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Best Nasomatto Fragrances for Unisex in 2021 -(Reviews)

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Nasomatto perfumes are newly introduced perfumes in the market. The very recent edition of its fragrances is launched in 2020, Nasomatto is an Italy based perfume brand which becomes one of the popular perfume brands in the world in a little span of time.  It is mainly introduced for fragrances. The perfumer who worked in this way is Alessandro Gualtieri. This article will be dealing with all the best Nasomatto fragrances for women. 

1. Nasomatto China White

This fragrance was launched in 2008 which majorly offers you floral woody musk fragrance. This fragrance is especially dedicated to women who look for notes of fresh flowers and woody accords. The famous perfumer behind this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri.  The crafting of the bottle is very simple and elegant. The cap with the shiny glass in the lower base makes the look completely sophisticated. 

Notes- This fragrance carries mesmerizing notes of powdery notes, woodsy notes, musk, floral notes and end note of rose.

Occasion – This fragrance is suited for autumnal and summer days.

2. Narcotic Venus Nasomatto  

This fragrance is especially dedicated to women. Narcotic Venus is famous for its floral fragrance. The crafting of this bottle is amazingly done, the woody design over the top of the bottle makes it look so sophisticated and the lower portion of the bottle in transparent glassy appearance complete its overall look giving it a decent and elegant touch.  This fragrance has a long-lasting fragrance and also has strong sillage. This perfume one of the best perfume for women introduced by Nasomatto.

Notes – This fragrance has amazing notes of Tuberose, jasmine, lily and spices.

Occasion – This fragrance is best for spring season.

3. Nasomatto Absinth

Nasomatto Absinth generally offers you a perfect blend of woody, sweet scent. This fragrance offers you an amazing aroma of woody and sweetness throughout the day. With this woody and sweet scent, Nasomatto Absinth also offers a refreshing green scent which creates a unique and elegant combination of these notes. This fragrance adds sophisticated sparkles to your attire which keep you enthusiastic through the day. This fragrance is a versatile one that would go with casual as well as formal wears. The versatility of this fragrance makes it the best among other Nasomatto perfumes. 

Notes – This fragrance has notes of vetiver, wormwood and green notes.

Occasion – It work perfectly in spring and autumn days.

4. Nasomatto Black Afgano –

This fragrance is well known for its cannabis notes. It also has other notes like green, woody with notes of tobacco which dry down with some oud note. The perfect blend of these notes which offers decent touch to your overall attire makes a versatile and popular fragrance. There are some notes in this fragrance that aren’t commonly used. Those who don’t prefer that peculiar notes might be this fragrance lie out of their box. But the overall view is that this fragrance is a dark, pleasant and rich scent.

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are cannabis, green notes, resins, wood notes, coffee, tobacco, incense and oud notes.

Occasion – It work perfectly during winters.

5. Nasomatto Silver Musk 

 This fragrance is purely carrying a single note of musk that makes it unique and fantastic among other Nasomatto perfumes. However, besides it has very clean, citrusy, and fresh notes with soapy scents.  Generally, this fragrance carries a single note of musk but on its application, we also collect different hidden notes that are mysteriously captured in the bottle of Nasomatto Silver Musk.  This uniqueness of the perfume is definitely worth the high price of the fragrance. 

Notes – The only note of Nasomatto Silver Musk is the note of musk.

Occasion – It perfectly goes with summers.

6. Nasomatto Blamage

This fragrance has strong notes of woody. This fragrance offers an elegant and unique touch to the overall look which enhances your beauty to explore outside the world. Blamage is among the newly introduced fragrance launched in 2014 under the brand house of Nasomatto.  This fragrance launched by the famous perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. The design and crafting of the bottle are amazingly done, the cap of the bottle appears to be in the shape of a marshmallow and the lower part of a bottle given some woody touch which mesmerizingly completes its whole look. Blamage is well known for its long-lasting fragrance and its strong sillage.

Notes- This fragrance has notes of musk, birch, white wood and leather.

Occasion – Best suited during autumnal and summer days.

7. Nasomatto Baraondo

This fragrance is also a newly introduced perfume under the house name of Nasomatto. Baraondo was launched in the year 2016 and introduced by one of the famous perfumer named Alessandro. This fragrance generally offers you an oriental woody fragrance. The longevity of this fragrance is very high and it also has strong sillage. The sensual aroma of this fragrance is superbly worth its price. This fragrance could be the perfect choice for all those who feel themselves as close to nature moreover with the woody aroma of nature.

Notes – This fragrance has notes of whisky, woody notes, musk mallow, ambroxan, rose and musk notes as its ends.

Occasion – Perfectly carried out during winters.

8. Nasomatto Nudiflorum Perfume  

This fragrance was introduced two years earlier in the market i.e. 2018 and become popular among both men and women because of its unique floral woody musk fragrance. This fragrance is an olfactory fragrance that touches your skin and becomes part of you as soon as its droplets sprayed. This fragrance is also launched by a famous perfumer named Alessandra Gualtieri. This fragrance has enormous sillage and eternal longevity.

Occasion – Best suited during spring and winters.

9. Fantomas Nasomatto

This fragrance is just arrived in the market in 2020, what makes it popular among men and women, is its exciting, rich and mesmerizing fragrance. The perfumer Alessandra Gualteri launched this fragrance. This fragrance is outstanding as it is full of joy, love and mystery that make others attracted to you. Fantomas is totally worthing perfume.

Notes – This fragrance has notes of melon, rubber, sweet notes, plastic, tropical fruit, smoke, gunpowder, cashmeran, earthy notes, caramel and patchouli.

Occasion – It perfectly goes with autumnal and sunny days.

10. Nasomatto Pardon

 This fragrance offers you a sweet pleasant scent of chocolates. The phenomenal scent of Nasomatto Pardon gives your attire a touch of classy and luxurious. This fragrance opens with sweet chocolate notes and on other hands, it turns down into woody and spicy notes, the amazing combination of these different notes left you to feel mesmerizing throughout the day. This chocolaty fragrance has an amazing luxurious vibe. The professional and elegant vibe of this fragrance makes it perfect to carry with your formal attire. The successful notes of this fragrance which is all about masculinity make it best for men. 

Notes – This notes of this fragrance are magnolia, chocolate, tonka bean, cinnamon, and sandalwood notes.

Occasion – Best for all seasons.

11. Nasomatto Duro

 This fragrance is well known for its woody and spicy notes. However, it is a combination of wood, spices and oud. This fragrance is among one of the fantastic fragrances of Nasomatto.  This fragrance is all masculine which goes perfectly with formals. This fragrance could also be worn on first dates to make an amazing first impression. The elegancy of this fragrance is totally Worthing its high price. This could be a nice fragrance for men that totally dedicated to bringing muscularity essence from the fragrance. 

Notes – The notes of this fragrance are wood, spices, and leather.

Occasion – It perfectly goes with winters.

Conclusion – 

Nasomatto is a newly introduced fragrance from the land of Itlay. Nasomatto becomes popular among men and women in a little span of time. The amazing fragrance, the eternal longevity, and the enormous sillage of the fragrance make it best for a perfect buy. Nasomatto comes up with some mesmerizing and elegant fragrances that add a decent touch to your attire which is fully Worthing with the price of the Nasomatto perfumes. Conclusively this fragrance could be considered the best fragrance in the world of perfumes.


Written by Redolence

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