10 Best Tom Ford Men’s Colognes – (Reviews)

Tom Ford has a great name in the fashion industry. He is one of the most honoured American fashion designers that has produced a notable impact on the global fashion industry. His works are forever radiant and shows a manifesting signs of creativity. Tom is recognized for turning Tom Ford into a high-end brand that is today. Tom Ford is appreciated for his fashionable and refined brands, be it for movies, style, and cologne. Though various designers have built their presence favourably in the range of fragrances, only a few have generated impressions in just a short-term period. Since 2006, he has been active in delivering various fashion creations into the market, and between them is the colognes for both men and women. Simply like his other creations, Tom’s colognes are performing well. Do you want to smell fresh? So, we have listed the best ten Tom Ford Men’s Colognes.

1. Tom Ford for Men :

Tom Ford for Men cologne was released in the year 2007, and the cologne was designed by Yves Cassar as it is the first men’s fragrance from this brand, which blends traditional components with modern sways. Like a secondary skin, the innovative Classic Woods scent is exciting, elegant, and rich. This cologne reflects Tom Ford himself as also it is created for the men who are Pure, Charming, and Well-bred. 

The top notes of this fragrance consist of Lemon Leaf, Citrus notes, Bergamot, and Mandarin. And the heart notes include Basil, Ginger, Bergamot, Violet leaf, Tobacco leaf, Black pepper, Orange blossom. The endnotes of this fragrance consist of Cedarwood, Amber, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Cypriol, and Leatherwood. It is an excellent cologne that will give you a feeling of masculinity while thou are going out on a date. It is a perfect gift for the loved ones, and it smells great and long-lasting.

2. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP:

This cologne was released on the market in 2009, as this perfume is designed to unveil your masculinity. The scent was continued as one with powerful vetiver followed by salty notes and sunny, woody accords. It adds a remarkable level of quality and elegance to you. The perfume is available in a small flacon shaped like Ford’s former masculine versions. If you love vetiver, it is the best cologne for you as it smells clean. 

The scent is based on vetiver, which is derived into a smart and innovative technique. Grey Vetiver has a different aroma, thanks to the powerful elements that it holds. The uppermost layer of the scent has two main components- grapefruit and aromatic sage. This section is then supported by warm woods followed by components of nutmeg, orris, and pimiento. The bottom layer includes golden amber woods and oakmoss. Those two are connected to deliver the cologne a more youthful impression.

3. Tom Ford Noir Extreme EDP:

This cologne was introduced in the year 2015, and this cologne was designed by Sonia Constant as it is a cologne which has released after following the Tom Ford Noir EDT. It seems glorious to be told that you smell good. Although this may not be a usual circumstance, some scents can deliver you accomplish this feat, and one of them is Extreme, which is additionally a member of the Tom Ford line. It possesses strong notes that will allure everyone closer to you.

Extreme can give out an overwhelming scent, thanks to the presence of amazing, significant elements such as Persian lemon, Italian fig, truffle, decadent black, cedarwood, and vintage patchouli. The base of this scent contains fig, balsam, amber, truffle, Haitian vetiver, caramel, and Vieux. On the other hand, chamomile, Thai basil, cardamom, Persian lemon, cistus, coriander, and cinnamon bark deliver up the perfume’s topmost layer. laments found in the middle note incorporate cedarwood Atlas, Parma violet, saffron, sandalwood, thyme, and black plum.

4. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather EDT:

This Cologne by Tom Ford was launched in the year 2007, and it is considered as one of the Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men. As it is a unique combination that has an elite collection and holds twelve EDP, each of them can be used solely or in combination with other scents. This is a different unisex fragrance from Tom Ford that is appreciated for its captivating fragrance.  

This ultra-sexy version catches the primal, animalistic smell of leather and its glossy voluptuous features. It is a standard classic, the extension of olibanum, night-blooming jasmine, and black suede supplies it a unique, fresh spin that is natural yet elegant, exciting yet refined. The scent draws its influence from Tom Ford’s love of leather. The fragrance is enhanced by the heat of your own body. Apply in the creases of your knees and joints for a longer-lasting, more powerful scent.

5. Tom Ford Noir de Noir EDP :

This cologne was launched in the year 2007, and this scent was designed by Harry Fremont and Jacques Cavallier. TOM FORD Noir de Noir is a deep oriental fragrance emphasizing warm and rich gourmands. This is an Asiatic scent that can provide a man flow of new energy and courage as it is a private blend collection which has a special and original fragrance that is unconstrained by conventions of scent making. 

The top notes of this cologne consist of the notes of vanilla, saffron, and rose. Now coming to the heart notes, it includes patchouli and tuber. The base notes of this fragrance consist of amber and agarwood. Noir de Noir is dark, sensual, and easy-going. Yin collides with Yang emphasizing black rose, black truffle, and patchouli for an extreme, sexual awakening. You can spray on clean skin once or twice in the desired areas. 

6. Tom Ford Noir for men EDP:

This fragrance by Tom Ford is made in Switzerland. This cologne is also considered as one of the Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men as it is a spicy woody oriental that teems with masculine sensuality. The notes are Italian bergamot, black pepper, nutmeg, Bulgarian vanilla and amber. The notes in this fragrance invoke a touch of lure and attraction in a man. It reflects a refined, confidence, and distinctive mood.

Through this scent, the man intends to exhibit his beautiful perspective of life, particularly when it comes to delivering high-quality and beneficial products. It is observed from the fragrance’s packaging container. It is a state-of-art container that arises with a smooth design and fundamental outlook. You will not just appreciate its scent; you will also be fascinated by its outer appearance. The scent smells great, and it is long-lasting too. 

7. Tom Ford Oud Wood EDP :

This fragrance was launched in the year 2007, and it comes under the private blend of the collection as each of them can be used solely or by a combination of different perfumes. As a quick review from most online shops is enough to tell about the popularity of this perfume. As consumers suggested that it is one of the best male fragrances. And the fragrance was designed by Richard Herpin. 

OUD wood is an example of the rarest, valuable, and rich ingredients in a perfumer’s arsenal. Imported rosewood and cardamom open way to a smoky mixture of rare oud wood, vetiver, and sandalwood. Tonka bean and amber add passion and sexuality. Oud Wood surrounds you in rare oud, imported spices and cardamom then reveals its deep and dark mixture of emotion as you can spray this perfume on clean skin on the desired areas but do not rub the skin as it alters the fragrance. 

8. Black Orchid by Tom Ford EDP:

This cologne is an iconic oriental chypre that is warm and floral. A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich, dark accords and an alluring potion of black orchids and spice, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is both modern and timeless. Bottled in fluted, black glass that is a streamlined and modern interpretation of the 1920s and 1930s architecture, Black Orchid makes an unforgettable statement of iconic style and worldly glamour. It transmits a powerful impact. Projection and longevity are above average. It is being vented by Estēe Lauder Companies.

The top notes of this fragrance consist of black truffle and bergamot. And the heart notes include black orchid and black plum. The base notes of this fragrance consist of the notes of wood asp noir gourmand accord, patchouli, and dry fruit accord. The mood of this scent is warm, elusive, seductive, iconic, and opulent as you can spray this scent on the clear skin once or twice on desired areas. As it is a long-lasting scent, you can wear it in the morning, and till night it smells excellent.

9. Neroli PortofinoAcqua by Tom Ford EDT:

This perfume by Tom Ford is a fresh, floral, Eau Fraiche scent that is an irresistibly light way to wear Neroli Portofino. and it is considered as one of the Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men. A fresher expression of Neroli Portofino’s clear and sparkling facets, it is an irresistibly light way to wear the fragrance’s citrus and amber signature. As the cologne is characterized by modern and traditional ingredients. Due to these elements, it smells great. 

It has great high notes of Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, winter yellow mandarin, orange flower, lavender. The tremendous enrichment of Tom Ford in the fashion industry cannot be disregarded. There are some of the best colognes for men from this brand, which I have listed above. From the list, various colognes have various notes. It is upon you to choose which one best suits your fashion and preference. This is a scent that smells great and has moderate silage and long-lasting. It is a lovely summer perfume, evoking wonderful memories of time spent on the Amalfi Coast. This is a perfect light perfume, that still manages to retain its scent. Beautiful bottle and packaging, which is to be expected from Mr Ford.

10. Tom Ford Extreme:

This cologne was released in the year 2007, as this edition is more powerful and powerful than the original one. It feels amazing to be notified that you smell lovely. Even though this may not be a regular event, a few perfumes can support you this experience, and one of those is within the Tom Ford Extreme, which is furthermore a part of the Tom Ford product line. This Tom Ford men’s cologne presents a fragrance that you cannot hold on.

In addition, this is probably done by several elements like Italian fig, cedarwood, decadent black, vintage patchouli, and Persian lemon. The fragrance’s base includes Vieux, caramel, Haitian vetiver, truffle, amber, fig, and balsam. Chamomile, on the other hand, simultaneously with Thai basil, Persian lemon, cardamom, cinnamon bark, and Corian, make up the fragrance’s most leading layer. The elements found in the heart note consolidate Parma violet, cedarwood Atlas, black plum, saffron, sandalwood, and thyme. A mixture of these essential components occurs in a perfect scent that any man will love.

Guide to Tom Ford Colognes:

Although it’s a strong statement, there is the fact in the thinking that there isn’t anything Tom Ford can’t apply his fashionable hand to, be it fashion, movies, or, in this case, colognes.

While numerous designers have happily established a presence in the world of perfumes – Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior among them, some have had an identical impact in such a small space of time as the designer turned director turned all-round modern Renaissance Man.

Far from a vision, or rather a splash-, in-the-pan, Tom Ford’s perfume collection is as impeccably styled as his wardrobe, not to consider equally sharp, firm, and luxurious.

To cater to both luxury scent experts and casual buyers (not to mention all pocket depths), Tom Ford’s scents are split into two distinct ranges: a premium Private Blend collection and a more accessible Signature line, in appreciation to different mini-groups within them. They have different types of perfume, like:

  • Eau de Parfum – Stronger scent with a less diluted fragrance.
  • Eau de Toilette – It is diluted more in alcohol with a light scent. 
  • Body Mist – Super diluted fragrance and does not last long.


Tom Ford has provided us with some of the most famous colognes of all time. They have a broad range of scent varieties for both men and women that have led to maintaining the mercurial test of time. Therefore, when you are purchasing a product, it is a smart choice to buy an analysed and examined product that you know will not go out of style for years. As we have listed above, some of the Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men, take a glance at them and decide the scent which gratifies you well, and then you can go buying. Do not forget to share the feedback in the comment box.

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