Best Deodorants for Women – (Reviews )

Deodorants for Women
Deodorants for Women

For women,the key to confidence is to look attractive and appealing. One of the critical factors that determine the attractiveness is how you smell all day . It is important to look fresh and feel good all day. However, sweat is something that can ruin your new look. Although sweat itself is not bad. It is the sign of a healthy body. The bacteria in the armpit that digest the fats and proteins in our sweat and cause bad body odour. Relax! Ladies, we have tonnes of products on the market for this problem. These can help to fight bad odour and excessive sweat.We will help you figure out the best deodorants for women available in the market.

However, you must know the difference between them and know how to choose the best for yourself. Deodorants and antiperspirants are products available in the market for dealing with sweat and bad odour. The most commonly used are deodorants. However, how does they work? Which one to use? What are the best deodorants for women? There are bunches of questions that need to be answered while selecting a deodorant for oneself.


How do deodorants work?

Deodorants contains ingredients that help in fighting the bacterial growth that can cause bad odour. They work by depositing a thin film in the targeted area and attack the bacterial growth. Deodorants are aluminium, and they mask the smell due to the sweat. Not every deodorant is natural and organic. However,do not worry! We bring you the top 15 best deodorants for women in 2020 that are most recommended. These include the best sellers and beauty editor’s choice.


1. Nivea Whitening Deodorant roll on


Nivea Extra Whitening Deodorant contains double the amount of whitening ingredients. It includes 10 powerful skin nutrients to whiten and smoothed dark and damaged underarms. The girls who often shave off their underarm hair, it is beneficial for you as shaving can cause damage to underarm skin. You have to apply 4-6 times in each underarm.

First, let it dry itself completely. You should not use on irritated or damaged skin if it is not extra whitening. It includes Aqua, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, PPG-15, etc. You must shake it well before using it. Then apply it directly on your skin. It contains both mulethi and avocado extracts, which help in smoothing of the skin. It is reliable for all day long odour protection.



  1. Quantity will be 50 ml
  2. Take off the cap and apply directly on your underarm
  3. Contains multi extracts that give even tone underarms
  4. Avocado extract also
  5. 0% alcohol, perfect combination with Nivea’s gentle care


  1. Useful for taking care of your underarm skin.
  2. It gives a gentle feeling all day long.
  3. It has 0% Alcohol Formula.
  4. Gentle care and reliable protection.      
  5. Dermatological tested.
  6. Removes hyper pigmentation with the licorice in it.


  1. It can’t be applied to broken or irritated skin.
  2. Doesn’t claim 48-hour protection.


2. Eva Wild Deodorant Spray


Hey ladies, it’s going to be hot, isn’t it? So let’s go and find the thing we need the most, can you guess it? Right, it’s a deodorant. From the range of Eva All Day Freshness, we’ve brought you the Wild deodorant. The regular users of Eva deodorants say that they smell differently from others.

These are all in affordable ranges, and the best thing about the deodorants is that they are alcohol-free. The alcohol-free range of Eva deodorants is always gentle on the skin. Its unique formulation causes odour causing enzymes as it balances your body’s PH level. It helps in keeping the underarms smooth and soft. The cap will also give pleasant fragrance even after placing it away for some time because of its longevity. It’s a definite yes if someone asks if it’s one of the best deodorants for women.



  1. Comes in a black tin can bottle
  2. Translucent bottle cap
  3. Comes in various fragrances
  4. Must be 15 cm away from the skin
  5. Shake well before use


  1. Can be easily carried in your bags
  2. Fit for everyday use
  3. Quite Strong
  4. Will last long during summers
  5. Affordable



  1. The bottle might get finished fast; you may have to repurchase it often
  2. Comes in small bottles


3. Secret clinical strength deodorant

The secret has that secret formulation that can keep you sweat and odour-free up to 48 hours. Say hello! To long-lasting freshness. This is necessary for those who sweat excessively. Such as athletes, avid travellers are catching flights and trains here and there. Providing protection against sweat and smell it releases a fantastic scent to keep you fresh and attractive.

It works magically in humid Indian Summer. The 4X stress sweat protection of secret clinical strength deodorant for women is far better than wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant. Hidden Clinical Strength can technology that can sense the level throughout the day. It’s adapt and responds technique helps to lock odour even before it’s released. It’s is available in various forms, either clear gel, smooth gel, or invisible solid.



  1. 4x street sweat protection
  2. Adapt and response technology
  3. 48-hour odour control and wetness protection
  4. Completely clean
  5. Recommended as one of the  best deodorants for women in beauty magazines


  1. Long-lasting
  2.  Invisible
  3.  Clean
  4.   Antiperspirant
  5.   Comes in  three kinds clear gel,  invisible solid and smooth gel



  1. Less aggressive formulation
  2. Not suitable for people with hyperhidrosis


4. Yardley English Lavender Deodorant


Yardley London is a contemporary classical deodorant spray. The product has bergamot and clary sage form top notes. This gives an immediate impact. The heart notes comprise of English Lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine, chamomile, and violet. The base notes wood, vanilla, and patchouli. This gives a balanced and long-lasting smell. It is one of the extensive collection of body luxury.

The combination of English lavender, floral lavender, and musk gives a pleasant scent to wear and keeps you fresh. Every apart brings you the refreshing and rejuvenating smell of English countryside fresh flower. Yardley English Lavender Deodorant Spray gives you a signature smell along with keeping you clean and sweat-free all day long considered as one of the best deodorants for women.


  1. 150 ml bottle
  2. In spray form
  3. Contains contemporary range if English countryside flowers
  4. Energising and rejuvenating smell of English lavender
  5. Apart from 15 cms from skin holding upright
  6. Luxurious and classical packing.
  7. Long-lasting, uplifting smell



  1. Pleasant and floral fragrance
  2. The scent stays about 4-6 hours.
  3.  Travel-friendly
  4.  Easy to use the nozzle
  5.  Can apply directly on underarms
  6.  Reasonable price



  1. Has 95% alcohol not suitable for sensitive skin
  2. Additive alcohol content
  3. The smell goes away if the cap is loosened
  4.  Not fit for excessive sweating


5. Dove Dry  deodorant


Just as conventional sprays, it does not stay wet but dries instantly. It has an infusion of cucumber and green tea, giving you fresh fragrance. It contains dove moisturizer and is ethanol free. In addition, it is dermatological tested. Use it if you wish for soft and smooth underarms with 48 hours of sweat protection.

The moisturise in the spray recovery the underarm skin that is damaged by shaving. It’s is easy to apply. Just shake and spray 6 inches away from the skin.





  1. Instantly goes on and dries up
  2. Cucumber and green tea freshness
  3. Contains ¼ dove moisturiser
  4.  Last long
  5.  Dermatological tested
  6. Repair underarm skin from shaving irritation
  7.  0% alcohol


  1. Dries instantly
  2. Feels smooth on the skin
  3. 48-hour sweat protection


  1. The harsh spray can have an allergic reaction
  2. Can’t stand out in the competition with other apart deodorants


6. Dove advanced care deodorant


We take care of our beauty so consciously. We use separate products for day and night. We know what will work out best for us. However, we are negligent with our underarms. Don’t worry; dove brings you advance body care deodorant. Make your underarms beautiful and smooth using the best deodorant for women. It glides on smoothly.

It has zero alcohol content. This contains ¼ moisturiser that helps repair the damaged skin from shaving irritation. Dove advanced care deodorant protects from underarm wetness and water. Also, it provides 48-hour protection. It also leaves a pleasant flowery scent. It can be applied after showering, drying off, or at night. It is one of the best deodorants for women in 2020.


  1. Stick form
  2. Stick Glides easily
  3. 0% alcohol
  4. The clear and flowery scent
  5. Options for unscented deodorants are available for sensitive skin.


  1. Sensitive formulation repair skin
  2. Hydrates the skin as well
  3. No stain on white clothes
  4. None irritating
  5. No ethanol added
  6. Minutely scented with the floral scent
  7.  48-hour freshness


  1. It can leave a chalky residue on a few skin types.
  2. Can’t be used on broken skin

7. Engage Woman Deo Spray-Abandon


Engage, as the name suggests, focuses on a strong and attractive smell. With engage express it all, show your affection. This graceful feminine smell consists of top notes of citrus and orange blossom. The heart note has the floral scent of rose and jasmine, which creates a romantic and sensual fragrance.

It is an ideal one for regular use. Just spray it before going out of home, feel fresh and confident, and keep your skin safe from any damage.


  1. 165 ml bottle available
  2. Ideal for daily wear
  3. Safe for skin
  4. An excellent choice for charming women
  5. Has a combination of fresh, top citrus and orange blossom and jasmine and rose.
  6. 24 hours the long-lasting smell
  7. Has 95% alcohol content
  8. Apply by holding 15 cms away from the skin



  1. Ideal for daily wear
  2. The sweet and gentle scent
  3. Doesn’t irritate the skin
  4. Doesn’t bother, if the nose is sensitive
  5. Affordable
  6. Easily available



  1. The fragrance is not long-lasting
  2. Not travel-friendly


8. Degree woman antiperspirant, Active shield


It’s considered one of the superior brands for underarm odour and wetness protection. It is considered among the best deodorants for women in 2020. With 48 hours of long-lasting protection, it dries instantly. This makes the underarm look cleaner. When you touch the skin, you may find no residue around the applied portion of the skin.

Degree woman deodorants come with motion sense technology that can control sweat at your every move. This has fragrance blocked in a shell, and with the motion, the aroma gets unlock. It has the world’s first technology that responds to the movement of the person and adjusts the fragrance accordingly. Shake well and spray 6 inches away from underarm to have long-lasting, wetness protection.



  1. Has the world’s first MOTION SENSE technology
  2. Keeps you fresh with every move
  3. 48 hours long-lasting fragrance
  4. Dermatological tested
  5. Alcohol-free


  1. Motion sense technology
  2. Long-lasting
  3. Stain-free formula
  4. Shake, spray, and go!


  1. Can leave little white chunks, if spread with the finger.


9. Envy 1000 Blush Deodorant


Envy 1000 Blush Deodorant for women comes with a combination of fruity and floral extracts. So let yourself get lost in the alluring and soothing scent of Envy 1000 Blush Deodorant for women. It does not give out gas and has a long-lasting pure perfume scent.

It exhilarates 1000 sprays and keeps you fresh. The top notes are citrus, raspberry. The middle notes are filled up with jasmine and rose. The fragrances if our envy 1000 blush is sweet floral with sandal and amber at the base.




  1. Compliments women’s personality.                                                                 
  2. Long-lasting freshness                                                                           
  3. Captivating and attractive fragrance.                                                         
  4. Prevents body odour formation


  1. Affordable
  2. Long-lasting fragrance.
  3. Fruity and floral smell


10.  Fogg Black Reveal Fragrance Body Spray


Fogg black brings you the luxurious black body spray collection. This pure feminine fragrance defines your elegance and gives a soothing smell. It has to fumigate property that removes body odour, keeps you fresh and confident 24 hours,and gives you soothing body odour. It is suitable for daily use. It comes in an aesthetically designed bottle and is travel-friendly. It neither stains the clothes, nor does it harms the skin. So, stay confident and fresh with Fogg elegance deodorant.



  1. 120 ml bottle
  2. Soothing experience throughout the day
  3. Ensure you 800 sprays
  4. Has refreshing scent
  5. Long-lasting fragrance
  6. Must use for working women
  7. Has pure perfume and nor spray
  8. The shelf life of 2 years
  9. Hold 10-15 cm away from the skin and spray after bath


  1. Luxurious packaging
  2. Long-lasting
  3. No gas
  4. Travel-friendly


  1. The heavy smell maybe overpowering for others
  2. Not suitable for sensitive skin


11. Nivea fresh, natural deodorant


Hello!Ladies. We know that deodorants are essential, especially in the summers. You want to smell great.Nivea’s fresh, natural deodorant contains antimicrobial agents which help in fighting the bacterial growth and removes bad odour. It contains Ocean Extracts, which gives a mild, soothing fragrance. This keeps you fresh all day long.

This fragrance is so pure that it can boost your morning. The scent is soft and light so that sensitive nose can bear it. It contains ingredients that help to remove darkened skin and lightens the skin tone of the underarm. If you are searching for a long-lasting fragrance and fresh feel, then it’s the best deodorants for women.



  1. No capping breakage
  2. It’s easy to hold
  3. Click and lock system bottle
  4. The long-lasting fragrance stays up to 5-6 hours
  5. Even toned underarms
  6. Antimicrobial properties
  7. Hold 15 cm from underarm
  8. Shelf life 36 hours


  1. Long-lasting fragrance
  2. Easy to grip and use design
  3. Skin tolerance, dermatological tested
  4. Feels fresh
  5. No alcohol
  6. Mild fragrance
  7. Free from preservative and colourants
  8. Affordable


  1. Not useful for excessive sweating
  2. Don’t use on broken skin.
  3. Alcohol-free


12. Cinthol women’s deo stick


This is a perfect pocket-friendly deodorant. Easy to carry. Must use for avid women travellers. Cinthol is from Godrej range.It has 3x. Ling- lasting scent. Stays three times longer than any ordinary deodorant.

It is gentle on the skin and keeps it soft and smooth. Cinthol Deo sticks for women have active minerals. This keeps your skin kind and devoid of irritation. There is nothing to worry about the dress! It is not going to stain your dresses. Take your Deo-stick and squeeze a small amount and directly apply on skin. Move the stick in a circular motion while applying. Don’t make use of the hand.The refreshing Cinthol Deo Sticks are available three range, namely Aura, Swirl, and Spark.


  1. 3x long-lasting fragrance keeps you exuberant all-day
  2. Easy to use
  3. Travel-friendly
  4. Ensure smooth and soft skin
  5. Has the cream-based non-stick formulation
  6. Contains active minerals


  1. Affordable.
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Cooling sensation
  4. Quickly Absorbed
  5. Refreshing Floral Fragrance
  6. Spill-proof tube packaging
  7. Ideal for summer


  1. Creamy Texture
  2. Not Long-Lasting Fragrance
  3. Misleading Name
  4. Not Suitable For Sensitive Skin.


13. Nike Fission Women Deo Spray

Want to feel like a diva this summer? Nike brings you the fresh floral fragrance that keeps you clean all day long. The smell will make you feel like diva. Spray it after a nice,long shower.It isn’t a secret that this deo is considered the best deodorants for women in India.

It has fresh notes of cucumber, grapefruit, and magnolia.The heart note has a sensual fragrance composed of tuberose, rose, violet, white muguet, and apple.Base notes with white amber and woods, this delicious fragrance is recommended for daytime wear. It has infused with a unique formula that kills germs all day and prevents body odour. Locks Long hour freshness.The essence of cool cucumber and lush fruits blend with the scent of exotic flowers that brings out the best of your feminine beauty.This is definitely one of the best deodorant for women to go for.



  1. It opens up with the fresh smell of cucumber,grapefruit, and magnolia.
  2. Long hours of freshness
  3. Reasonable price


  1. Has a wide range of fragrance
  2. Affordable
  3. Long-lasting


  1. Not for gyms purposes
  2. Can’t mask the odour


14. Layer’s Wottagirl Secret Crush Body Spray

Layer wottagirl fragrant body splashes fragrance, which makes you feel fresh. It comes with a seductive fusion of ripe oranges and lemons and floral sweetness of jasmine.

The packaging comes a simple cylindrical, transparent bottle with a colourful overlay. The layer has a balanced smell.The smell lasts for 5-6 hours.


  1. 135 ml bottle
  2. Spray form
  3. 1500 sprays per bottle
  4. Hold the bottle upright. Spray 15 cm away from the skin. Avoid eye contact
  5. Pretty and colourful packaging
  6. Long-lasting


  1. Only spray no gas
  2. Pleasant flowery and fruity smell
  3. Long-lasting fragrance
  4. 1500 sprays per bottle


Not great for excessive sweating


15. Schmidt’s Rose and Vanilla Stick


Another best deodorant for women in 2020 is Schmidt’s rose and vanilla stick comes with a heavenly bouquet of rose with hints of sweet, powdery vanilla. Luxurious, elegant, and inviting. This has a natural formula that provides all-day odour and wetness protection.Free from aluminium, phthalates, parabens, and propyleneglycol. Vegan certified and cruelty-free. Easily absorb able, non-greasy, non-sticky. Schmidt’s deodorants are made with plant-based oils and butter.It contains coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter, as well as vitamin E, to make you smell good and feel good.Plant-based powders protect against wetness.



1.3.25 Oz vanilla stick.

2.Odour protection

3.Wetness protection



  1. Absorbable
  2. Non-greasy
  3. Non-sticky


Not suitable for sensitive skin


To conclude if you want to be sure to smell nice throughout the day and never be ashamed of your sweat,you can go for one of these best deodorants for women.We would love to know which one is your favourite.


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