essential oils are mixes extricated from plants through refining, for example, steaming or cold squeezing, which convey the aroma of the plant or other regular source it has been taken from. Regular basic oils found in scent incorporate rose, jasmine, neroli and sandalwood.


Eugenol :

Eugenol is a warm and fiery aroma fixing discovered predominantly in clove fundamental oil yet in addition in allspice, straight, cinnamon, patchouli and pimento.


Factice :

Factice is a showcase bottle of scent utilised in stores for show and visual purposes as it were.


Floral :

Blossom based fragrances. The stature of gentility with blossoms, for example, roses, lily of the valley or bloom concurs.


Fragrance Family :

The aroma families are Citrus, Fruity, Woody, Fresh, Floral; each scent has a place with an aroma family.


Fragrance Notes :

Split into three classes: top or head, middle or heart and base, aroma notes are descriptors of a fragrance that can be endless supply of the scent.


Fruity :

Loaded with ready, crisp consumable organic fruit notes.


Gourmand :

Gourmand is a scent comprising of essentially engineered palatable notes including nectar, chocolate, vanilla or candy. Notes that smell sufficiently pleasant to eat!


Layering :

Layering  different distinctive scented items to develop layers of aroma for example shower gel, at that point antiperspirant, at that point body moisturiser then scent. Layering makes an aroma last longer as it includes another ‘layer’ of fragrance to the skin.


Maceration :

Maceration is a strategy for extricating basic oils from blossoms by absorbing them warm fats. The fundamental oils, got from the oil and fat, are then broken up in liquor so the concentrate of flower oil can be gotten.


Micro encapsulation :

Micro-encapsulation is an unpredictable technique that includes securing particles of common fixings and aromas inside regular or engineered shells so as to shield them from nature.


Musk :

Musk is an exceptional smelling fixing that was initially gotten from the male musk deer however is currently more generally supplanted with a manufactured substitution known as ‘white musk’.


Neroli Oil :

Neroli oil is a famous fundamental oil that is created from the bloom of the severe orange tree which has a sweet, sugary fragrance with traces of green and flavor.


Notes :

This terms has been acquired by the aroma business from music and portrays the individual fixings (noticed) that make up an entire scent (top note, middle note, base note).


Oak moss :

Oak moss is the valuable substance that originates from lichen which develops on oak trees across Europe that has a severe smelling woodland floor fragrance.


Odour :

Scent is the qualities of a substance that initiates the olfactory framework or our feeling of smell. As a general rule, the fragrance being alluded to is upsetting.


Olfaction :

Olfaction identifies with our feeling of smell.


Olfactory Bulb :

The olfactory bulb is situated close to the front of the cerebrum and is a basic structure in your olfactory framework. It is the principal framework to get neural contribution about smells distinguished in the nasal pit.


Olfactory Epithelium :

The olfactory epithelium are layers of tactile cells that sit on each side of the upper-back part of the nose that are associated with the procedure of smell.


Perfume / Parfum :

Parfum is the most focused and rich of all the aroma choices. A parfum will for the most part have between 20-30% basic oil content and can keep going on the skin throughout the day with only one application.


Pheromones :

Pheromones are synthetic substances that are discharged by creatures to pull in another individual from their species. The jury is still out on whether people have a similar capacity, however there’s no denying fragrance and pheromone aromas can have an impact in why we’re attracted to someone.


Pure Perfume :

Pure Perfume is normally found in spot on structure as you just need to apply a modest quantity. Contingent upon your skin type unadulterated scent can keep going for as long as 6 hours as it has the most elevated grouping of fragrance oil in it. Unadulterated scents are just made in specific brands.


Rhizome :

Rhizomes are adjusted stems that develop under or along the ground. They are considered ‘attack’ plants because of the forceful way they shoot new originates from their hubs, however valuable aroma fixings, for example, Orris Absolute originate from rhizomes.


Spicy :

Warm and punchy, improved with extraordinary flavors, for example, clove oil, cinnamon, ginger and lavender.


Sweet Perfume :

Sweet perfume is an aroma that is related with a sweet taste – notes frequently incorporate vanilla, Tonka bean and golden.


Synthetic Fragrances :

Synthetic Fragrances are scent fixings that are made in a research centre utilising manufactured natural science as opposed to being removed from a characteristic source.


Tincture :

A tincture is a concentrate of a plant or creature material which is broken up in ethanol (liquor).


Tonality :

Tonality is the prevailing note or subject of a scent.


Umami :

Umami is one of the five nourishment taste classes, with the other four being sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Umami has been depicted as savoury, yet with more body and volume.


Woody :

Warm, natural and dry containing overgrown and rough notes.

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