• How to use perfume
    Is it accurate to say that you know about the scent custom of ladies who leave a fragrant wake of desire as they pass? Fragrance: First, splash the eau de parfum into the air and remain under it to dress your skin. Moisturise  your skin: Then tenderly back rub a
  • How to apply each fragrance sort? The tips
    How to know about fragrance sort? The tips.The alcohol content decides to what extent an aroma will last just as how it ought to be applied. Perfume: Perfume, additionally alluded to as scent extricate, appreciates enduring hold. It is the most remarkable and most perfect kind of aroma. A sensitive
  • How to select the finest fragrance? The concentration of materials
    A perfume is a mix of various crude materials alongside a specific measure of aroma, liquor and water. The rate grouping of these last three segments decides the kind of scent. An Eau de parfum has a higher convergence of aroma than eau de toilette and offers greater life span.
  • How to select a Women's Scent? The Olfactory Families
    Fragrances are customarily ordered into primary olfactory families. Fragrances from a given olfactory family share certain attributes or aspects and in this manner give comparable sensations. Table of Contents Citrus:Floral:Fresh Aquatic:Fruity:Oriental:Spicy:Woody : Citrus: Fresh and fruity, overflowing with fresh and fiery substances like lemons, limes and oranges. Floral: Flower based
  • Perfume Glossary
    Table of Contents Aftershave:After Shave Balm: Anosmia:Aromatherapy:Aroma Chemicals :Base Notes :Body Notes :Body Lines : Chypre :Civet:Citrus: Cologne : Eau de Cologne: Eau de Parfum : Eau de Toilette : Enfleurage : Essential Oils : Eugenol : Factice :Floral : Fragrance Family : Fragrance Notes :Fruity : Gourmand : Layering :Maceration :Micro encapsulation :Musk : Neroli Oil : Notes : Oak moss : Odour :  Olfaction