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Best Prada Perfumes – (Reviews)

Best Prada Perfumes

1. Prada Candy:

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum is an excellent, warming, Sweet and dusty creation that leaves you wanting more. Far cavernous and more complicated than you may be thought. Opens fine with tasty Caramel and dusty notes. The creamy and sultry sweetness of Benzoin soon comes and is present like never before. Finally, on dry candy shows a darker side of musk, and what l felt was hot vanilla. As time passes, candy becomes hotter, almost spicy, but it has some sweetness of Caramel. The performance of perfume was not as good as expected for EDP. The aroma is long-lasting for 3-4 hours.

The fragrance comes in a noticeable bottle shape that gives an orange glow, together with a pink-coloured band with Prada naming in gold letters. An astonishing combination of hotness of Caramel, Benzoin, and musk. Prada Candy is tempting, smooth, and sensual. The perfume is only long- lasting for only 4+ hours. The best seasons to wear this perfume is Autumn and winter. The Top notes of the perfume are Caramel. The Middle notes of the fragrance are Dusty notes and musk. The base notes of the perfume are Vanilla and Benzoin.


2. Prada Candy Night:



The Prada Candy Night Eau de Parfum is Mystical, sensual, and far more tempting than the Original Candy Eau de Parfum. Begins with deep and dusty chocolate orange notes. The chocolate is darker and most beautiful that I thought. Sweet and comforting Caramel, floral, and musk soften things to make a more sophisticated experience. Finally, a warm and dusty vibe at dry-down adds something better and
familiar. The perfume is Medium lasting scent at 4+ hours on the skin, and last longer in clothes.

 The fragrance is a noticeable bottle shape that givens pink or purple glow, together with a black band with the Prada logo in golden letters. An Astonishing mixture of spicy chocolate orange notes, Hot Caramel, on a vanilla and musk base. Prada Candy Night is Goosebumps. The best season to wear this perfume is Autumn and winter. The top notes of the fragrance are Bitter Orange, Neroli, and Iris. The Middle notes of the perfume are Cacao and Caramel. The base notes of the perfume are Vanilla, Tonka, and White Musk.


3. Prada Candy Sugar Pop:


I never expect the marketing of this perfume. I was expecting associated with sweet teenagers’ scent. It is fun and finest and put forward a fruity or citrus vibe. Opening with delicate fruity apple notes and taste of citrus from fresh bergamot. Notes of light peach and fantasy caramel present sweetness.  Vanilla is show and adds to the quality. The opulent Caramel and fruity apple notes are most vital. An instant wear perfume that is fun yet fine at the same time. The Lasting medium perfume is long-lasting for only 4+ hours on skin and much longer on clothes.

 Eye- starker bottle shape that gives a feminine light pink glow, together with a white band with a Prada logo in the gold letters with a light blue cap. An amazing citrus/fruity scent that decreased sweet that the name lets on fun, speed, and fresh.The best season to wear this perfume is spring and summer. The top notes of the fragrance are Bergamot and Apple. The Middle notes of the perfume are peach and floral notes. The base notes of the perfume are Vanilla and Caramel.


4. Prada Candy Kiss:


One of the many unusual perfumes in the Prada candy line. Focusing on a single note musk. Prada Candy Kiss, an Eau de parfum, is a soft and kind experience to judicious sanctification the senses. The Prada Candy Kiss makes an amazing every day and throughout the year perfume. A perfect fragrance for any season. It does lean much towards being a daytime perfume rather than all dressed up for going out. The Medium long-lasting perfume at 4 + hours only on the skin. The perfume bottle design that follows up candy collection.

The parfum combines with a white band with a Prada logo in gold letters with a white cap that finishes looking. A distinct and carefree musky/floral scent that gives away light orange blossom notes. Far much sensual and sophisticated than I expected The best season to wear this perfume is winter, spring, summer, and Autumn. The top notes of the fragrance are orange blossoms. The middle notes of the perfume are musk. The base notes of the perfume are vanilla.


5. Prada Candy Gloss:


The Prada Candy Gloss is a blast of youthful feeling femininity in the aspect of sweet cherry. This perfume begins with a small blast of cherry sweetness. It soon stables to show sweet notes of almond and vanilla. The dry-down is both fruity and kind with soft dusty notes. I love the almond /nutty notes and impudent floral than combine from time to time to keep the vital cherry coming again. It surely is
sophisticated enough for all age groups. The perfume is best for spring and summer seasons, the medium-long-lasting perfume for 3-4 hours only. A noticeable bottle that follows the Candy Collection.

 The deep pink base put forward with a matching deep pink band with the Prada logo in gold letters and a pink cap adds the look. A Joyous and different feminine scent that oozes cherry, almond, and vanilla.Completely unavoidable and will have you turning back for more. The perfume long-lasting for only 4+ hours. The best season to wear this perfume is spring and summer. The top notes of the fragrance are cherry. The Middle notes of the perfume are Orange Blossom, Rose, and Peach. The base notes of the perfume are Almond, Vanilla, Musk, and Benzoin. 


6. Prada Candy Florale:

The Prada Candy Florale is the third generation from the Prada Candy Collection. A Sensitive light & fresh, floral scent that is both sensual and finest. It opens with a lemon note, almost sorbet-like. Soft and sensitive floral soon appear to balance what could have been an overwhelming sugar-sweet lemon affair. Honey and finest Caramel, together with musk to secure you are left with a dreamy base for
the top notes to shine in and out of beautifully Mixed. Transported me to the best summer’s day with hits of citrus floral and little sweetness. Awesome and refreshing. Undoubtedly perfect for those
sunny spring and summer afternoon wishes, you are enjoying the sunshine without any fear in the world. The long-lasting perfume 6+ hours on the skin due to honey and musk notes.

A feminine bottle approach that gives a little pink glow Comes together with a more bottomless pink band with the Prada logo in gold letters with a white cap completes the presentation.A deliciously fresh and floral perfume that has a sweet honey base. A romantic daytime perfume that puts a smile on your face. The best seasons to wear this perfume are spring and summer. The top notes of the fragrance are Limoncello. The Middle notes of the perfume are Peony. The base notes of the perfume are Caramel, Benzoin, honey, and Musk.


7. Infusion d’Iris By Prada:


Stylish and sensual is a perfume whose name was wonderful by the old method of making the extract, which consists of soaking the lily in water for six months and then essence its sweet nectar. It was created under the Floral-woody-Musk family and Launched in 2007 as the being the winner of the FIFI Award for “New Feminine Fragrance” of 2008. The dusty, floral, citrus, and balsamic main accords provide us a paradisaical scent. 

The Top notes of the perfume are African orange blossom, orange, tangerine, and neroli. The heart notes of the perfume are Iris, Mastic, and galbanum. The base notes of the fragrance are Vetiver, Virginia cedar, incense, and Benzoin. The Awaking and long-lasting is very moderate on the skin, which will allow you to wear it during seasons the spring and summer. The warmth of the perfume you can wear it on cold days or colder seasons.


8. Prada Candy L’Eau by Prada:


The perfume is classified into Oriental-vanilla Family; its perfume was introduced in 2013. The Caramel, floral, balsamic, and citrus main accord provides a specific youthful and enveloping scent. It is packed in a transparent bottle; decorate the black lid, showing its subtle and pink liquid. The top notes of the perfume are fresh and citrus. The heart notes of the perfume are tasteful sweet pea. The Warm base notes of the perfume are Benzoin, animal sense of musk and the creamy of Caramel.

 The awaking and long-lasting are very moderate on skin. The fragrance is best to wear it throughout the year, but specific during spring seasons when its tasteful scent will be best. This perfume is best for inhabited girls who love freedom, but who also overcome with glamour and very a subtle sensuality.


9. Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger by Prada:

In 2009, this fine and energetic perfume that classify to the Floral Family was introduced. It is citrus, sweet, and animalic main accords put forward us feminine and spectacular fragrance. The bottle is classic and transparent, on top with an orange cap, recommend its unmatched freshness. The mixture is unavoidable and mono themed, and in its nectar, one can embrace the clean orange blossom, the juicy tangerine, flowers such as jasmine, the divine tuberose, and neroli.

Its awaking is soft, and although you will be perfumed for long hours, it will noticeable mostly near your skin. During spring, autumn, and summer seasons, you, an open-to-world and resolved girl, will wear this cologne with security.


10. Prada La Femme by Prada:


The classic, modern, and recommend femininity was form in this perfume that was born in 2016. The perfume is classified in Oriental-Floral Family. Its lovely scent is packaged in a stylish crystalline bottle with a golden lid that contains an elixir with floral, woody, and animalic main accords that make it welcoming and harmless. Thus, striking spices and fine beeswax are recognised in its top notes. Then it
moves towards a tasteful floral heart of frangipani. Tuberose, Iris, and ylang-ylang.It completes with base notes of rich vetiver and sweet vanilla, Thus completed its olfactory circle.

 The Last-longing on the skin is moderate, as is its awaking, so it’s delicious nectar will follow you for hours at all times of the year, as it very adaptable cologne. Women with an overcome sensuality will know how to wear this wonderful elixir of a lady with a firm step.


11. Prada Intense by Prada:


The perfume was introduced in 2005. The fragrance is classified into Oriental Wood Family. This perfume was introduced with balsamic, Patchouli, Citrus, spicy, and flavoured main accords. Its beautiful scent comes in a very practical purple bottle, which has a block shape and a sliver lid that incarnation a beautiful and striking atomiser. The top notes of the perfume are bergamot, bitter Orange, Orange, and Mandarin Blossom. The heart notes of the fragrance are Patchouli, balsam of Peru, rose tincture, and tasteful mimosa.

 The base notes of the fragrance are Musk, French labdanum, sandalwood, tonka bean, and a sweet a touch of vanilla. An awaking substantial and long-lasting on the skin, you should wear during the day and cold nights of Autumn and winter, when its perfume will wrap you up for long hours. Contemporary adult women like the vivid of this cologne. This perfume is target women who are above 45 years of age.


12. Les Infusions: Infusion Rose by Prada:


The Fresh perfume of roses is felt in an admirable fragrance.The perfume is classified in Floral Family. In this crystalline bottle and pink lid, a subtle and pink liquid is retained, whose green, fresh, citrus, and aromatic main accords will take you as in a dream of love. The mixture is straightforward and mono themed, and in it, few elements are recognised, but which are mixed harmoniously. Among them, we have beeswax and fresh tangerine, mint, and yerba mate, followed by the brand new and feminine
Turkish rose and Bulgarian Rose.

 The awaking is moderate as well as it is long-lasting on the skin, and for the bright spring and summer days, You will feel its fresh scent for long hours. It is perfect for young, necessary, and energetic ladies who live their lives in a carefree way.


13. L’Eau Ambree by Prada:

A Stylish and sensual night will be brightened with this perfume that classifies to the Oriental Floral Family, and that was introduced in 2009. Its balsamic, citrus, amber, vanilla, and sweet main accords provide us a stupefy elixir that is inside its practical black bottle with golden lid and dark atomiser, recommend with them it is opulent and ostentation. The top notes of the perfume are Amalfi Lemon and citrus notes.

 The overwhelming heart notes of the fragrance are Patchouli and Fragrant Rose. The base notes of the fragrance are opoponax, amber, and sweetness of vanilla. It put forward us extract with simply eye-catching charm. A Moderate awaking and long-lasting on the skin, it is perfect for the cold days and nights of Autumn and winter. Also, its strong scent will follow you for long hours on those unique and panicky nights. Adult and sophisticated ladies are pleased with this cologne, which, like them, is also stylish and attractive.


14. Infusion d’Iris Cedre by Prada:


This perfume was introduced in 2015, and that is classified into Floral Woody Musk Family. It has a woody, Balsamic, dusty, floral, warm, and smoked main accords. It’s the beautiful and enveloping scent is found in the classic transparent bottle corresponding to this line, which lets you see its delicate and sensitive liquid. The mixture is scented and mono themed, and the fresh iris, neroli, Benzoin, and
warmth that can be only given by cedar. Followed by touch secrecy brought by passionate are recognise it.

The awaking is moderate, and it is long-lasting on the skin goes to medium and longevity. With this perfume, you will find yourself scented for hours. In addition to being very lively, it becomes the perfect option for the days of spring, summer, and Autumn. This perfume is best for women of all ages who want to feel fresh and free.


15. No.14 Rossetto by Prada:


This perfume was introduced in 2012, and that classifies to Floral Fruity Family. Its main accords are Dusty, vanilla, Floral, and sweet ingredients. They provide us a tasteful and sensitive scent, which consists of a picturesque transparent bottle that shows its passionate pink liquid just like the colour of a lipstick. The mixture is unavoidable, and it has a sweetness without stable. Thus, the delicious raspberry is recognised in its top notes; it levels up towards a heart of lovely rose and violet, to finish with base notes of vanilla, heliotrope, and musk.

Magnificently closing its olfactory circle. The awaking is numerous, but it is not informative, allowing you to wear it throughout the year, that you feel its opulent nectar for long hours, since it has longevity on the skin. Happy, robust, and modern young people will love this iconic perfume that changes very well to them.


16. Infusion de Mimosa by Prada:


This perfume was introduced in 2016 and that classify into the Floral Family. Its tasteful main accords are floral, sweet, dusty, and light spicy. They are consist of a classic bottle, which transparent and sensitive when presenting its subtle yellow liquid. The top notes of the perfume are Sweet anise and Juicy tangerine. The heart notes of the fragrance are beautiful mimosa and rose. The base notes of the perfume are woody.

 The awaking is moderate, but still, you can wear the The awaking moderate, you can wear it every day, to place and at any time of the year, but it especially during spring when it will permit you all its charm and become a careful your skin. Familiarly, you will be perfumed with it for hours, because its long-lasting is also moderate. This perfume can be worn by many women who best smells.


17. Infusion de Vetiver by Prada:


This perfume, made under a unisex concept that classifies to the woody-spicy family, and it contains fresh, citrus, aromatic, and green main accords. Its refreshing scent is consisted of a classic and transparent bottle, with a green grass- like lid that recommends its vivid freshness.The mixture is mono themed, and in its extract, scented ingredients of Haitian Vetiver, Ginger, neroli from Tunisia,bergamot, and rose were a mixture, sending us to the fields and outdoors.


18. Infusion de Tubereuse by Prada


This divine charm classifies the Floral Family, and that was introduced in 2010. It has citrus, floral, animalic, balsamic, amber, and tuberose main accords. The perfume bottle is transparent contains nectar in lilac colour, very sensitive. This extract is pure and only consists of four ingredients, which were selected. Thus, the pleasant perfume of tuberose, petitgrain, and labdanum is perceived in
the following citrus and clean note of blood orange.

This finely-extract mixture put forward an iconic, pure, and elegant perfume. The moderate awaking and long-lasting on the skin, it is best for spring and summer times. This perfume can be worn by all age women who want to feel feminine and self-confident at any time.


19. Heatwave by Prada:


This energetic and fun perfume was introduced in 2015. The fragrance is classified as the floral family for men and women. Its tasteful main accords mixture of white flowers and herbal, bitter, animal and vanilla ingredients are consistent in a transparent bottle with black lid, which extracts its lovely and harmless liquid.It’s made is mono themed, and it has few ingredients in its mixture, but all have been striking conjugated to put forward is its sparkling elixir.

Thus, the fresh and select smell for the queen of the night is recognised, which is marvellously followed by the rich jasmine and Artemisia.The Numerous awaking and long-lasting on the skin, this perfume will follow you for hours if you have not tried this delicacy. It is the right time for you to feel this spiritual elixir.


20. Prada Tendre by Prada:


This fantastic perfume was introduced in 2006. The perfume is classified to Oriental woody family, will make you feel you special through its woody, citrus, balsamic, green, and spicy accord. The begins is vivid thanks to top notes of the perfume are tangerine, bergamot, neroli, and lemon. It is having heart notes of the perfume are tea leaves, Indian Jasmine, spicy with filled cardamom, and Tahitian Vetiver. 

Finally, base notes of the fragrance are Indonesian patchouli leaves,Benzoin, and French labdanum.
The awaking and long-lasting are very moderate, thus being a perfect option to wear both day and night throughout the year. However, we suggest that you use moderation during the hottest summer.


Buyer’s Guide:

The company offers various other items, which part of it, such as accessories, makeup, bags, shoes, and perfumes, all the same famous, trending as one of the present and leading fashion brands.In 2002, it connected with the Plug Company, which has started operating since 1914, centring on the cosmetic and fragrance sectors; On the other hand representing famous company such as Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Valentino, and Adolfo Dominguez, and other. Since then, both companies have become a part of the company’s perfume catalog.

In this way, their perfume has dominant one of the most vital positions at the top of the international sales thanks to the use of best quality ingredients and the masterfully fancy mixture of the extracts that go from the floral and romantic to the hottest and sensual. We have written the buyer guide, which helps you when you are going to buy Prada fragrances. There are many names of perfumes, such as toilet water, and cologne used to reference fragrances. Each term shows the percentage of aromatics in the perfume and the intensity of the perfume. The remain can be alcohol, water, and other solvents. The most important thing about perfume is the percentage of aromatics in perfumes.

Body Mist: 1.5% – 3%
Fine Fragrance Mist: 3% – 7%
Eau de Cologne: around 5%
Eau de Toilette: around 5% – 10% – This perfume lasts long at least half day.
Eau de Parfum: around 11% – 15% – This perfume lasts an entire long day.

Now that you know the gains provided by the fragrances of this company of this firm through these lines, you can choose the one that significantly suits your tastes and choices.


The Prada fragrances are the poetics of paradox. The Prada Fragrances are the extract of the contradiction: history, science, and the art of perfumery mixture to create something charm and bright, always to overturn expectation. Discover the collection of men’s fragrance and women’s fragrance and bath and body care.

We have shared the best 20 Prada perfumes in 2020 to assist you in choosing one of the best Prada perfume for yourself or your loving ones. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section mentioned below.


Written by Redolence

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