Perfumes for Men Under Rs.1000

Best Perfumes for Men under Rs.1000 – (Reviews )

Hi, let me ask you a question, how many of you like to smell good? However, you are on a budget and looking for Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000. You may be thinking what a stupid question it is. Everyone wants to smell good. Everyone wants to stay clean, fresh, and groomed, whether it is a casual hangout, an important meeting, or a romantic date with your partner.

However, can everyone afford to make himself smell good all day? The answer is no, of course, a glass bottle with an expensive liquid comes in our mind when we talk of good perfumes. However, what if we tell you that you can buy and experience great perfumes at a very pocket-friendly cost? Got excited? Yes, we know it’s kind of unbelievable to listen to such statements. So, not wasting any time, let’s start our journey towards a place where you can get affordable perfumes which suits your personality.

Here we have provided you with a list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000 or even less than that.

1. Evaflor Whisky Vintage EDT

The first in our list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000 is from Evaflour and swagger can give you a fresh note at the start of your day. It has a nostalgic and elegant smell. The fragrance has a fine blend of smells like lemon, musk, and tonka beans. It has a comparatively less lasting time, but the great thing is that it will give you masculine touch, woody notes, and freshness until it remains.


The fragrance is Eau de Toilette

It has a spicy and sweet smell

This perfume is ideal for men

Comes in the quantity of 100ml

It has a time lasting time of 3 to 4 hours

2. AXE Signature Gold Perfume

We all know Axe is the world’s #1 Male Deodorant company. It has given some of the best perfume for men. Now it is at an affordable price also. People around you will get captivated by the bold, woody, and masculine fragrance. This perfume contains a nice blend of sophisticated and classy notes. The heart of the perfume consists of amber wood and sandalwood with some senses of freesia, red apple, and Italian bergamot. Axe Signature gold can make any occasion extra special. You can have the best of it by applying it on your pulse points. You can shine differently among the rest of the crowd.

3. Fogg Scent XPRESSION

How do you feel? Express. Who are you? Be. We bring you the latest fragrance from FOGG PERFUMES. Fogg Perfumes has been India’s no. 1 perfume brand in 2015 and sure to make in our list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000. It is a modern floral fragrance. This fragrance has been developed by keeping Indian conditions in mind. Fogg Scent Xpression unleashes the man in you. The fragrance is masculine, bold, and sexy. After applying this scent, you can remove your fears, have a great smile, and you can make your wild and sexy side come out. Ginger, bitter orange, rose, jasmine, honey-amber, and sandalwood are the fragrance notes present in the base. It has a lasting time of 4-5 hours of its application. This perfume should be directly applied to your body so that you can have a long-lasting aromatic effect.


Comes in the quantity of 100ml

The perfume is in spray form

Consists of 800 sprays

Eau De Parfum

Has a fresh and floral scent


It gives you a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance

Tip: Shake it before application, so that all the ingredients are mixed properly.

.       Spray it by keeping 15 cm away from the skin

4. Royal Mirage Gold Perfume

This fragrance is opulent and distinguished. Lavender and Violet are present in the heart notes with some black pepper and citrus rush of orange and juicy mandarin. Bottom notes consist of vanilla, which is swirled in golden amber. Complexity and sophistication are added by the rich leather. Undoubtedly this makes in our list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000


It has the quantity of 200ml

Deodorant spray type of fragrance.

Specially designed for men.

Long lasting effect


This smell is not so strong.

Someone who is nearby can only notice it

This product does not have a returnable policy if the product is not up to the mark.

5. All Good Scents Arise EDT

We bring you one of the best perfumes in 2020 at affordable prices. It is a perfect mixture of earthy, spicy, and woody aroma. These are the essential ingredients for the men’s perfume. It is for the men who want to make a powerful statement, and their presence felt when they are with other people. Orange, pepper, and patchouli are the main rulers of this fragrance. Mature and strong men can find an essential fragrance partner in this perfume, which helps them to set a remarkable mark of their personality. A sensuous and versatile fragrance can be found in this perfume. Its sharp and mysterious aroma portrays a level of sophistication. This attitude will make everyone attracted to you.


It has top notes of citrus and peppery orange, grapefruit,and pepper.

The heart notes are of patchouli, rose-bay, and geranium leaves.

The base notes give a final touch to this fragrance with benzoin, vetiver, and atlas cedar.

6. Ulric De Varens EDT

This perfume is made in France, packed with the French scents. You may not get an appealing packaging, but we are sure that this perfume is worth trying. You can get help with the written information, but still, we advise you to spray it on your wrist so that you can have a clear idea. This perfume has intoxicating and vivacious fragrances. First, you must get the information about the notes and accords.


Top notes consist of sage, Artemisia, mint, tangerine, and lemon.

The heart notes have vetiver, rosemary, galbanum

Musk, oakmoss, patchouli, jasmine are the base notes.

7. Marks and Spencer Men EDT

It is a sophisticated scent that is made with mandarin, lemon, and bergamot at the top notes. Top notes also consist of black sesame, pimento, warm cedar, and smooth white musk. It is made with integrity. A really good thing about this product is that no animals were tested in its creation. A burst of mandarin, grapefruit, and mint scents give a masculine and dynamic fragrance.


The middle notes consist of a warm and spicy aroma.

It has amber, patchouli with a deep leathery signature base.

With a deep leathery signature base.

The quantity is 100ml

It is suitable for all skin types

It is BUAV approved

8. Wild Stone Forest Spice

Another one that makes in our list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000.It has a woody and masculine base of sandalwood, votive and precious cedar. These fragrances are blended with notes of rosewood, carnation, and cinnamon in the heart notes of the perfume.  The freshness of apple, bergamot, plum, and citrus is found in the top notes. It has an exciting twist of oriental notes.


Quantity of 50 ml.

Spray type.

The perfume has a bright, fresh, and energetic.

The fragrance has a touch of woody and oriental notes.

Contains 95 percent of ethyl alcohol.

Specially created for men.

Eau De Parfum


This item cannot be returned if the product is not liked by the user

9. O.W. Perfume

Confident Men of today will get a revitalizing fragrance with this perfume. It is a handy perfume for men as it can be carried in a purse, office bag, cars, etc. The top note has a spicy citrus fragrance. The patchouli character is there at the heart note. Macho men of today have the best ideal perfume for them . This has to come in our list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000.


Great for any part of the day.

Long-lasting fragrance

The perfume has 36 months of expiring from the date of manufacturing

Base notes consist of sandalwood, cedarwood, which gives strength and it can last long all-day


The perfume is great for any type of occasion, whether it be office wear, evening wear and party wear.

It comes with attractive pricing

Fancy packaging

10. Adidas Pure Game EDT

Here comes a sporty brand for you, Adidas. It has offered men the most and best complete care to each time of the year for any sporty situation. Adidas is a brand that helps you to unlock your full potential. It is a bold and unexpected fragrance. This scent is a tribute to the world’s most popular game, cricket. The smell of grapefruit and mandarin comes at the first spray. The top note also consists of green basil and fresh pepper fragrances. The heart note has the smell of aromatic lavender mix with a wood record of guaiac and Cyprus that gives you a radiant elegance and a sense of modern masculinity. The base note has the smell of rare patchouli and Tambo, which gives addictive and sensual notes.

11. Nike Fission EDT

Next on our list Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000 is NIKE. Many people are looking for an affordable perfume, which can add freshness in their day-to-day life. Are you one of them? Well, congratulations, your search is over here. Nike Fission EDT for Men Green has been introduced by the Nike brand. It has a 100ml a glass bottle.


Lasts for 9 hours

The perfume has a floral and fruity fragrance.

The perfume has bergamot, cardamom, pepper, and grapefruit extracts.

Scent has woody ingredients


It has a refreshing smell

Applying it will enhance your personality

A man gets complimented for his best qualities with this perfume

It has a peppery and fruity aroma.

12. Yardley London Gentleman Classic EDT

It has a modern, sophisticated fragrance. The ravishing Yardley London has fresh citrus and spicy blend of cardamom and black pepper. These scents are mixed with a soft heart of floral notes that rest on a luxurious accord of sandalwood, musk, amber, and a sweet note of white chocolate. Yardley has a contemporary taste and sophistication. Pure English Luxury is mixed with masculine aromas. These are combined with a warm woody base. The perfume has a long-lasting fragrance. It has a men’s range that can help you in renewing and refreshing your grooming routine.


It has a quantity of 50 ml

The item form is spray

It is specially designed for the men

The spray type is Eau De Toilette

13. Jovan Black Musk E.D.C.

It is a scent that is suitable for winters. A pure musky scent. This scent is designed for men, which gives you a sensual fragrance. It has intense and overpowering notes. The application of this scent will make you confident and mysterious, as these notes are dark, daring, and dangerously seductive. If you want to be more desirable, you must have a smell of musky notes. So just go on and apply a musky scent on yourself and enjoy it.


It is a high-quality material product

Wear it whenever going on a romantic date

It is a beauty group product

It is a cologne

The product has manufacturing done in the U.S.A.

14. Denver Hamilton

The perfume is created by a world-famous brand that brings you one of the most used collections of perfume called belle girl. It is a fully authentic product and has the highest possible quality. This fragrance compliments your style. Wearing this fragrance will make the heads turn towards you when you wear it.


Lasts long for 7-8 hours

Comes in a blue bottle

Has a natural fragrance



It is manufactured by leading perfume brands.

It is not only for you, but your known, i.e., friends, relatives. Thinking why? The answer is because it is for all age groups.

It is a stand out fragrance. It will make your love life great.

 15. Titan Skinn

Last but not the least on our list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000 is Verge. Skinn Verge is great in representing the masculinity of France. The perfume was made in a beautiful masterpiece by the French artisans. It can be the perfect fragrance when you want to flaunt yourself. This scent can be worn anytime, whether a casual day with friends, an office meeting, or a romantic date. It always works like a best friend for you. It is perfectly designed for the men with the winning attitude. Skinn Verge by Titan is an Eau De Parfum for the men, and it has a bold fragrance.


The top notes are of Lemon and Lavender

Middle notes consist of Oak Moss and Patchouli

Spearmint and Mahonia are the base notes.


It gives a feeling of living on the edge of the men.

It brings the classy gentleman out of you.


So men, what do you say now? We’re sure you had a great view of what’s best for you and your pockets. You’ll find many best perfumes in India with an affordable range. It’s up to you, which one you want to try, which suits best with your personality. We know, searching for the best kind for yourself can be a great boon.  Therefore, to help you out, we brought you a list of Best Perfumes for men under Rs.1000 so that it can be easy for you to get the fragrance of your type. Grab your fragrance, and give feedback on it in the comments section.

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