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Best Versace Perfumes for Women – (Reviews)

If you’re passionate about women fashion, then you will surely be knowing a fashion brand Versace. This brand is famous for its pride, style, and elegance. Versace designs perfumes and as well as clothes and beauty products. Versace perfumes are trendy for women in the market, and they are considered a classy fragrance. Versace perfume is commonplace in the world for decades. Versace has various fragrances including a bright crystal, Eros, Crystal Noir, Pour Homme, Versace, Fraiche are some of the famous perfume of this popular brand. 

Their perfume bottles are garnished with the unique symbol of Gorgon Medusa, which is the logo of the company. The first Versace Perfume was launched under the Title of “Versace of Woman” in 1981. 

Versace’s Bright crystal is the best feminine fragrance that lay entirely during the daytime in summer, a scent produced mild and mysteriously, but at the same time for a self-confident woman. When you choose Versace perfume, get to sense each of them, find out what kind of scent you are the best adoring of, because the perfume bottle which fills with fragrance has a strong wave aroma that can refresh out all your body. In this blog post, you’re going to find the most popular Versace perfume for women incomplete details of each perfume with top, middle, and base notes:

 Our Top Picks for Versace perfumes for Women: 

1. Versace Bright Crystal EDP:

A classy creator fragrance for women. It is a premium product. A Fruity carving for women by Versace Bright Crystal is built on the sweet floral scent, as well as a clue of fruit and musk. One of the best Versace perfume for women. It is perfect for women who love the work of fashion house Versace: strong and self-confident, but feminine, caring, and always agreeable. After spraying Versace Bright Crystal perfume, women are filled with the aroma of pomegranates, mandarins, and cold.

Then the great and sweet aroma of flowers such as Peony and Magnolia and spreads, which is weakened by the lotus scent. The luxury garland of fragrances is filled by the amber blaze release by plants, musk, and redwood. The charming fragrance features. This perfume was launched in 2006 and one of the most sold perfumes in the world. The fragrance is neutral with natural lotus and Magnolia notes. The scent has a seductive base that will doubtless attract men. Also, the perfume is long-lasting for the whole day. 

2. Versace Vanitas Perfume:

Versace Vanitas was launched in 2011, and it is one of the perfumes that are built for young and lively ladies. The scent has been created with a fresh fragrance. The Versace Vanitas is a collection of harmoniously united and most beautiful items. The fresh lemon and freesia are motivated by the lascivious tansy of gardening with a ton of splendour spotlight by the notes of tuna and cedar. 

A plain bottle covered with gold lines just like an ornament from an haute couture collection. The top notes of the perfume are Lime. Middle Notes of the perfume are Taiyan Gardenia and freesia. The Main Notes of the perfume are Cedar and Tongue beans. A long-lasting perfume that is suitable for a woman. The perfume can be too overpowering for women. The base notes give a warm and engaging smell that will stay with you the whole day. 

3. Versace Eros Pour Femme: 

Versace Eros Pour Femme is the full power of temptation. The natural power of women is symbolized in a sensual, dazzling, and perfect composition. The new Versace fragrance tells the supreme about the zeal of love god Eros with true love. This aroma is an invitation to give in and take the ambition into their own hands. It is a perfume for women who has a strong, elite, and alluring charm. Original, the aroma mixture embodies with tempting and bright notes of Sicilian lemons, Calabria bergamot, and pomegranate. They give sexuality and thunderbolt. 

Refined lemon tree blossoms and Jasmine chords transfer timeless femininity. These scents are accompanied by the gentle scent of Peony. The temper is revealed by the deep and mysterious note of Abraxane and the tempting breath of wood, creamy arugula, and fresh musk. This perfume was launched in 2014, but the perfumes remained one of the top performers over the years. As tempting as it is, the fragrance should work better for you if you’re going out for a romantic evening. You can also wear it during the day when you are going to work. The Musky hint can be substantial. 

4. Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume: 

If you’re a huge fan of perfume that comes with an attractive look and packing, then you would like the Versace Yellow Diamond. It not only looks better but also engaging a tempting sweet Floral citrus scent. The Versace Yellow Diamond is a sparkling, fair, and lively floral aroma. Shining just like bright sunlight and as vibrant and feminine as a diamond. 

An attracting and sensual tempt, reflecting true femininity, faith, and harmonious dickering with the opulent and good-looking Versace World. The original notes of the perfume are Orange blossoms, bergamot, lemon, and pear. Middle notes of the perfume are African orange blossoms, white water lily, freesia, and mimosa rings. The main notes of the perfume are Musk, Guavas, and Ambergris. The perfume is suitable for younger girls. The perfumes don’t last very long. 

5. Versace Crystal Noir EDT : 

This is another top Versace perfume for women that bring appropriately. It comes with an opulent fragrance that is attractive and restoring. The perfume comes in a sophisticated bottle that is quite attractive. The lid is also one of its kind, and you can use the bottle as a decoration material for your house. The feminine, seductive, and confident fragrance of women by Versace Crystal Noir is motivated by the high fashion. The central ornament for a woman who knows what she wants, and she wants to achieve it. 

Versace Crystal Noir is the perfume mixture of fragrance for women with a welcoming scent of Gardenia. The smell of Ambrose and Musk gives this scent secrecy, sexuality, and Being one of its kind. Top notes of the perfume are Pepper, nutmeg, and ginger. Middle notes of the perfume are African Orange, Peony, and Coconut. Base notes of the perfume are Amber, Musk, and Sandalwood. 

If you’re a girl who needs a perfume that lasts-long and gives a refreshing perfume, this is a perfect perfume for those. You can wear it while going to work or going to date at the weekend. 

6. Versace Woman EDP : 

A woman who likes a floral perfume with a modern profile but still points the scents of the 1990s that may you want to inspect this perfume. It begins with light, floral notes of rose, bergamot, and jasmine. Then it disappears into heart and base notes. The heart notes of the perfume are Plum, raspberry, lotus, and cedar. The base notes of the perfume are Musk and Amber. while perfume isn’t unforgettable, it also isn’t overwhelming or not rude either. 

This perfume is strong enough to stay throughout the day, but it should apply it once more in the evening. The perfume performs well in any condition such as at the beach or on the autumn day can be worn in day and night activities. The perfume that’s not going to strike anyone. It’s a modern perfume which smells pleasing and appealing. 

7. Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme: 

The perfume begins with strong fruity notes, the light dims into flowery middle notes, and then end on some wearers have known as soapy. The top notes of the perfume are a trace of Black Currant, Green Apple, Clover, and Peach. The Middle notes of the perfume are a mixture of rose and jasmine. The base notes of the perfume are patchouli, White Oak, and musk. This fragrance has a very feminine aroma, and also the finishing notes attract us. 

The main fragrance is worn on during warm, summer, or cold spring days, but this perfume can be worn in the winter seasons also. The scent detects that it has a weak estimate that tends to vanish too quickly and isn’t very noticeable. This perfume has a significant crazy in the demographics of women, and it’s not an overly tempting perfume. The perfume is built to be a very feminine scent. 

8. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu EDP: 

The perfume is a sister product of Versace Bright Crystal that doesn’t long duration or the estimate that many people like it. It began with vivid floral notes such as Yuzu, water, and pomegranate. It too swiftly moves to middle and base notes. The Middle notes of the perfume are Peony, lotus, and Magnolia, while the base notes of the perfume are Musk and amber. A classic perfume builds for women, which perfect for giving presentations on any occasion. Absolu is a floral and fruity perfume with a musk note. 

Even though the fulfilment of lefts us a lot to be improved, it is a classic perfume that is very composite, and the smell seems to be changing every time you’re wearing the perfume. Sometimes it smells like it has a clue of raspberry and mahogany in it. The one thing that can be said about the smells very much like a luxury perfume, which makes it even more unlucky that it doesn’t perform like the best-selling perfume. 

9. Versace Red Jeans for Women EDT: 

With a modern wake and long life, this perfume doesn’t dwindle fast but isn’t deemed to be a long-lasting perfume. The perfume was launched in 1994. The Red jeans are categorized as a sharp and floral fragrance. The feminine fragrance contains a mixture of Jasmine, Vanilla, Musk, sandalwood, and Lily. Top notes of the perfume are apricot, Ylang-ylang, and water lily. The heart notes of the perfume are rose, violet, lily of the valley, and water lily. The base notes of the perfume are sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. 

The fragrance profile can be overwhelming at times. It’s a sweet and feminine fragrance that most younger women will enjoy. And this is perhaps this fragrance’s best blemish. This perfume is only made for individual sections of demographic, but it, not a scent that can be accepted by all women. It’s an unripe perfume that won’t be liked by everyone. 

10. Versace Versense EDP: 

Build to be perfume suggestion of summer walk through the winds of Mediterranean gardens. This Eau de parfum spray has fruity, flowery, and woody notes. The Top notes of the perfume are bergamot, figs, Green mandarin, and pear. Middle notes of the perfume are Jasmine and Cardamon. Base notes of the perfume are Sandalwood, Cedar, and Olive tree wood. With all of that is a sexy musk fragrance that has an average amount of long life and a sillage that isn’t too hefty. 

While its top citrus notes approach strong, they’re never overwhelming end the wearer. The suitable perfume for throughout the year. The one objection that could be said about this good quality perfume, that it ends up with a hint of a soapy finish that some people don’t recognize. However, this perfume isn’t concorded among everyone, and some people find it’s finished to be clean and reviving. 

11. Couture Jasmine Versace: 

Versace presents a new collection named Gianni Versace Couture, which appears in glass falcons’ attire in leather with sewed Greek motifs in colours to match their main ingredients of each mixture separately. Perfumes of the collection Gianni Versace Couture affix perfumes closely with high fashion, contributing a step farther from the classic collection and famous perfumes. 

“I wanted to make something truly special and complete. The perfumes that are not linked to other collection Atelier Versace Collection but that could straight away recall the atmosphere of sophisticated opulence,” says Donatella Versace, creative director of the Versace brand. To build a new Couture collection, a perfume that she favours was selected, such as violet, Tuberose, and Jasmine. 

The mixture of the fragrances is certified by perfumers of the house of Versace. Gianni Versace Couture Jasmine is certified by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu as long as with Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, rose, and Benzoin

Buyer’s Guide: 

Versace is founded by Gianni Versace’s late father, after her’s demise, the company was continued by her’s family. In the beginning, she was made a line of women’s wear, later they started men’s wear, and they opened the first store in Milan in 1978. Gianni Versace selected the Medusa symbol as her company logo. The company’s opulent clothing and accessories are distinguished by motivated from Pop art to Greek and Roman architecture. 

Versace became popular among the celebrates such as Elton John. The house has specific among other Italian fashion brands for their consistent uses among Celebrities in the advertisement. The celebrities are actively taking part as a leading role in their advertisements, such as Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Versace has started contributing to the Super Model” event of 1990. Versace started various lines of products such as accessories, home furnishing, and cosmetics The Versace has multiple lines such as Atelier Versace, Versace Couture, Versace Collection, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace (versus). They also have a clothing and accessories brand. The brand also encloses a hotel, the Palazzo Versace. The Versace Couture is an important line of the house with an addition of fragrance division. 

The first Versace perfume for women was launched in 1981. The perfumes for men and women are available under the Versace, Versus, Jeans, and Jeans Couture tag. Gianni Versace was pick off as victim to and American Spree murderer, but the company carries on with contributing fashion and perfume under the leadership of her family. Sister Donatella was formerly the vice president of the company and the head of Versace division. The Gianni Versace’s longtime muse and the motivation for the perfume blonde in 1995. Her’s Older brother Santo Versace is president and CEO, and Niece Allegra Versace owns 50% of the company’s share. 

The Versace has around 65 perfumes in their collection. From the first perfume in 1981 to the latest perfume in 2019. The Versace had many co-operations with many master perfumers Natalie Fesithauer, Antoine Lie, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Marie Salamagne, Nathalie Lorson, Marrypierre Julien, Christophe Raynaud, Jordi Fernandez, Alberto Morillas, Louise Turner, Alexander Kosinski, Oliver Cresp, Antoine Maisondieu, Firmenich, Bernard Ellena, Calice Becker, Christine Nagel, Mark Buxton, Francoise Caron, Francis Kurkdjian, and many other famous perfume masters. 

The Fragrances of Versace are Blonde, Crystal Noir, Dreamer the Original Edition, Gianni Versace, The Dreamer, V’E, Versace 2 Thousand, Versace L’homme, Versense. The collection of Versace perfumes is Atelier Versace, Bright Crystal, Eros, Gianni Versace Couture, Jeans Couture, Vanitas, Versace Essene, Versace Jeans, Versace Man, Versace Pour Homme, Versace pour Homme, Versace woman, Versus, Versus Time For, and Yellow Diamond. 

The Versace has many high-quality perfumes to select from, cover the Versace Yellow Diamond Eau de Toilette. This fruity aroma is sweet without being disgusting and expertly mixture with soil-like notes. Keynotes of the perfume are Pear, Citron, amber wood, and Palo santo. This feminine perfume makes a magnificent gift for the women in your life. 

Versace is an opulent brand so, get ready for paying it. The Versace perfume will cost up to 25$ to 200$. The main factors that affect the pricing are the perfume’s concentration and the quality of fragrance. You’ll find many Eau de toilette in various price categories, but the weight only two ounces of fragrance. An Eau de parfum across multiple price categories, starting at $ 100. Versace perfume below 50 dollars is a travel pack perfume. In these price ranges, you get an Eau de parfum weight only 3 ounces of fragrance, and Eau de Frachie may weight only four ounces of fragrance. 

Buying perfume is as complicated as choosing a dress for any occasion. Versace has different options for women to choose from based on their mood, the season, and their notes. These are five things you have to consider before buying a perfume: 

1. List out your notes, which you like?

write down your favourite notes such as floral notes, fruits notes, woody or spicy notes 

2. When do you want to wear this perfume? 

I am buying perfume so that I can wear on while I am going to work.

3. Don’t waste your money by buying too many perfumes? 

Buy only one perfume which helps you to save you money. Wear more than one Versace perfume. You will get confused. The one scent is best for you on all occasions.

4. Smell all notes label on perfume?

When you are buying a perfume, try once on your hand and smell all the notes which are label on the scent. That will give you a clue about the perfume and also choose a mild, spicy, or hard perfume according to your nose sensitivity.

5. The most crucial point about the long life of fragrance? 

Most perfumes claim that they are long-lasting, but you should check your self before you buy it. This helps you will have a long weekend or after-work business meeting so that you can reapply and have a motivated while doing that work. 


The Versace has many popular perfumes for women to choose from. The best product of Versace House is Versace Bright Crystal, which is the most famous perfume during the summer and spring season. Its perfumes can change your mood, perfect for moments. By choosing the right perfume will give you the scent of your favourite notes. After all, the smell of your favourite notes gives you the best experience. 

The Versace perfume for women frequently contains fruity, floral, and sweet scents. Musk and amber. These are very ordinary ingredients in this brand’s fragrance. The fragrance is favourably developing, so it’s the best choice of different perfume frequently elevate the question of how to choose the best suitable scent. You can choose any of the best Versace perfume from the above suggested best Versace perfumes. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment box.


Written by Redolence

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