Moschino Fragrances for Men

What You Should Know about Moschino’s New Fragrance For Men – An Unbiased Review Of Their Latest Entries

Established in the year 1983, Moschino is an Italian Fashion and Fragrance design house. This Italian brand first launched its first perfume for Women in the year 1987, and closely a couple of years later introduced their line of fragrances for Men in the year 1990 and the company reached its new high.

Moschino alongside offering top-notch designer clothes also offers many other accessories and cosmetics.

 Even with a small fragrance base of 27 eye-catching perfumes with their unique notes and remarkable packaging launched to date, Moschino stands amongst the top popular fragrance brands.

But the real question here is, among the many perfumes which one is the best buy. Here, in this very blog, we have reviewed a few of the best perfumes that range from the brand, making your job easy, so pause for a minute and have a look at it.

1. Uomo? Moschino

Scent: Uomo? Moschino is a versatile, fresh and light perfume. It opens with a fresh, bold citrus smell, but the tangy notes quickly change to a striking but sweet kumquat and you can sense the soapy aldehydes. The soapy aldehydes act as a balance for the spicy essence of coriander and Brazilian Rosewood. After a couple of hours, the sweet, light, clean, and floral notes more than the spicy accords of cinnamon and coriander. As it dries down the kumquat is still dominating but the perfume becomes muskier and woodier. Overall this perfume gives you the feeling of a fresh tropical morning near a beach.

Notes: The top notes are Kumquat, Aldehydes, Coriander and Brazilian Rosewood. The middle notes are Cyclamen, Cinnamon, Clary Sage and Labdanum. The base notes are Musk, Ambergris, Cedar and Wormwood.

Best For: This is a spectacular fragrance that you can truly wear consistently. This fragrance has this soapy, citrusy, tropical energy, which makes it work in the Summer actually like the spring. Reliably, this makes for an extraordinarily agreeable smell, for the daytime with a life span of more than 8+ hours. This fragrance also has an impulse to it, which makes it a wonderful aroma to wear to a date.

2. Toy Boy Moschino

Scent: Toy Boy Moschino is a spicy woody perfume. This fragrance opens with a blast of citrus notes leaving behind a refreshing feeling. This quickly fades into the sweet yet spicy facet accords of Nutmeg which can be noticed very subtly, but the elemi and pink pepper are the more dominant species in this perfume. After a couple of hours, the sweet and pleasant floral notes. While all other floral accords can be perceived, the rose is the most domineering one. Its odor mixes well with the spices and gives a pleasing smell. As it reaches its dry-down, the presence of rose accords along with the spices can be still observed, but the perfume becomes woodier and more masculine.

Notes: The top notes are Pink Pepper, Pear, Indonesian Nutmeg, Elemi and Bergamot. The middle notes are Rose, Magnolia, Clove and Flax. The base notes are Haitian Vetiver, Cashemran, Sylkolide, Sandalwood and Amber.

Best for: Toy Boy by Moschino is an incredible aroma to wear during the colder months. In contrast to most other Leather aromas, this one really works best when it’s colder outside. During those colder days, this warm, fiery, and sweet aroma works impeccably as an easy-going scent during both the day and the evening.

3. Moschino Forever Moschino

Scent: Moschino Forever Moschino is a sexy and charming perfume. It opens with the fragrance of striking kumquat which sweetens the citrusy notes of bergamot and gives a soft creamy texture feeling. This opening accords quickly fade away bringing up the spices which give us a warm, spicy scent. The star anise is particularly dominant than other spices present with its sharp accords. This spiciness is followed through till the dry-down. Once the perfume reaches its dry-down it becomes muskier which is quite balanced by the heavenly scent of sandalwood. Overall this is a fresh, spicy, and charismatic Fragrance.

Notes: The top notes are Kumquat, Star Anise and Bergamot. The middle notes are Pepper, Clary Sage and Tonka Bean. The base notes are Sandalwood, Vetiver and Musk.

Best for: Moschino Forever Moschino longevity and can surely last considerably more with extra few sprays. Forever works best in more warm temperatures and could be worn both during daytime and nighttime.

4. Moschino Forever Sailing Moschino

Scent: Moschino Forever Sailing Moschino is a  versatile woody masculine fragrance. Forever Sailing opens with a strikingly fresh and zesty note of lemon and grapefruit. The mint leaves present to balance the citrus with its refreshing and cooling notes. After a couple of hours, the lavender becomes prominent with its aromatic floral clean note. But as this perfume reaches its dry-down it becomes woodier and muskier.

Notes: The top notes are Lemon, Mint and Grapefruit. The middle notes are Juniper and Lavender. The base notes are Musk, Woody Notes, Patchouli and Amber.

Best for: Moschino Forever Sailing Moschino is an aromatic perfume with a moderate Sillage and long-lasting longevity. This perfume is best suitable for the warmer months because of the tropical vibes it gives when worn. It will be a thought grabber, yet as long as you apply it fittingly.

5. Friends Men Moschino

Scent: Friends Men Moschino is a versatile aromatic fragrance. This opens with a blast of fresh, clean, and citrus notes of Bergamot and Blood Orange. The Green Mandarin and the petitgrain leaves leave zesty yet bitter notes behind. The sea notes and pelargonium present balance the citrus accords. AS it dries down the perfume becomes muskier but the citrus accords are still dominant.

Notes: The top notes are Green Mandarin, Bergamot and Blood Orange. The middle notes are Petitgrain Paraguay, Pelargonium and Sea Notes. The base notes are Tahitian vetiver, Cedar and musk.

Best for: Friends Men Moschino is an aromatic citrus fragrance with moderate sillage and longevity. This perfume is best worn during the hot summer or warmer temperatures. This particular perfume is more of a daytime suitable rather than night

6. Toy Moschino

Scent: Toy Moschino is a floral woody musk unisex fragrance that comes with adorable packaging. This particular perfume was inspired by pop culture and cartoons. The toy opens with a blast of fresh, clean, and tangy notes of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange. The Juniper Berries give an aromatic fragrance. These opening notes quickly fade away, and the sweet floral notes take a front seat. The floral note lavender plays a dominant role with its sweet yet spicy odor. The violet and hawthorn add a nice touch with their powdery and dewy notes. The cardamom present with its spiciness balances the floral notes from overpowering the perfume. As the perfume reaches its dry-down, it becomes woodier.

Notes: The top notes are Cardamom, Juniper Berries, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange. The middle notes are Lavender, Violet and Hawthorn. The base notes are Cedar, Moss, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Best for: This fabulous unisex perfume can be worn during the hotter days of the year. This perfume has this woody, clean, and fresh floral notes, which makes it work in the summer just like the spring. This is an incredibly easy-going aroma, for the daytime with its longevity of more than 8+ hours.

7. Moschino Pour Homme Moschino

Scent: Moschino Pour Homme By Moschino is an aromatic amber fragrance. It opens with a mix of rosemary and bergamot giving a spicy yet refreshing citrusy smell. But these quickly fade away bringing the sage and lavender which can be noticed with its sweet, pleasant odor. After a couple of hours, the lavender is still present but the spicy floral note of carnation which closely gives a clove oil can be perceived, while the other floral notes of rose and jasmine balance the notes of carnation. As it reaches its dry-down, the perfume starts resembling the leather and wood because of the numerous woody accords present. Overall, this is an amber filled masculine perfume.

Notes: The top notes are Lavender, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Green Notes and Bergamot. The middle notes are Carnation, Orris Root, Caraway, Rose and Jasmine. The base notes are Leather, Oakmoss, Styrax, Labdanum, Benzoin, Cedar, Amber, Tonka Bean and Coconut.

Best for: Moschino Pour Homme by Moschino is a phenomenal scent that is best appropriate for the winter and fall months. During those colder months, this perfume when worn acts like a warm, rich blanket because of the amazing notes. This aroma has solid silage and keeps going very long. It is an extraordinary one to simply wear nonchalantly, during both the day and night.

Are Moschino Really Worth the Hype?

The Italian Moschino Brand has some spectacular colognes that are for the most part appropriate for the warm, mid-year months yet many are more versatile. We guarantee that you can never end up with a grave perfume from this range.

Considering this is a well-known cologne brand house, the costs are extraordinarily reasonable and the container sizes are liberal and are well grasped. Regardless, on the off chance that you’re contemplating whether to buy a full cologne or not, here’s a tip- you can buy a small sample bottle whose quantity is around 5ml or 10ml stacked up with the main scent; this gives a more moderate approach to manage test the colognes that you are generally animated by without bursting into flames every available resource.

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