Best Hugo Boss Colognes for Men – (Reviews )

Hugo Boss Colognes
Hugo Boss Colognes

Hugo Boss introduced its first perfume in 1984.Over the years, Hugo Boss has successfully added various fragrances features in this line.Hugo Boss has become a recognised brand and successfully placed itself at top among the other brands.

Ultimate Guide for Top 10 Colognes of Hugo Boss

Reasons to buy Hugo Boss Colognes

Hugo Boss colognes are a combination of woodsy and citrus notes. Containing several surprises that are included to make a unique formulation.

They have a classy Edge

Without being generic or old fashioned, Hugo Boss Colognes manages to be classy.

Top Best Smelling Hugo Perfumes for Men


1. Hugo Boss Selection

Hugo Boss Selection successfully represents the style of confident, elegant, and successful men. For the men who are proud of their careers, Fragrant Fougere Fragrances are created for them. It has a luscious scent of lemon and citrus spice. It contains the aroma of fruits and fading the scents of modern flowers and cedar-wood. Hugo Boss Selection fragrance is full of fragrance with the warmth of heliotrope and musk, which are full of harmony and depth. Selection is one of the Best Hugo Boss Colognes in 2020. Accentuates the masculine character with its fragrance. It also has the Aroma of Geranium and Cedar Leaves. Apply this cologne after you have taken a shower. Wear it when you are going out with your special lady to make the night memorable. One cannot regret buying it.Buying a large bottle will help in using it frequently.


  • Applying less can produce a great smell
  • Works with the body chemistry of many people
  • Blends to create an overall great smell
  • Best for social occasions
  • Can be worn on any occasion



  • Buying a large bottle will make it long lasting
  • Soft to moderate silage


2. Hugo Boss Just Different


On the second number in the category of Best Hugo Perfumes in 2020 comes a versatile and simple fragrance. It Can be used anytime, whether it is day or night.

It’s not seasonal. Modern, seductiveness, and elegance of the young generation are represented by it. The vibrant fragrance of Mint and Green Apple. The harmonious combination of South African Orchids with a little basil and aromatic herbs are found at the centre of the scent, which makes it a unique fragrance.

It has a warm aroma of patchouli, cashmere wood, aquaria, and labdanum. This product is suitable for the young, dynamic personalities. For young people, this is an excellent innovation in the world of fragrances. It is characterised by an unexpected combination of different flavour classes. When the last layer of fragrance remains on the body, it creates a fresh, modern, yet gentle and warm look.

For the men who take inspiration from everyone and everything around them. The people who can see the world differently. For the people having different, unexpected, adventurous, and taking random routes in life. Cooling iced mint help in stimulating the senses. It has floral and herbal notes of basil, freesia, and coriander, which give inspirational and energising vibes.


  • Rich in cooling iced mint
  • Contain a vibrant vibe
  • Have a Masculine taste
  • Floral and Herbal notes of basil, freesia
  • Unique minty freshness
  • Lasts a couple of hours



  • Has a very refreshing opening
  • Not too strong
  • Its classic and can be worn on any occasion
  • Fresh and Clean



  • The opaqueness of the bottle does not help in knowing how much it is left.
  • Smell changes after applying on skin


3. Hugo Boss Hugo Red

Hugo Boss introduced Hugo Red Oriental fragrances in 2013. This fragrance is of dynamic and bold men. Main Notes of Hugo Red are Rhubarb, pineapple, and metallic incense. An explosive mixture of grapefruit, pineapple flavor, and metallic flavor comes in top notes. The middle note consists of a combination of fruit which is not very strong
And sweet but with a metal flavor. After a while, the fruit flavor starts to fade away and leave the freshness and exhilaration of aroma.
This scent is typically for strong, daring, and masculine men.
He has a pleasant aroma and is not too picky.
Suitable for mostly the men above 25 years and above.


  • It offers oriental Spicy fragrance for men
  • Notes of Grapefruit, pink pepper
  • Middle notes are Rhubarb, cedar, etc.
  • Pretty Simple Fragrance
  • For people younger than 35 years



  • Very good shape of the bottle
  • Appropriate for offices
  • Suitable for hot and muggy days



  • Not fit for everyone
  • Can Give the feeling for nausea


4. Hugo Boss Bottled Night


This perfume was launched in July 2010 with its new design.It is best for the ambitious young men who have great realisation of their goals and who are striving for new challenges. For the men who realise that every goal is possible and for whom, everything is within arm’s reach. Lavender and birch tree are the opening notes. Aromas of African violet are the accentuating hart notes. The base note is constructed of warm, woody nuances of Louro Amarelo tree, which is precious to have. This freshness of this fragrances complemented by the midnight blue colour of this bottle. It has an aromatic fragrance that gives intense and masculine woody accords. The falcon reminds us of a hot summer night. It is created with midnight black and blue nuances on the bottle of glass falgon. A seductive, intense, and incredibly masculine composition is promised by the dark outlines on the flagon. Ryan Reynolds, yes, the Deadpool, is the face of the advertising campaign of this perfume.

Different products of Boss Bottled Night

  1. Eau de Toilette, 40 ml
  2. Eau de toilette, 100 ml
  3. After Shave, 40 ml
  4. Aftershave, 100 ml
  5. Aftershave Balm, 75 ml
  6. Shower Gel, 150ml
  7. Deo-Spray, 150 ml
  8. Deo-Stick, 75 ml


5. Hugo Boss Energize Perfume

Hugo Ferdinand Boss, the designer, launched Hugo Boss Energise Perfume in 2005 himself. A woody aromatic fragrance for men is found in Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss Colognes. This perfume has fresh, stylish, and effortless energy. It has a strong smell but stays in control.There are no barriers and limitations that can be shown by this fragrance, and it can be considered as a complementary scent for a modern man. Claude Dir is called the nose behind this fragrance. Mint, pink pepper, lemon, pineapple leaf, cardamom, kumquat, and mandarin orange are the top notes if this smell. In the middle notes, there are freesia, nutmeg, coriander, juniper, clary sage, and jasmine.

Teak wood, leather, and vanilla are the base notes. Coriander and Juniper berries live in the heart of the perfume, i.e., the heart note. They help in providing a powerful kick to the aroma. The most unforgettable part of this fragrance is the base note, which follows the middle note. Middle notes cease and make it long-lasting by evaporating itself slowly.A smooth blend of suede and jacaranda wood are the base notes. They create a sensually distinct trail.


6. Hugo Boss Dark Blue for Men


One of the best Hugo Boss colognes in 2020 is Hugo Dark Blue. It provides Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. This Hugo Boss Cologne was launched in 1999. We should be thankful for Alain Astori and Beatrice Piquet for creating Hugo Dark Blue perfume. The citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and ginger are the Top notes of Hugo Dark Blue perfume. Great fragrances of mahogany, cypress, sage, geranium, and cardamom are the middle notes. The essence of patchouli, benzoin, vetiver, cedar, and vanilla are the base notes.


7. Hugo Boss in Motion Green


Motion Green was announced by Hugo Boss in 2005. It is a men’s perfume. It is a limited edition perfume, and its designer gave it the green colour. Just look at its stunning green colour and its spherical shape. There is an aroma of masculinity in the blend of cognac, which is laced with tangerine and the spice of nutmeg and cardamom. The skin is provided with energetic vivacity with a fresh swirl of patchouli and sandalwood.

It is also announced in Motion White. It is a combination of out bursting aromas of red oranges, basil, saffron, cinnamon, black pepper, and vetiver. There is a discrete orange stripe on a white-coloured flagon. The carton is white with the decoration of orange letters. The collection consists of 40 ml EDT, 90 ml EDT, and shower gel, which is 150 ml.


8. Hugo Boss Soul Perfume

Hugo Boss Soul perfume was launched by the Design House. It was launched in 2005. It is an eau de toilette natural spray for men. It possesses a blend of lavender, amber, cinnamon, nutmeg, vetiver, mandarin, tonka, anise, bergamot, vanilla, and black pepper. These specialities make a fresh and spicy mix. It is best for evening wear, and it is long-lasting. It has a powerful fragrance.


9. Boss Pure Eau De Toilette

Boss Pure by Hugo Boss is one of the latest fragrances in the market. It is inspired by the idea of a very strong refreshing note of water on man. This perfume bursts with aquatic freshness and has an energising aroma. It is great to capture the sensuality of pure, unstoppable, and powerful water. The freshness of Mediterranean citrus is blended with juicy fruit notes, and water accord are the notes of this scent. Hugo Boss Pure has the note of fig water. It has the ultimate freshness of Mediterranean citrus, lily, hyacinth, and Masseria. The fragrance of Hugo Boss Pure will help in keeping you energised. It also gives a fresh feeling throughout the day.

10. Baldessarini Cologne


Baldessarini cologne was launched in 2002. It gives a feel of luxury. It also gives the imagination and spirit of adventure. It represents an exotic mixture of finest materials. It is earthy and gives a feeling of happiness. A person applying this perfume will have a feel of richness.It has the fragrance, which is for awakening the fantasy for real men with a wish for travel to distant places, for,e.g., exotic countries. You will feel a sharp freshness of an orange, mandarin, and mint in the beginning. These scents hide a special masculine note in themselves.


11. Aqua Elements Cologne by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Colognes introduced a woody fragrance for men. Its name is Boss Elements Aqua. The launching date of Boss Elements Aqua is 1997. You will get a mix of patchouli, sandalwood, and woodsy hints. It provides a fabulous and sensual aroma. Boss Elements Aqua has a long-lasting fragrance. It is best for daytime or casual wear. The lasting time of this perfume is six to eight hours. It is essential for masculine aromas. Juniper, amber, and sandalwood are the notes of this perfume. Sophistication is depicted through its packaging. It has an attractive design for its bottle.



So, how was the show? Great right? We know you have a great personality and want to nurture it further, that is why you checked the list of our great perfumes that have a sense of class and richness. To be rich, seductive, and successful, you must smell like it first. The scents remind yourself to take your life to the next life. How would you feel if you meet a smart and confident person smelling bad and sweaty, not impressive? Right? So, to do great, smell great. Choose any of your required scents and give your personality the taste of success. Use the perfumes and give your valuable feedback in our comments section.


Written by Redolence

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