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13 Best Rose Perfumes for Men / Women – (Reviews)

Time after time, perfumers come up with different scents that make the people go wild, thus growing top traders after some time. One year it is the fresh odour of a flower, say hyacinth, and another year it is a citrus aroma that everybody becomes crazed about. While these fragrances trend and go, others have forever been at the peak for ages on end. 

The smell of rose is one of such perfumes, and preparing your hands on the most desirable rose scenting fragrances is not all that simple. It is because of the innovative features of rose scents that are being delivered into the store every day. There are a bunch of options to pick from, but not all of those are great enough to delight your taste. 

Rose fragrances have been around us since the Middle Ages, and there is a valid reason why it is nevertheless one of the commonly sought after perfumes. Rose is an accurate representation of womanhood, and its smell invokes emotions of love and spring. If you are looking for a scent with a fragrance that is classy enough for yourself and turns heads around whenever you step in, the rose-scented fragrances in this listing are excellent for the job. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best rose perfumes in 2020. We have tried to tell all the details of rose perfumes, including their notes, mood for which they are best, an occasion to use them, and other parameters. 

Best Rose Perfumes:

1. Atelier Cologne Rose Anonym:

This perfume was launched in the year 2012, and it is an oriental fragrance for women. It is not your normal Rose Oud combo. Rose Anonyme is super unique and is in a class of its own. Atelier Cologne is a somewhat new Niche perfume house that soon becomes recognized for their exact smelling perfume notes and high-quality elements. Rose Anonyme starts with a burst of pure roses and a portion of zesty citruses with secrets of ginger. The citruses immediately fade and deliver a way to the rose that begins to tend to the deep jammy semi-sweet side.

You get tonnes of rose with a squeeze of Oud and patchouli, giving it a light natural vibe. The bergamot and ginger scale it out and keep it smelling light and zesty. The rose snuffs super genuine, and it is quite blended and glossy. While it drains down, you get a beautifully soft, lightly fresh rose with signs of chocolate and ginger. All fall all seasons, days or nights, but be comfortable on the trigger in the immense heat. It is unisex but tends somewhat towards the feminine side.

2. Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop:

Tea Rose perfume was launched in the year 1977, and it is a floral fragrance for women. It is for pure rose lovers. If thou do not require anything complicated and desire to smell of a straight-up original scent of sweet roses, you can easily afford it. Tea Rose has made a piece of love over the ages and has been worn by many great women, such as Princess Diana, Princess Grace of Monaco, to name but a few. 55 – 60 million bottles of Tea Rose have been marketed.

A Tea Rose is a title assigned to the nature of rose. It is not a Rose blended with a Tea note smell. It is a powerhouse. Tea Rose begins up with a huge burst of rose with a bergamot peel citrus vibe. When it begins to settle, the citrus withers away, and you get a genuine freshly cut secret wet dewy red wreath of roses, the stems, and all! This is a unisex perfume and can be applied in all falls and for all events. It is also a sophisticated scent, recommends 25 plus crowd. It is a long-lasting scent.

3. Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose EDP:

This scent was released in the market in the year 2011, and it is considered as one of the Best Rose Perfume. It is a playful fruity; fresh raspberry rose perfume. Midnight Rose begins up with a deep rich jammy rose. However, the charm starts when it drains down the next 15 minutes. As it rises to form, the raspberry and musk mix the party and make the perfume exciting and rich. You also get hints of pink pepper and some soft vanilla sexiness.

Signs of woodiness in the background stop it from enriching overly sweet. This perfume is not your usual youthful, fruity scent. It is modern and well-composed. It changes heads and earns a lot of recognition. People will need to identify what you are using. Works well in the autumn, wintertime, and even on colder spring days. However, this becomes sickeningly rich in the high heat. It is a female rose scent and has a fashionable, cool vibe to it, but any generation can rock it, and the scent is long-lasting too.

4. Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne Spray:

This perfume was released in the year 2001, and the nose behind this Jo Malone fragrance was Patricia Bilodeau and Lucien Piquet. If you enjoy the scent of real roses and are annoyed by all the rich syrupy rose scents, this is for you. The title of the scent says it all. You get accurately what it states on the tin, i.e., Red Roses. 7 distinct classes of roses have been masterfully mixed to produce this beauty. It begins with a powerful burst of fresh-cut roses blended with a citrusy lemon-mint vibe. 

In addition, it emanates genuine. While it settles, the lemon and violet notes provide the scent of a green vibe, and the roses begin to flourish. You get red roses with a tinge of lemon. As the course goes by, some hints of lightly rich honey enter the party to give the perfume some elegant warmth. All fall on all events would make a lovely signature scent. It is more fitted for the mature crowd, and it is reliable and super long-lasting.

5. Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile EDP:

This fragrance was launched in the year 2014, and the scent has designed by the perfumer Francois Demachy. Acqua Di Parma is an Italian lifestyle organization that produces niche class perfumes. Rosa Nobile excites up with a burst of fresh pink rose and peony combo blended with some young glinting citruses and hints of pepper. The rose is very smooth and smells fabulous. While the citrus settles, the pink rose is the lead of the show with a slender spicy vibe. 

As the period goes by, it descends into a lovely fine pink musky rose with the specific waft of citrus. It is a real crowd-pleaser and entices a lot of respect. It is super handy: springtime, vacation, fall, for any event. Works well prepared up for unique occasions or just for day-to-day informal use. This is a feminine rose-based fragrance and suitable for any age. It is not a powerhouse prediction rose scent. It is very subtle and has a long-lasting scent.

6. Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin EDP:

This fragrance was launched in the year 2013, and it is considered as one of the Best Rose Perfume. The perfumer Christopher Sheldrake made the design of this perfume. La Fille de Berlin begins up with a blast of fresh, delicious jammy rose with a tinge of greenness. Smells like a rich wreath of roses. While it begins to settle, you get a scanty cold metallic vibe blended with amazing pepper and honey, supplying the rose a secret spicy-sweet jammy vibe. 

It exudes class and smells lovely and stylish. While it wilts down, the rose is yet the leader of the show with a dainty touch of wooden earthiness. It is a super adaptable daily scent for all falls on all seasons. It is unisex but bends somewhat towards the sensitive side. High lasting power which can last up to 10 hours. It is not a ridge monster, it is definite, and none offensive and the juice itself is a beautiful red colour.

7. Roses De Chloe EDT spray:

This fantastic perfume was released in the year 2013 as it has returned to the perfume market with a new variant. As it was released to mark 50 years of the house of Chloe. It begins up with a new light; genuine pink rose bouquet fragrance blended with a fruity vibe and signs of pure green notes. When it begins to settle, the rose takes charge. It is foamy smooth and creamy but not overly sweet. It is a modern, comfortable to wear rose perfume. 

As time passes by, the rose converts powdery soft, and you notice the secrets of musk and a bit of woodiness. Excellent for the springtime and summertime. More suited for daytime routine and is office-friendly. It is not marked as unisex. It is a girly rose fragrance. Roses De Chloe is not a scent that yells out for gestures. It is simple, warm, and no offensive. It is an EDT concentration and has average lasting energy, and the bottle looks impressive.

8. Tom Ford Café Rose EDP:

This perfume was launched in the year 2012, and it is a floral fragrance that is considered for both men and women. Café Rose is a superstar from the richness Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. Cafe Rose is a different and hidden scent. Three distinctive rose notes have been masterfully mixed to produce this amazingly sensual rose scent. It begins up with a burst of rose, spicy saffron, and black pepper with a soft milky rich coffee vibe assembling in the background. The rose emanates super genuine and is wet, delicious, and jammy with a lightly powdery vibe. 

The essence of the rose is excellent, and it always remains the middle stage. When it begins to dry down, the patchouli joins the company and gives it some earthiness. As it evolves, the odour slowly starts to deepen with hints of coffee. Some rich woody sandalwood morphs in with secrets of scent, providing the rose with a new sweet, but not cloying friendly vibe. Best worn in the season, autumn and wintertime. It is unisex but bends lightly towards the female side for the first hour of the scent.

9. Amouage Lyric Men’s EDP:

The Amouage Lyric Men’s EDP was released in the year 2008, and it is considered as one of the Best Rose Perfume. Daniel Visentin made the design of this perfume. Lyric Man also has a ton of perfume notes, but others have all been combined splendidly to produce a super novel new clear citrusy rose perfume. It starts with a burst of pure rose infused with bright lime and bergamot citrus combo. 

While it begins to settle, the rose starts to finish with a new clean, lightly foamy lime vibe. When it begins to wipe down, you get hints of sandalwood, pine, spices, musk, and hints of flavouring to give it a light freshness. The pine note keeps the freshness and amazing woodlike notes give it some extent. The perfume smells classy, and the rose odours very genuine. It can be used all year round but don’t use in the hot summer days. It is comfortable to wear also the bottle and presentation are wonderful.

10. OUD Ispahan by Christian Dior:

The Oud Ispahan was launched in the year 2012, and the perfumer Francois Demachy designed the fragrance. It is Dior’s more expensive luxury perfume collection, and he prefers only the most costly natural ingredients throughout the world for his works. He does more rare elements to create bold, richness perfumes. This is not your ideal perfume. It is excellent, challenging, and not for the faint-hearted. It has a slightly dirty Oud note; if you do not like Oud, you should stay well clear. It is an official classic, and if you can pick it off, you will not be dissatisfied. Oud Ispahan starts up loud with a deep, dry, lightly animalistic earthy rose note. 

The occasion is quite hard and bold. You get a smoggy odour and a blazing wood vibe in the background. The scent slowly increases over time. The longer it is on your skin, the more beneficial it gets. The rose and sandalwood begin to develop more into play and level out the oud note. They are mixed superbly. The rose begins to brighten with some soft woody freshness with a soft smoky fragrance accord in the background. It is unisex and longer satisfying for the adult crowd and is undoubtedly for the colder seasons, fall and winter.

11. Montale Roses Musk EDP:

This perfume was released in the year 2014, and the nose behind this perfume was Pierre Montale. Intense Café starts with a burst of sweet rose, white florals, and vanilla with a deliciously smooth coffee vibe. While it settles the coffee and vanilla origin to amp up and supports the smell out. You get the rich coffee vanilla candied rose vibe. Once it wipes down, you get remarkable mild vanilla musk in the background.

It is a unisex scent for all periods and most desirable for the fall and wintertime. Do not swing this in the high summertime heat, or you will smother people out. Best satisfied for semi-formal occasions, informal visits, nights out, clubbing. It is a long-lasting perfume with 12 plus hours. It keeps on and has a superb projection, so be very cautious with the sprayer. And the bottle comes with a convenient carrying pouch.

12. Ambre Nuit EDP:

This fragrance was introduced in the market in the year 2009, and it is released after the three popular Dior colognes. It is a scent that begins discussions. People will desire to know what you are wearing. It is Dior’s more expensive luxury scent collection, which is designed by Dior’s own in-house famous perfumer François Demachy. Ambre Nuit starts up with a burst of bright bergamot and grapefruit citrus freshness. While it begins to settle, you instantly get a spicy, peppery rose vibe. As it starts to drain down, the rose starts to get more into play and is associated with some amber to give a somewhat sweet peppery honey rose vibe. 

As it happens, you can expose some creamy woods in the background. The rose is mixed well to perform a strong rose scent. It is welcoming and supportive and smells upscale. Best for the autumn and winter but can be utilized all year if you go simple with the sprays, besides for hot summer days. It is unisex and best agreed for the 20 up the crowd. Ambre Nuit is super adaptable: can be worn anytime, anywhere. It is crafty and does not squeal out for recognition but leaves a lovely scent trail.

13. Giorgio Armani Rose D’arabie EDP:

This fragrance was introduced in the year 2010, and the Arabic Tales from 1001 nights inspired this perfume. Rose D’Arabie is from Armani’s Privé collection, which is more leading quality and more fashionable than typical Armani fragrances. It begins up with an eruption of rich dark delicious jammy rose. Once the opening begins to settle, you get hints of fresh saffron, and the Oud starts to sneak in, supplying the scent of a wooden backbone. The Oud is not intense and rests entirely in the background. The rose persists the star of the show and serves the complete life of the scent. The scent is quite stable.

Once it dries down, the rose lingers deep, dark, and jammy, and then vanilla gets into play, delivering it a velvety soft freshness vibe. It is elegant, lush, mysterious, and intoxicating. Rose D’Arabie is a unisex fragrance but slopes lightly towards the female side. However, if you’re a well-dressed positive man, you can simply rock this. Most suitable for autumn and winter nighttime usage. It is a scent for when you need to smell your total best. Unique moments, visits, nights out, ceremonious occasions. It is not your ordinary teenybopper fresh type of odour; it is a very modern and well-put-together perfume. The bottle looks beautiful and begins with a handy velvet cloth to clean the glass.

A Guide to Rose Perfumes:

While golfer Walter Hagen was not leading to flowers when he minted the phrase “Stop and smell the roses,” he hit the nail on the head when choosing that particular bloom to present glory to. For ages, roses have been the representation of affection and love, and a regular staple in perfume and charm. Moreover, while different notes such as lavender and citrus have enhanced more prevailing in some of our popular fragrances, best rose perfumes are gaining a tremendous comeback in 2020.

Roses with citrus, woods, spices, and resins proceed for a distinctive and high-quality scent. However, later all these years, why is the age-old scent getting back round with such a retaliation? Well, according to Linda G. Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation, roses never actually left — they just blossomed. 

However, that’s not all. As unisex scents enhance more common — so much so that the Fragrance Foundation has created a “universal” section into its judgment — the rose is being consolidated into perfumes for both genders more than ever. And while greatest of us don’t possess the perceptive noses of Hennessy and Levy, there are some things to sniff out to know scents comprised of that great flower. The smell of rose is one of such perfumes, and accepting your hands on the most magnificent rose smelling scents is not very simple. It is because of the number of rose perfumes that are being delivered into the store daily. There are a lot of choices to pick from, but not all of those are good enough to convince your taste.

But to accurately draw forward the most out of your rose-blended fragrance in your day-to-day wear, we have listed some of the Best Rose perfumes above so that you might not get confused and can buy the perfume according to your requirement.


There are several numbers of rose smelling scents you can buy from different stores, but not all of them provide you with the bright and fresh smell of roses. The rose scents shared above to give you the most tranquil rose fragrances and offer you a much more than just the glorious bouquet of roses. They last long on you and are also excellent for you if you have a sensitive nose. No matter your style or choice, these rose perfumes have got you covered, so go ahead and make your selection.  You can choose them to gift them to your wife, sister, or girlfriend and make them feel special in your life. Don’t forget their feedback in the comment section.

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