Best Mancera Perfumes for Men: A Complete Guide

Best Mancera Perfumes for Men

The famous perfumer Pierre Mancera opened his very first Mancera fragrances boutique in Paris. The main activity of this company is manufacturing luxurious fragrances. It was launched in 2008 and latest from 2021 The nose who worked behind these fragrances is Pierre Mancera.

In this article we will be dealing with ten best Mancera perfumes for men. And to know it in a detailed way please thoroughly read this article. Let’s jump into the world of perfumes and have a look at the best Mancera fragrances for men.

 Cedrat Boise Mancera

This fragrance was launched in 2011 which is famous for its mesmerizing citrus aromatic fragrance. Cedrat Boise Mancera is specially launched for men. All the finest compositions are captured under the magical bottle of Cedrat Boise Mancera. It totally offers you all masculine feelings which makes it purposely designed and formulated for men. This perfume gives you a long lasting effect throughout the day. However, it has moderate sillage capacity.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are Sicilian lemon, black currant,bergamot, spicy notes, fruity notes, patchouli leaf, water jasmine, cedar, leather, sandalwood, vanilla, white musk and moss.

Occasion – Best for summers and autumns.

 Instant Crush Mancera 

This is among one of the newly introduced fragrances. Instant Crush was launched in 2019 which is basically a floral fragrance for men.  The aromatic floral notes of the fragrance give you a refreshing aroma. The main accords of this fragrance are warm, spicy, woody, amber, vanilla, powdery, citrus, musky, rose, leather, and earthy. It has moderate long lasting fragrance as well as has moderate sillage capacity.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are saffron, ginger, Sicilian mandarin, amberwood, morocco rose, Egyptian jasmine, Indonesian patchouli leaf, Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood, white ,usk, and oakmoss.

Occasion – Best for summers and autumns.

Roses Greedy Mancera

 This fragrance was launched in 2013 which basically carries a floral fruity gourmand fragrance.  Roses Greedy is an unisex fragrance. It is a moderate long lasting fragrance. The main accords of this fragrance are floral, rose, sweet, musky, fruity, vanilla, white floral, powdery, amber and soft spicy. The sillage capacity is moderate. Those who love the blend of woody and floral aromatic notes, they will definitely enjoy this fragrance.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are peach, black currant, mandarin orange, coconut, pink pepper, rose, flower, jasmine, white musk, sugar, vanilla, amber, and benzion.

Occasion – This is best for autumns and summers.

Velvet Vanilla Mancera

This fragrance was launched in 2016 by Mancera. This fragrance offers a floral fruity fragrance. It is a subversive interpretation in men’s fragrance. The crafting of the bottle is amazingly done with all simplicity and elegance. The main accords of this fragrance are white floral, vanilla, tuberose, musky, fruity, powdery, sweet, amber, animalic and citrus. It is a long lasting fragrance and has moderate sillage. It is a totally Worthing fragrance one can surely go with this.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are pear, angelica, black currant, mandarin orange, pink pepper, clove, tuberose, jasmine, neroli, rose, vanilla, and white musk..

Occasion – This perfume is best for summer days.

AOUD Cafe Mancera

This is a woody aromatic fragrance for men. The refreshing lime notes will keep you feeling enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day. This fragrance has moderate long lasting capacity as well as moderate sillage capacity. It speaks of luxury and masculinity, yet it is simple and extravagant too. Aoud Cafe Mancera is a good valued perfume, one should make a buy.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are bergamot, lime, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, caraway, tarragon, ginger, lavender, Bulgarian, rose, vanilla, ylang-ylang, iris, clove, Atlas cedarwood, ambergris, rose, vanilla, vetiver, birch, and wood.

Occasion – Best for autumns and winters.

Sicily Mancera

This is also a recently introduced fragrance under the brand name of Mancera. This fragrance was launched in 2016 which is basically a citrus fragrance. It is a superb refreshing fragrance which makes it perfect for warm days. The main accords of this fragrance are citrus, woody, fruity, sweet, powdery, fresh spicy, white floral, woody and fresh. When it comes to longevity, it has moderate long lasting capacity. It also has moderate sillage. It is a good valued perfume for men.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are Mandarin orange, grapefruit, peach, pineapple, bergamot, apple, jasmine, ylang-ylang, violet, rose, white musk and woody notes.

Occasion – Best for springs, autumns, and summers.

AOUD Lemon Mint Mancera

This fragrance is a highly refreshing fragrance which generally offers a woody aromatic fragrance for men and women. This fragrance is a perfect blend of serious and gentle emotions. This fragrance was launched in 2016 by Mancera. The crafting of the bottle elegantly zest the masculine senses. Its compositions are beautifully blended to offer deep woody notes. Franck Boclet Ylang-Ylang has moderate long lasting and sillage capacity.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are lemon, almond, mandarin orange, pepper. Coriander, agarwood, patchouli, Egyptian Jasmine,vanilla, leather, amber, vetiver and musk.

Occasion – Best for winters and autumns.

  Roses & Chocolate Mancera

This fragrance was launched in 2014 which is popular for its floral fruity gourmand  fragrance. This fragrance is specially launched for men to promote and enhance their masculine attitude. The crafting of the bottle is kept simple which is round in shape. The main accords of this fragrance are chocolate, powdery, sweet, rose, warm spicy, vanilla, fruity, violet, floral, and musky. It actually has long lasting capacity as well as strong sillage capacity.

Notes – This fragrance has special notes of peach, black currant, Mandarin orange, bergamot, dark chocolate, rose, violet, vanilla, white musk, and cedar.

Occasion – Best go with spring days.

Wild Fruits Mancera

This fragrance has a mesmerizing oriental fragrance. This fragrance has moderate longevity as well as moderate sillage. It was introduced or launched in 2011, it offers you a refreshing floral fruity fragrance that sensually blows up your sleeping senses. It carries out amazingly with your casual outfits and adds a fresh aroma touch to your attire.

Notes– The notes of this fragrance are kumquat, citruses, lemon, lemon, grapefruit, fruity notes, black currant, peach, apple, violet, white musk, and cedar.

Occasion– Best suited during winter and autumnal days.

 Hindu Kush Mancera

The eye-catching crafting of the bottle that was designed in the cylindrical shape. This fragrance basically offers an amber woody fragrance for men and women. Hindu Kush launched in 2018 by Mancera as an unisex fragrance. This fragrance generally has extreme longevity capacity with enormous sillage. The main accords of this fragrance are amber, woody, warm spicy, smoky, cannabis, balsamic, aromatic, patchouli, musky and powdery. It is significantly a joy box purely dedicated to masculine.

Notes – It has a perfect blending of different notes beginning with incense, cannabis, spices, labdanum, woody notes, patchouli leaf, amber, guaiac wood, vanilla pod, and woody musk.

Occasion – It will perfectly go with winters and autumns.


Mancera is a France based Fragrance Company. Use of all natural ingredients, flowers and its essence would make it a better choice for perfumer lovers. All the aforementioned perfumes are best chosen one where one could easily invest for having an embodied luxury feeling. These perfumers are dedicated to men to cumulate their charm and luxury. All these ten best Mancera perfumes are totally worth purchasing and one should definitely make a buy of these aforementioned perfumes.


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