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Best Calvin Klein (CK) Colognes for Men – (Reviews)

If you are a man that prioritizes the quality and excellence of cologne, then you must know how to make the right choice of the cologne. Most of the men consider the brand of a cologne, which is best for daily usage. Calvin Klein Colognes stands out as the best designer cologne in the market until now. Calvin Klein perfumes have also won many prestigious awards for their quality of the products.

The designer Klein has started his business into jeans and underwear back in the 60s. He started the cologne business in 1981, as he introduced his first perfume in the market named Calvin. Since then, he began to design colognes for both men and women. As the scent of Calvin Klein has brought a new definition to the world of perfume and it has become today a new fashion icon both in style and in smell. We have listed down some of the Best Calvin Klein colognes for men in 2020, and you can try out these fantastic perfumes.

Best Calvin Klein Colognes for Men in 2020

1. Calvin Klein OBSESSION EDT : 

This cologne was launched in the year 1986, and Robert Slattery designed the scent. After the launch of this cologne, it has dominated the perfume market. This cologne was launched after the famous obsession female version and won the FiFi award. It has one the perfect masculine aroma, and the cologne is spicy with a blend of rare woods and botanicals. It is the bestselling scent, and the fragrance stands tall over all others. 

The top notes of this fragrance consist of Bergamot and Mandarin. Coming to the heart notes, it includes Clove, Nutmeg, Myrrh, Lavender, Coriander, and Sage. While in the base notes, it consists of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Amber. This cologne is often referred to as “the 80s in a bottle” because it so well captured the beauty and sensuality of the decade’s lavish lifestyle. The scent is not too strong, but it lasts long. 

2. Calvin Klein Eternity :

This cologne by Calvin Klein was launched in the year 1990, and Carlos Benaim designed the fragrance. As it is an aromatic fragrance for men that will give you a refreshing scent. If you are a man with brave, intelligent, responsible, and bold will surely love this scent as it emanates a rich masculine fragrance that remains every man’s favorite. The perfume comes with a blend of amber, spices, and lavender.

The top notes of this cologne consist of mandarin orange, bergamot, lemon, and lavender as it is balanced with the middle notes of sage, jasmine, lily, juniper, orange blossom, orchid, geranium, and basil. Now comes to warm base notes of Brazilian rosewood, amber, musk, and sandalwood. This scent has been around the market for a long time, and it is considered as the most worn men’s cologne. The scent smells amazing, and it is quite a fresh and appealing fragrance.


3. Calvin Klein DARK OBSESSION EDT :

This cologne was introduced in the year 2013, and it is considered as one of the Best Calvin Klein colognes for men as the face of the perfume was Matthew Terry. As CK launched the famous feminine fragrance in 1980, which marks the decade and after a year obsession for men was launched. This new cologne for men is described as a dominant masculine and intensely sensual as it is a composition of modern aromatic oriental. 

The top notes of this fragrance consist of guarana, Brazilian green mandarin, and absinthe. Coming to the heart notes, it includes fir resin, aromatic tons of French clary sage, and white vetiver. And the base notes are hot as it consists of labdanum, Madagascar vanilla bean, suede. Now you can imagine how it smells when you wear this cologne – so seductive. It is an intense fragrance for the healthy person, as it is a masculine scent with the power of endurance. 

4. Ck One EDT :

This fragrance was launched in the year 1994 and stood as one of the best unisex colognes. Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas designed the cologne, as it is an aromatic fragrance for men and women. It is one of the cologne that keeps you feeling refreshed, and it has a sweet citrus fragrance that is ideal for both men and women. This light, relaxed scent is meant to be used profusely. 

The top notes of this scent consist of green notes, pineapple, papaya, mandarin orange, lemon, and cardamom. It has heart notes that come with the blend of jasmine, lily of the valley, violet, nutmeg, orrisroot, freesia, and rose. Moreover, the base notes of this cologne include musk, sandalwood, amber, cedar, oakmoss, green tea, and green accord. It is one of the best colognes that will give you a feeling of confidence when you wear it. You can wear this cologne while going to work or having a week off during the weekend. 

5. Calvin Klein Euphoria EDT :

The Euphoria for men by CK was launched in the year 2006 and is currently the best cologne that is available right now in the market. The nose behind this fragrance was Loc Dong, Carlos Benaim, and Jean-Marc Chaillan, and it is a woody fragrance for men. When you wear this cologne, you will enjoy a seductive fragrance that comes with a different freshness. This scent invites you to reach beyond limits and have adventurous fun. 

The top notes of this cologne include raindrop accord, ginger pepper cocktail, and chilled sudachi. Coming to the heart notes of the fragrance, it has sage, black basil, and cedar leaf. As it settles down in the base notes of Brazilian redwood, amber, patchouli, and creamy suede. The scent is clean and fresh and can be worn anytime during the day or night as it has modern freshness and aromatic spices with a sexy, creamy signature.

6. CK Be Cologne For Men :

This cologne of CK was introduced in the year 1996, and it is considered as one of the Best Calvin Klein colognes for men in 2020. Rene Morgenthaler made the design of this cologne, and the idea behind this fragrance is to ‘be yourself’ very sexy. The perfume is classified as oriental, woody, and refreshing, and its scent will linger all day without empowering you. As you can gift this cologne to your friends or loved ones.

The top notes of this fragrance include the fresh opening of mandarin, bergamot, lavender, juniper, peppermint, and green notes. The cologne has heart notes of freesia, orchid, jasmine, magnolia with a fresh hint of peach. 

Coming to the base notes of the scent, it consists of musk, cedar, amber, vanilla, and sandal. The cologne is recommended during daytime wear and can be spritzed on for any casual occasion. When you wear this classic scent attracts the attention of everyone around you due to its exotic aromas. 

7. Calvin Klein CK Free Cologne :

The Calvin Klein Free cologne was introduced in the year 2009 in August, and the nose behind this cologne was Ellen Molner and Rodrigo Flores-Roux. It is a stylish, masculine woody aromatic fragrance from the famous CK line. 

It is a timeless best-selling scent that stands tall over all others. The combination of notes will make this cologne brighter and smells addictive as it features a blend of sweet and traditionally masculine. 

The top notes of this perfume consist of jackfruit, absinth, star Annis, and juniper berries. In addition, the heart notes of this fragrance include coffee, suede, tobacco leaf, and buchu. 

While in the case of base notes, it consists of patchouli, oak, ironwood, and cedar. As it is, a cologne that can is usable at any time of the day. When you want to make a powerful impression on anyone, open the signature Calvin Klein Obsession bottle and dab on the fragrance at any time. 

8. C K Escape Men EDT :

The Escape Men by Calvin Klein was launched in the year 1993, and Steve Demercado designed the perfume. This fragrance is for the man who wants to free himself from the mundane life and wants to live life with some thrill and excitement. The perfume is somewhat strong, and just a small amount of it will fill your day with excitement as it is a beautiful masculine fragrance. 

The top notes of this perfume consist of melon, juniper, grapefruit, mango, eucalyptus, and bergamot. Considering the heart notes of this fragrance, it includes fir, rosemary, sage, birch, and sea notes. 

While the base notes of this fragrance consist of amber, patchouli, oakmoss, amber, and vetiver. It is a perfect perfume for the evening out with friends or a loved one to move away from the boredom of life. Spray it at the pulse points of wrists and neck before leaving for the office to enjoy sense of pleasure. 

9. Calvin Klein Eternity Air EDT :

This fragrance was introduced in the year 2018, and it is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. As it is a perfume that captures all of the various shades of the environment with sky accord (airy yet dense), like the soft breath of a pulse. This cologne is the refined signature Fougere that is redefined with a new fragrant, airy freshness, and sexual body. 

Built around variations, based on a unique blend of natural airy and energetic impressions. Inciting an exciting freshness, Eternity Air encapsulates the spirit of sensuality and the consistent bond of eternal love.

The top notes of this fragrance consist of Juniper berry oil, mandarin oil, and sky of the sky accord. Now coming to the middle notes of the perfume, it has green apple, lavender oil, and violet leaves. The base notes of this scent consist of sea moss, patchouli oil, and ambergris. You can use this cologne for the Spritz on pulse points. It is a magnificent marine scent that is ideal for wearing on warm and sunny days. 

10. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua EDT :

Eternity Aqua for Men by Calvin Klein was launched in the market in the year 2010, and it is considered as one of the Best Calvin Klein colognes for men in 2020. In addition, the nose behind this new cologne is Ben Hill, and it is a woody aromatic fragrance. Redefining relaxed elegance, the Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua lures your masculine fervent with its energetic notes. This cologne is expressed to meet the demands of discerning stylish guy who is versatile and flexible, much like this cologne. 

The top notes of this cologne consist of the fragrance of citruses, cold cucumbers, green leaves, and lotus. In addition, the heart notes blossom with the union of lavender, cedar, Sichuan pepper, and Mirabelle plum. 

The base notes of the scent finish with the patchouli, sandalwood, musk, and Guaiac wood. The scent does not overwhelm your nose and has this sensual undertone, which genuinely makes it your go-to scent. It is a fantastic scent that smells great and lasts too long.

11. Calvin Klein All Eau De Toilette :

The Ck All cologne was launched in the year 2017, and the cologne wad designed by Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont. As this brand continues, the unisex fragrance with the Ck All. This cologne was launched after the legendary fragrance of Ck One from 1994 and CK be from 1996. When all these colognes combined, their slogan is ‘Be One. Be All. Just Be.’ As it is an attractive and intoxicating scent that draws you into its sole and lovely notes. 

The top notes of this cologne open with bergamot, mandarin orange, and grapefruit. Coming to the heart notes of the fragrance, it consists of citrus, which opens a powdery floral blend of freesia, jasmine, lily, and fresh rhubarb. And the base notes of this scent include musk, vetiver, and amber round out the fragrance with warmth and earthiness. It is the perfect scent to spritz on when you want to carry out your beauty and mystique.

12. Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Men :

This cologne for men was released in the year 2015 as this cologne was made in collaboration with IFF. The fragrance was launched after 26 years of the original Eternity and the year after Eternity Night editions as it is a masculine fragrance for men. Eternity Now is not a scent you should wait on. Let this tropically excited scent transport you to a mild summer beach, strengthening itself against cold, fresh waves.

The top notes of this cologne consist of ginger, coconut, and star anise. And the middle notes come with a blend of patchouli, cedar, and star fruit. The base notes polish the experience with tonka bean, vanilla, and Moroccan cedar. Eternity Now catches the fun and raw emotion of new love. The sudden, strong realization that ever starts now. From the house of Calvin Klein, this cologne is an exploration of freshness with the undeniably strong appeal.

13. Calvin Klein One Gold :

The CK One Gold cologne was introduced in the year 2016, and it is a modernized version of one of the most successful Calvin Klein releases to date, Ck One. It is a modern idea of the iconic scent which conveys the message as ‘Be Brave. Stand out from the crowd.’ The smell is a delicious, fresh, woody smell that catches the golden charm of bright youth. The juicy top note of fig creates an instant attraction with its dynamic freshness.

The top notes of this scent consist of bergamot, sage, and fig. In addition, the middle notes include the fragrance of neroli, heady jasmine, and violet. These notes are blended with the base notes, which include patchouli, vetiver, guaiac wood for a woody, warm feeling that makes the fragrance perfect. This newer scent allows men an attractive way to complete any outfit for any season, despite whether it is formal or as casual as they come. 

14. Calvin Klein CKIN2U EDT :

CKIN2 by Calvin Klein cologne was introduced in the year 2007, and it is considered as one of the Best Calvin Klein colognes for men. The nose behind this fragrance was Bruno Jovanovic, Carlos Benaim, Loc Dong, and Jean-Marc Chaillan. It is an aromatic fragrance for men that captures the energy of joyous spontaneity in CK In 2U. This cocktail of extrinsic spices and tart botanicals is deemed an aromatic Fougere – a distinct combination of fresh and deliciously tart that will capture whoever gets near.

The top notes of this fragrance consist of lemon and tomato leaf, each known for their biting sourness. Sensual cacao pod, the seed ultimately used to produce chocolate, manages the heart of this fragrance. The scent calms down into a base of white must, cedar, and mossy vetiver, accenting the chocolate flows throughout. The packaging and presentation of the cologne are unique. This one has a fresh, refreshing scent with a combination of various notes as it is not too strong. Casual. Great gift for a man. 

15. Calvin Klein Eternity Intense EDT :

The Eternity Intense cologne for men was launched in the year 2016 as it rediscovers and develops the passion that sparked the classic love tale at the center of the Eternity fragrance. Fresh. Woody. Aromatic. As it turns a sweet romance within a deep love affair with Eternity Intense, a spellbinding men’s perfume by Calvin Klein. This bold and elusive cologne blends fresh, herbaceous, and woody allows for a fascinating and irresistible scent that will transmit you and your significant other speechless.

The top notes of this cologne consist of white pepper, grapefruit, and black tea. Now coming to the heart notes, the perfume includes geranium, rhubarb, relaxing lavender, and the rare blue iris work collectively to wind down the energy into something softer and more alluring. Finishing the aroma are base notes of cedar, cashmere wood, and vetiver, which provide a friendly, soothing embrace that binds all the components together. In addition, cologne lasts long. 

A Guide to Calvin Klein Colognes:


Firstly, Calvin Klein brand was started as a designer for underwear and jeans, and now he is one of the famous fashion industry designers for perfumes. As a boy, he studied to draw and sell the art by himself and won a prize at New York’s High School of Art and Design. In addition, even managed to join a fashion institute, where he was inspired to create clothes. Like working for five years at Seventh Avenue fashion houses, he had decided to launch his brand with the help of his childhood friend Barry Schwartz. Schwartz invested $10,000 in Klein to make his first design, also he had changed the way of advertising, and most of the modern people at that time went insane for Calvin Klein jeans and underwear.

He designed his first-ever Calvin Klein perfume, named Obsession in 1970, and most of the fragrances are now more helpful to the more popular and more stylish age group. The Calvin Klein perfume list includes scents like Obsession, CK One, Euphoria, Eternity, Escape for men, and Contradiction. Most of the Calvin Klein perfumes are delightful, with an amazingly clean scent that makes us think of wide-open spaces and passion. His fragrances are globally well recognized and in demand. They sometimes do not need that much publicity because the brand name can market itself.

Different types of Perfume:

When you go shopping, you will find a range of choices – Eau de Toilette, and body mist among them. Here are the various types of perfumes you will see and what they mean:

  • Eau de Parfum – Less diluted fragrance with a stronger scent.
  • Eau de Toilette – the scent is diluted in more alcohol with a slight odour.
  • Body Mist – Does not last long and it is super diluted fragrance. 

How to choose Calvin Klein Colognes:

Calvin Klein Colognes are produced in style and confidence in a bottle. Since so many of their scents are so attractive, it might be intimidating to find on that is ideal for you. Try first to prefer perfumes that are floral, fruity, sweet, or sensual. Once you narrow that down, you can start picking out some to try and then select your choice. It might take according to a scent counter and testing them out. Also, that’s just fine. Sometimes fragrance can be just as personal a choice as your shoes.


Calvin Klein has given us some of the most popular perfumes of all time. They have a wide range of fragrance varieties for both men and women that have led to continuing the fickle test of time. Therefore, when you are buying a product, it is a smart choice to buy a tried and tested product that you know will not merely go out of style in a week or two. As we have listed above, some of the Best Calvin Klein colognes for men in 2020 look at them and choose the perfume which suits you well. These are the best cologne to gift your brother, husband and boyfriend. Do not forget to share your feedback at the comment box.

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