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11 Best Moschino Perfumes for Ladies (Reviews)

Moschino is known for luxury fashion that’s unique and distinctive in each facet. Since the launch of their 1st fragrance, Moschino, in 1987, it has won the hearts of many. The best Moschino perfumes for ladies are an eclectic mixture of glamour and sensualness with a twist of humour.

Franco Moschino started his fashion line within the early 1980s, quickly establishing a name within the style world. He expanded his line to incorporate things like fragrance. Moschino perfumes appear to be quite expensive; however, all of them seem to deliver quality and overall expertise. 

From the ’80s classic to their latest collection, this list consists of all the fragrances which will enable you to choose your signature scent.

1. Toy 2 Moschino

Toy 2 Eau De Parfum is a floral woody fragrance designed for a confident and independent lady. This fragrance radiates happiness and positive vibes.

The sourish aroma of magnolia blossom is exceptionally delicate here, giving a powdery tone mixed with a touch of sweetness. Before long, a stunning heart steps in with the second wave of freshness enriched by the delicate sweetness of jasmine.

These notes are balanced by the enticing scent of Peony and white currant. The warming base of woods and musk ground the fragrance, enhancing this sparkling combination. The woods become least visible in the base, remarking a pleasing aroma of florals and fruits, enclosed by the light powdery accord of musk.

This aromatic liquid is kept within the famous Moschino teddy bear bottle adorned within the golden collar with the decorated brand’s emblem to the front. The warming and recent Toy two Eau Diamond State Parfum is unbelievable for the spring and summer months. 

Top Notes:

Mandarin Orange, inexperienced Apple, Magnolia

Mid Notes:

Jasmine, Peony, currant

Base Notes:

Amberwood, Sandalwood, Musk

2. Cheap and Chic Eau De Toilette

The fresh, oriental fragrance Moschino Femme Eau De Toilette is an actual explosion of lovely notes. This sweet, characteristic scent is exceptionally lady-like.

Moschino Femme Eau De Toilette opens with the hanging notes of gum and flower, mixed with sweet, fruity aromas of honeysuckle, freesia, and plum. This unique composition leads to an irresistible heart of spicy florals. The warm notes of nutmeg and pepper mix in particularly with the potent aroma of carnation. Gardenia and rose, on the opposite hand, add a powdery sweetness to the bouquet. The fragrance dries to a fragrant, woody base entwined with the earthy thickness of patchouli and vanilla.

This is positively a chilly season scent, packed with spices and exciting florals; it’s robust enough to handle the blazing winter chills. 

The lush, sensual liquid is kept within a cylindrical bottle, lined in gold and tied with a tricolour ribbon representing the Italian flag. The pearl design on the cap adds a touch of exquisiteness.

Top Notes:

Galbanum, Marigold, Freesia, Honeysuckle, Plum

Mid Notes:

Nutmeg, Carnation, Gardenia, Pepper, Cananga odorata, Rose

Base Notes:

Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli

3. Moschino Funny! Moschino

Moschino Funny! Eau De Toilette is lightweight and sparkling, stimulating positivity and happy emotions. This fragrance is intended for a carefree lady who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

The bitterness of the orange blends fantastically with spicy pink pepper and redcurrant tart. A heart of sweet, powdery violet is made intense by the intoxicating aromas of jasmine and Peony, with the tea leaf note adding a delicate freshness to the mix. This fragrance settles into a comforting base of warming woods, musk, and earthy notes of oakmoss and amber in the base.

Funny! is a summer and spring scent, converging with a positive feeling with a playful ambience. Not too irresistible, the Eau De Toilette can last between three to four.

Top Notes:

Pink Pepper, Red Currant, Bitter Orange

Mid Notes:

Peony, Violet, Green Tea, Jasmine

Base Notes:

Amber Musk, Cedarwood, Oakmoss

4. Fresh Couture Moschino 

Fresh Couture Eau De Toilette is a joyous scent filled with subtle aromas. It’s dedicated to the confident, free, and broad-minded lady.

Fresh citrusy notes mixed with the exotic sweetness of the Ylang-Ylang flower are what capture the fragrance. Overtaken by the luxurious aromas of raspberry and Peony within the mids, it has a touch of peachiness from the Osmanthus plant. In the base, the warming scent of woods takes over, integrated with the pungent aroma of patchouli and, therefore, the fragrant saltiness of ambroxan note.

This fragrance radiates positivity and optimism to its core.

Top Notes:

Bergamot, Mandarine Orange, Cananga odorata

Mid Notes:

Peony, Raspberry, Osmanthus

Base Notes:

Woody notes, Ambrosian, Patchouli

5. Cheap & Chic I Love Love Moschino

 I Love Love Eau De Toilette is a feminine scent. This energetic, temperamental fragrance is said to be for the women in love and celebrating these ecstatic feelings.

This scent stands out with its rich citrusy nose. Grapefruit is the strongest within the mix leading through the fragrance. The headnotes soften into a novel mixture of the center. Powdery rose, joined by the sweetness of cinnamon and lily-of-the-valley embraced by the sunshine, earthiness of sugar cane, and bulrush. 

Perfectly balanced, I Love Love Eau De Toilette is an exquisite, sleek scent that brings joy and happiness to the wearer.

Top Notes:

Lemon, Grapefruit, Red Currant, Orange

Mid Notes:

Sugar Cane, Rose, Lily-of-the-Valley, Bulrush, Cinnamon

Base Notes:

Woody Notes, Musk, Cedar

6. Glamour Moschino

Moschino Glamour is enhanced by the cedar freshness, providing a solid and intriguing foundation. However, the tangerine blossom and mallow note steal the shine of this fragrance. 

Glamour starts with a fruity and floral mix with a light touch of amber. Then the salt note adds a nice bit to the floral fragrance.

Orchid and mallow flank the fruitiness of tangerine blossom to grant glamour a lightweight floral aroma, with enough sweetness to turn into a flowery garden. 

Fragrance Notes 

Orchid, mallow, cedar, tangerine blossom, hibiscus, amber.

6. Moschino Femme Eau de Toilette

 Femme Eau De Toilette is attractive; however, the delicate floral fragrance is a beautiful selection for daily wear.

Cheap & chic provide a nice citrus note paired with a considerable amount of a musky note. Yuzu is the primary citrus note that embraces the entire fragrance and gives it a sensual twist.

Fragrance notes

Rose, lily, Peony, bergamot, musk, yuzu.

7. Moschino Chic Petals Women Eau de Toilette 

Petals by Moschino is a fruity floral fragrance for women; it is a bright floral-fruity explosion of intense flavours. The fragrance is inspired by the cartoon character Oliva Oyl.

The fruity juices of pomegranate and strawberry are combined with Alpinia purpurata, red orchid petals, gardenia, and water lily tied in with sensual notes of musk, hinoki wood, and Italian iris. This fragrance is perfect for winter nights and spring evenings. Petals come in an exceedingly bright red bottle with pretty white flowers. 

Top Notes

Pomegranate, strawberry, Ginger

Middle Notes

Water Lily, Orchid, Gardenia

Base Notes

Musk, Hinoki Wood, Italian Iris

8. Couture! Moschino

Couture! is a floral woody musk fragrance for women. It is an irresistible essence of life and pure joy. It is for the girl who is stylish, romantic, and filled with irony. The top notes consist of citrusy notes like bergamot, orange, and tangerine with a slight touch of pepper. The center is an intoxicating mixture of yellow flowers, pomegranate blossom, and flower seed. The balsamic and woody closing of benzoin, vanilla, and cedar notes provide a beautiful concoction.

Top Notes

Mandarin Orange, Pepper, Bergamot

Middle Notes

Pomegranate, Yellow flower, Peony, Jasmine

Base Notes

Benzoin, Vanilla, Cedar

9. Cheap & Chic Light Clouds by Moschino

Cheap & Chic Light Clouds by Moschino is a fruity floral fragrance for women. Light Clouds is a fragrance by the house of Moschino. The perfume is composed of peach, cyclamen, lotus, jasmine, rose, ambrette, cedar, and musk. It is the perfect fragrance for summer outings; the sweet floral notes of lotus and rose enhanced by the warm woody notes of musk and vanilla give this perfume an enigmatic feel.

Top Notes

Cyclamen, Peach Blossom, Green Leaves

Middle Notes

Lotus, Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes

Musk, Vanilla, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli

10. Pink Bouquet Moschino

Pink Bouquet by Moschino is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Moschino Pink Bouquet is constructed as a floral-fruity blend with top notes of bergamot, pineapple sorbet, and raspberry. The heart incorporates jasmine, pink lily of the valley, violet, and peony petal, while base notes leave a juicy trail of peach, gingerbread, and musk.

 The fresh, citrusy note of bergamot embraced with soft scents of Peony and jasmine provide a concoction made from the heavens. The base notes of peach and musk elevate the floral scent and wrap it up in a beautiful gift of fragrance.

It is the perfect scent for summer and spring outings. 

Top Notes

Raspberry, Pineapple, Bergamot

Middle Notes

Peony, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Violet

Base Notes

Peach, Gingerbread, Musk, Oakmoss

11. Toujours Glamour Moschino

Toujours Glamour by Moschino is an Amber Floral fragrance for ladies. It consists of red currant and violet leaves that create a mischievous elegant edition spiced with cardamom. The heart of this fragrance blooms with innocent white lilies of the valley and intoxicating jasmine with a touch of bitter almond. A base intertwines bloodstone, benzoin, and a bit of sensual musk.

Top Notes

Violet Leaf, Cardamom, Red Currant

Middle Notes

Almond, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine

Base Notes

Heliotrope, Musk, Benzoin


Although Moschino specializes in a style of merchandise and articles of clothing, footwear, accessories, and jewellery, it’s their fragrances that stand out. With far-out scent mixtures combined with unusual personal humour, each woman ought to let her hair down once in a while and see what Moschino has got to offer.

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