8 Best Aromas by Ariana Grande in 2021 (Reviews)

Best Aromas by Ariana Grande
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The American vocalist/entertainer Ariana Grande has won the hearts of millions with her unbelievable sympathy and directly from-the-heart verses of ‘Bang Bang,’ ‘Thank U, Next,’ and ‘Dangerous Woman.’

It took a mind-blowing measure of difficult work and obligation to sprout into one of the world’s most famous female artists. For any young lady needing a little consolation or confidence, every Ariana Grande scent gives a little understanding into the stars’ attitude. 

The best Ariana Grande aromas are an extension of her persona. A combination of fun, sweet notes joined with inspiring natural products, colourful florals, and exotic musks make a genuine, inspirational tone. 

Sweet, attractive, and super ladylike, the best Ariana Grande fragrances catch both the heart and the creative mind.

Here are 8 fabulous Ariana aromas :

1. Ariana Grande R.E.M. Eau de Parfum

R.E.M Eau de Parfum is an inestimable super-scent for the young lady of tomorrow. Its sweet, smooth, fruity, botanical, and woody-energies are both intense and challenging to draw out the voyager hiding inside each young lady. 

The opening is a wonderful mix of salted caramel, sweet marshmallow, and scrumptious delicious fig that is an absolute appetite pleaser from the beginning. A floral heart of shining pear bloom weaved with lavender adds tastefulness and style. A calming base of velvety tonka bean and deep musk embraces the fragrance. 

R.E.M. is an adaptable aroma appropriate for any season. Its fun-loving, sweet notes make a pleasant daytime fragrance; the tonka bean and musk make it perfect for evening wear.

Top Notes: 

Quince, Fig, Salted caramel, marshmallow 

Mid Notes: 

Pear bloom, Lavender Blossom 

Base Notes: 

Tonka bean, Musk, Sandalwood 

2. Ariana Grande Thank u, next EDP 

Thank U, next is an aroma ideal for adolescents and mature fragrance lovers because of its pleasantness being adjusted by rich organic products. This sweet coconut-centred fragrance is both inspiring and lively. 

This aroma has a fruity opening of pear and raspberry with a trace of sharpness. This brilliant fragrance uncovers a heart of tasty coconut and delicate macaroon with simply the merest trace of fragile rose. An arousing musky base arises to add style to the better notes. 

This is a cheeky spring/summer scent that is most appropriate for daywear. 

Top Notes: 

White Pear, White Raspberry 

Mid Notes: 

Creme de Coconut, Pink Rose Petals 

Base Notes: 

Macaroon Sugar, Velvet Musk 

3. Ariana Grande Cloud EDP 

Ariana Grande CLOUD Eau de Parfum is an inspiring aroma; it is a decent mix of exquisite sweet praline, lavender, and coconut. It is fun and cheerful. 

CLOUD opens with an elevating blend of delicate pear and dazzling lavender, honed with a trace of fiery bergamot. A heart of cream-covered praline blended in with vanilla orchid and coconut expands the sweet energies. The base is musky and adds a hint of extravagance. 

It is an elevating, feel-great daytime fragrance that is ideal for any season. 

Top Notes: 

Lavender, Pear, Bergamot 

Mid Notes: 

Coconut, Cream, Praline, Vanilla Orchid 

Base Notes: 


4. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy EDP 

Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum is a coquettishly charming fruity yet unequivocally vanilla-based scent. It infuses a big portion of enticement as delicious berries and smooth cashmere wood. 

The opening is brilliant and fruity, with notes of blackberry, bergamot, and pear. A sweet, smooth heart before long sneaks in, with soft marshmallows becoming the dominant focal point. Traces of sweet florals are before long joined by a tasty base of vanilla and cashmere wood. 

This is a splendid female fragrance that is amazing for the spring and summer seasons. 

Top Notes: 

Blackberry, Bergamot, Pear 

Mid Notes: 

Jasmine, Frangipani, Honeysuckle, Crème de Cassis, Marshmallow 

Base Notes: 

Cashmere Wood, Vanilla 

5. Ari by Ariana Grande EDP

Ari by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum is a young and glad yet modern female daytime aroma that places a grin on your face. It is a scent comprising notes of brilliant citrus, sweet products of the heart. 

This scent has the punch of new grapefruit, which is mollified delicious raspberry and delicate pear. A flower heart of lily-of-the-valley rose and vanilla orchid blossoms provocatively. Upon dry-down, an erotic base of musk, woods, and sweet marshmallow gives it a sensual twist. 

It is an extraordinarily regular aroma. Appropriate for any season, however, more daywear instead of night. 

Top Notes: 

Pear, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry 

Mid Notes: 

Muguet (Lily-of-the-Valley), Rose, Vanilla Orchid 

Base Notes: 

Marshmallow, Musk, Woods 

6. Ariana Grande Moonlight EDP

Moonlight Eau de Parfum is a refreshing and certainty-boosting mix of succulent plum, blackcurrant, and vanilla covered in the pleasantness of marshmallow. It is an intense, provocative female aroma that gives you an increase in energy exactly when you need it.

This fragrance is fruity and sweet, delicious, rich plum, and sharp blackcurrant is the first to enchant the senses. A heart of delicate fine peony and soft marshmallow before long arises. Upon dry-down, a sexy flood of vanilla becomes generally recognizable, with shameless traces of warm golden and woody notes. 

It is a brilliantly relaxing pre-winter/winter scent that is similarly appropriate for day or nightwear.   

Top Notes: 

Dark Currant, Plum 

Mid Notes: 

Marshmallow, Peony 

Base Notes: 

Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla 

7. Ariana Grande Frankie 

Frankie Eau de Parfum is a sweet and fruity scent combined with spicy flavours and woody notes. It is an even fragrance of sweet natural products, flavours, and woods that don’t get carried away on the pleasantness

The opening is fruity and sweet, as delectable apricot and sweet pear are sprinkled with pink pepper. A heart of orchid blossoms and is upheld by arousing woody notes. It has a sweet, musky base yet holds loads of delicious apricot and pink pepper. 

It is a truly adaptable scent that can be worn for any season, day or night. 

Top Notes: 

Apricot, Pink Pepper, Pear 

Mid Notes: 

Cedar, Wild Orchid 

Base Notes: 

Sugar Notes, Sandalwood, Musk 

8.  Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy (Limited Edition) 

The limited edition of Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum holds a large part of similar pleasantness to the first Sweet Like Candy aroma yet presents sweet red berries and a more liberal aiding of marshmallow. The red berries, marshmallows, and cream make a delightful fragrance.

The opening is brilliant and fruity; this time, sweet red berries lead the charge, upheld by bergamot and pear. Contrasted with the first fragrance, the core is more flowery. The dry down brings a tsunami of sumptuous marshmallow and whipped cream adjusted by blackberry, cashmere wood, golden, and musk.

The pleasantness from the red berries adds more reach, making this an any-season aroma that is similarly appropriate for day or night.  

 Top Notes: 

Red berries, Bergamot, Pear 

Mid Notes: 

Jasmine, Frangipani, Honeysuckle 

Base Notes: 

Crème de Cassis, Marshmallow, Cashmere Wood, Blackberry, Amber, Musk 


The Ariana Grande Perfume assortment right now has 6 energizing aromas and 2 limited-edition releases. The star’s first scent, Ari by Ariana Grande, was delivered in 2015. Cloud, Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy, and Thank U, Next followed the first release. The most recent Ariana 2020 scent is R.E.M Eau de Parfum. 

Every aroma conveys a large portion of confidence and challenge. Differentiating sweet, energetic notes like marshmallows, coconut, and praline liven the fragrance with fascinating florals and sexy woods and musks. Hopefully, this list helps you to find the perfect fragrance made just for you!


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