The Most Expensive Perfumes in the World – ( Reviews )

In this blog, we have shared the most expensive perfumes in the world to help you have a fragrance of royalty in your life. We have shared features, pros, and cons of the most expensive perfumes to assist you in having an aesthetic life.

As we know that the smell is something that is directly associated with emotions, feelings, and memories for every human being on the earth. Perfumes play a crucial role in invoking these emotions, instils in us a desire to wear it, which in turn keeps away unpleasant and foul odours and provides the person with a chance to smell fresh throughout the day, and fills them with the vibes of optimism. Perfumes give a pleasant odour, which makes the person look confident and more attractive.

In general, sweating is the main hurdle in smelling fresh. However, it is essential to cycle to keep the body healthy and germs free but over sweating is something that ruins the whole attire. Therefore, to make up for your attire, perfumes are one of the best options available. The fragrance of perfumes leaves a long-lasting impression on one’s mind, and hence one should be attentive while choosing perfumes. Let us have a look at some of the best and most expensive perfumes in the world.





Boadicea The Victorious Valiant is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world with the limited edition available, which makes it smell awesome. It is an oriental Unisex perfume with base notes of amber, sandalwood, patchouli,tonka bean and vanilla. The middle notes are orange blossom, Indian jasmine, neroli, cherry blossom and orris and top notes include grapefruit, ylang-ylang, orange and mandarin oranges. The fragrance is very long-lasting. Boadicea The definition of this perfume is beyond special, a one of kind of creation which is trust and believe. It is bound to conquer your heart and is a masterpiece.


  • Gives a feeling of richness.
  • Pleasant and luxurious fragrance.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • It provides a light smell and soothing effect.


  • Only affordable by rich people.
  • Takes high time to prepare.
  • Bottle made of glass so can be easily broken.


2. Clive Christian no. 1 Imperial Majesty Perfume


It is the second most expensive perfume in the world. The fragrance of the No.1 perfume for women has a tincture of Tahitian vanilla, remains of Aphrodite along with the hint of Rosa centifolia. The use of Tonka bean seeds, sandalwood, cedar-wood musk all together imparts the touch of delicacy and accuracy to the perfume. It takes about six months to crystallise all these ingredients and, finally, their conversion into spice.

No.1 perfume for men is fresher than women. It represents an accomplished character with a lime touch, silica’s mandarin, and grapevine fruit. The perfume is filled in a flask of 500 ml crystal French Baccarat, the crown with the golden cork of 18 carats, and a necklace of diamond gives the final touch to the bottle.


  • Made up of natural ingredients.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Long-lasting and luxury fragrance.


  • Men’s perfume is more is fresher than women.
  • Not that good for someone who wants subtle smell.
  • The limited-edition is available.
  • Not cost-friendly.

3. Baccarat les larmes sacrees de Thebes


These are the third most expensive perfumes in the world popularly known for their quality crystals. The perfume is the third limited edition, the bottle is a pyramid in shape with purple and amber details, and acid-etched brand stamp at the underside. It is made of crystals and gives myrrh fragrance. It is the most beautiful perfume in terms of vision. The fragrance has the flavours of jasmine, ylang-ylang, cardamom, frankincense, geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, basil, musk, and myrtle.


  • Most beautifully decorated.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Smells divine.
  • Perfect for daily wear.


  • Available for women only.
  • Limited edition.
  • High-cost factor.


4. Chanel No.5


The bottle of the perfume is the masterpiece of artwork and holds a unique look. Chanel No.5 smells like the bouquet of abstract flowers and has a touch of femininity. The perfume was designed by Earnest Beaux by using the ingredients such as superior ylang-ylang, Rose de Mai, and jasmine from Grasse, which resulted in enhancement of its fragrance with its signature feature that is 1% overdose of aliphatic aldehydes, a chemical that improves scents.


  • Fresh fragrance.
  • Ultra-feminine and long-lasting.
  • Simple and elegant packaging.
  • Purest in form.


  • Ultra rare.
  • Available for only women.
  • Highly expensive.

5.  Clive Christian no. 1


 It is one of the costliest perfumes in the world launched in 2001 and 2006. The perfume is available for both men and women with Oriental fragrance for men and Floral for women. It has an aromatic floral blend of jasmine, rose oil, and Tahitian vanilla. The bottle is designed with the name on the top and made of 18-carat gold and set with 5-carat diamond. Its top notes are made from thyme, lime, Sicilian mandarin nutmeg, cardamom, and bergamot. The heart notes are a combination of rose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and heliotrope. The base notes are a result of vanilla, vetiver, amber wood, cedarwood, and sandalwood.


  • Available for both men and women.
  • Long-lasting and fresh fragrance.


  • Very expensive.
  • Take care while handling


6.    Hermès 24 faubourg


It is considered one of the most expensive perfumes in the world because of its very limited edition. There are only thousands of bottles available in the market. It is the mixture of numerous scents with a hint of orange blossom, jasmine, taire flower, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, and iris. These ingredients leave a soothing effect in mind and have a long-lasting fragrance and thus elevates the mood. It is packaged in Louis crystal bottles.


  • Elevates mood.
  • Soothing scent.
  • Long-lasting.


  • The minimal edition is available.
  • Very expensive.


7. Bvlgari By Bvlgari For Women


Another most expensive perfumes in the world are Bvlgari Pour Femme. The nose behind this perfume is Sophia Grojsman. It is one of the most unique perfume handcrafted itself and is very feminine. The top notes are orange blossom, violet leaves and bergamot. The middle notes are jasmine and rose and the base notes are coldish iris, musk and sandalwood It has a special spicy, peppery scent with a hint of the floral heart along with the base of woody. This results in a brave, strong, feminine perfume. This perfume is perfect for the warmer months when heavy perfumes are a big no-no. This is a powdery floral perfume suited to any occasion. Its classy, elegant and can become any lady’s signature perfume.


  • Long-lasting smell.
  • Fresh fragrance.
  • No harmful effects as made of natural ingredients.
  • The oldest version of the perfume.


  • Found in only selected stores around the world.
  • Take care while handling.


8. Joy by Jean Patou


Joy is an immense perfume created by the eminent brand, Jean Patou. Double the quantity of ingredients is used to make the perfume. The perfume is made of 10,000 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen roses, tuberose, Bulgarian roses. The perfume is highly rated because only 50 bottles of it are made every year. Hence, the limited edition of the perfume is available. The jasmine flower used to make perfume is harvested for two weeks in summer in the town of Grass, France. The scent has a very scintillating effect and removes depression and make the people full of joy and happiness. Joy is one of the earliest works of Pataou and is considered one of the best perfumes in the world.


  • Removes depression.
  • It makes life joyful and lively.
  • Fresh and long-lasting fragrance.


  • Very limited edition, only 50 bottles made each year.
  • Highly-priced.

9. MEMO IRISH OUD Eau de Parfum


Another name in the top ten expensive perfumes in the world is Memo. This is an OUD perfume. It has spicy notes of pink pepper are underscored by soft Oud and leather accords in Memo Paris’ Irish Oud Eau de Parfum. it has oil of birch, iris concrete and juniper berry lend a botanical breeze to this addictive scent. This perfume is well known for its variety of fragrances, the most expensive and most famous of which is Bolt of Lightning. The unique feature of the perfume is its hand-cut bottle. This spicy floral leather features notes of cardamom, geranium and leather; additional notes include bergamot, saffron, cumin, patchouli, oud accord, vetiver and musk.


  • Vibrant.
  • Smells fresh.
  • Known for a variety of ingredients.


  • Unisex perfume.
  • Very expensive.


10. Annick Goutal Eau D’hadrien


This perfume was launched in 1981 and is still very popular. Its ingredients are a mixture of citrus splashes, herbal and sweet, basil, and ylang-ylang. The bottle is designed in the most exclusive way and is considered most suitable for evening wear. The bottle reminds one of the citrus fruits and is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world. One should avoid its touch near eyes and should be kept away from heat sources. It should be used very judiciously and should not be applied to broken or inflamed skin.


  • Very good fragrance.
  • It has a touch of citrus fruits.
  • Most suitable for evening wear.


  • For external use only.
  • It causes skin inflammation if applied to broken skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.



The perfume we carry on is the final touch that we add to our overall attire or appearance. Our signature scent represents who we are and determines our uniqueness and individuality of ours to the world. The more confident we are, the more successful we get, and hence perfume is the path to gain confidence and improve our personality. The fragrances change our physical and emotional state. Thus, there are many expensive perfumes available in the market of different prices, and we should be very selective and attentive while choosing the perfume that suits our personality the most. Many factors make these perfumes highly cost, such as the ingredients they are made up of, marketing costs, packaging expenses. Hence, using the appropriate measures and avoiding mistakes while choosing the perfume results in a better statement.

Choose any of the best expensive perfume for you which meets your expectations and share your feedback with us at the comment box.

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