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Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes for Women – (Reviews )

In this blog, we have shared Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2020 to help fragrance lovers choose the best perfume for themselves and to gift to their loving ones. We have shared all information related to each perfume, including the launch of perfume, notes of the perfume, occasions on which the perfume can be used. The style, and mood for which that perfume can be used. We have also shared the pros and cons of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes available in the market. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and offer us the opportunity to serve with more excellent quality articles to enhance your knowledge base and buy the best perfumes.

Victoria’s Secret brand is more famous for its lingerie than the perfumes, but now they have been releasing new Victoria perfumes regularly since the early 1990s. This brand has almost introduced 300+ different types of perfumes in their repertoire. Still, it has been extremely difficult for the people to choose from a wide variety of scents and to find out which one of the scents may suit them without having to try several scents.

After searching through the number of collections to find the Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2020 was indeed a tough task, but it is a task that can be completed. Here in this blog, we have accumulated some of the best scents that have been rated according to the different factors. We have come up with is the eclectic list of perfumes that will prove beneficial to anyone who has been looking for a perfume that suits them well.

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink for Women : 

This perfume was introduced in the year 2013, which is known both as Pink and Original Pink. This fragrance from the Victoria secret is a fruity fragrance that many of the women are looking out in this scent. Although the fragrance from this scent is not that complex, it is very much interesting and produces an unforgettable scent. 

This perfume has notes which are intermingled and intertwine in some interesting ways. The three notes are neroli, peony flowers, and mandarin orange. This combination of fruity floral fragrance is initially sweet on the nose, but it can be described as fragile and feminine when you wear this perfume. It is a nice smelling perfume for the young women out there.

2. Victoria ‘s Secret Heavenly Perfume :

This perfume was launched in the year 2014, and it is one of the most popular Victoria edition perfumes, which has been redesigned and made a completely fresh look. This perfume continues the trend towards the simplicity of many Victoria perfumes. It is a pure blend of scent. Just come together to work to permeate this formulation.

Four different notes make this combination. There are vanilla and sandalwood, along with the peony and white mask. However, these combinations are not that much sophisticated, instead of do present an aura of enchantment, which is not easy to disregard, which makes it sexy, irresistible, and alluring. This new perfume is embellished with a cap that gives the perfume a pair of wings with the tiny crystals.

3. Victoria’s Secret Eau De Parfum Eau So Sexy:

This perfume was launched in the year 2014. This perfume has not been around for long days like other Victoria’s perfumes, but it is a scent that is worth exploring. It is a floral fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. This perfume has a scent that smells like a dessert bar. This fragrance features apple and bergamot.

The top notes of this perfume consist of apple and bergamot, and it tenders notes of the whipped cream dance through it. In addition, it might not be the most sophisticated perfume available, but it is one of the sweet scents on the nose. Moreover, it might not be the perfume that endures longevity but, surely, it has slight silage that is fun to wear.

4. Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist for Women :

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist is not that of a mature scent, but it is a scent that is for younger audiences’ hearts, and it is considered as one of the Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes. The top notes of this perfume consist of cherry blossoms and peaches. In addition, the heart notes or middle notes include aloe vera and the base note consist of chamomile. All these notes are combined to create a scent that is energetic and vibrant. 

This fragrance has longevity but has moderate silage, which prevents the wearer from applying the perfume repeatedly. Although it is not a perfume that everyone will enjoy its fragrance, surely, that this perfume seems to be the custom made for the women who are not ready for middle age. As it improves your mood and feels fresh when you wear it. 

5. Victoria’s Eau de Cologne Rapture :

Although it might be true that many of these Victoria’s secret perfume smell like a candy scent profile, which is usually most appropriate for the young girls than women, this scent is a little bit different from others. This is especially a mature scent that many women are going to adore it. It is truly a sexy scent. 

The top notes of this scent contain citrus with heart notes consist of rose, jasmine, and freesia bouquet scents. At its very base is where the simplicity of the fragrance comes together, so the base notes include vanilla, amber, and musk. It is where the buyer will observe beautiful and lingering notes of all the combinations of the base note, and it is truly a mature perfume.

6. Victoria’s Secret EDP Very Sexy Spray :

This fragrance was introduced in the year 2014, and it is an intoxicating scent with familiar notes, an almost sophisticated and very provocative. As it is the product that shines down but it seems to be the very unisex appeal that is very hard to describe. It is the best composition as it tickles your senses with a blend of these notes.

On its face, the product might appear to be a retro scent, but it seems to be a curious blend of vanilla and blackberries orchids with just a splash of clementine on it. Although, at first, when we reviewed this perfume, we expected that it was a floral mass-marketed perfume, what it was a surprise. It might not be a scent for everyone, but for those who appreciate it has to be a conversation starter.  

7. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Spray for Women :

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell was released in the year 2010, and it is a big scent that is particularly designed for bold women who want to be the centre of attraction. In addition, it does a great job of capturing the sentiments of the people.  With exciting fruity notes, this perfume is ready to make a big impression around them.

The top notes of this perfume consist of pineapple, strawberry, passion fruit, tangerine, and strawberry. After it pushes on fruity notes, this perfume strikes back with the heart notes. These notes are floral and sweet, and it includes the scents of red berries, peony, and vanilla orchid. While considering its base notes, everyone will have a good whiff of wood, musk, and moss.

8. Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace :

This perfume was launched in the early 2000s and has been known to be the perfume that can be worn a year around. It is often named as the exotic perfume that has an Asian flair to it and considered one of the Best Victoria’s Secret perfumes. The main note of this perfume is the base note, as it is the one that describes this fragrance. 

The top notes of this fragrance include musk that mingles and intertwines with the base. And the base notes consist of vanilla, and it is the one this scent makes it so fascinating. The resulting scent profile makes the men lick their lips because the end composition is as sweet on the nose as the buttercream is on the lips. 

9. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Spray :

Dream Angels Divine perfume was launched in the year 2000, and it does not diminish the fact that this is a great scent. It is very difficult to distinguish between the perfume’s top notes with the heart notes as all of them seem to run together, but it still maintains an even composition throughout. 

The perfume includes both the earthier notes and floral notes, as many people consider it a good daytime perfume for spring and summer. This fragrance has moderate silage and longevity, which helps the people not to re-apply scent in their bodies. Some of the notes which are found in this perfume include lily, rose, amber, jasmine, and a touch of musk.

10. Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease :

This perfume was released in the year 2010 as part of the Sexy Little Things collection. It is a type of perfume that alludes to flirting, playfulness, and a lot more. All the combinations of notes make this perfume better, and it is considered as one of the Best Victoria’s secret perfumes. The perfume has top notes which consist of apple, pear, and orange.

In addition, the heart notes of the fragrance include jasmine, gardenia, freesia, and spring floral scents of magnolia. At the down of the centre of this fragrance, are almost undetectable notes of praline, vanilla, amber with a touch of sandalwood throughout. The main thing about this perfume is that its silage is moderate and soft but also maintains good longevity. 

11. Victoria’s Secret Wicked Perfume :

This perfume was launched in the year 2017, and it has a very different smell from other Victoria’s Secret fragrances. These are floral and fruity types, but “Wicked” is a more dark and intense fragrance. It is a dark, edgy, and intense fragrance with the notes of black sugar, freesia, and Tahitian vanilla.  As when you spray it, its top notes smell fruity and fades after some time.

Base notes are vanilla and sugary, which lingers throughout the day. The perfume comes in a white and black glass bottle, which is quite heavy but feels so luxurious. There are lacey flowers on the bottle, which gives it a very sexy look. It is best suited for fall-winter and romantic evenings, and the perfume smells good all night.

12. Victoria’s Secret Intense Perfume :

This intense perfume was launched in the year 2016, as it is a warm, feminine scent, which is known for its intense aroma. Intense is announced as an edgy, dark yet sophisticated perfume. In addition, the face of this perfume is VS Angel Adriana Lima. Here in this perfume, the interesting notes will combine to make it a dark and feminine scent.

The top notes of this perfume consist of plum noir and saffron, which links through the heart notes of forbidden apple and creamy floral notes. The base note is that of a salted coconut praline and suede musk. The elegant pink glass bottle is decorated with a silky black tassel with a black cap. The scent is best suited for the fall/winter season.

13. Victoria’s Secret Love Star :

Love star by Victoria is a floral scent for women. This perfume was launched in the year 2018, and it is an oriental floral fragrance. Moreover, it is considered as one of the Best Victoria’s secret perfumes. It is a fresh and uplifting scent that combines white florals and luscious tart fruits, including soft spice and delicate aromatic nuances.

The top notes of this perfume include green apple and ozone notes. In addition, it is softened by sweetly floral, intoxicating white lily blooms and by velvety almond facets of crisp apricot along with lush. At last, it finishes off with the juniper and smooth rum. It is an oriental, floral fragrance ideally suited for casual daytime wear in summer and spring season. The silage and longevity of this perfume are good.

14. Victoria’s Secret Supermodel For Women :

This supermodel perfume was released in the year 2007 in the notes of floral and fruity. It is a feminine scent that is designed to be worn all around during the day. Victoria recommends these perfumes to a woman who wants to feel sexy, marvellous, and glamorous and always keeps your mood fresh. 

The top notes of the fragrance consist of Chinese berries and with the heart notes of peach blossom. The base notes include that of deep and warm sandalwood. And the bottle of the perfume is packed in a classic bottle with a golden stopper, and it is mainly designed for women. As it has moderate silage and longevity, which makes it ideal for all other occasions.

15. Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Body Mist :

In General, if you want to smell fruity, then this edition is for you. When you wear this scent, it automatically captures the attention of others around you. The buyers suggest this perfume as this is considered as one of the Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2020. You can use this perfume every day during work or the night.

This perfume also belongs to the ‘secret garden collection,’ and it gives the undertones of apple blossom, ylang-ylang, peach, and pomegranate. As it is a fruity smell, it can easily catch the attention of others. They will want to smell this irresistible smell. As you may know that it is a mist, so the smell of the fragrance does not last long. 

Buyer’s Guide for Victoria Secret Perfumes: 

Victoria’s secret is a company that is famous for lingerie, invisible bras, angel walking down runaways. Nowadays, people realize more and more news that this company will produce some of the most delightful perfumes. However, many of the people do not realize that this company has over 350+ perfumes in their perfumer line. As there are many perfumes in the collection, people find it almost difficult to choose the Best Victoria Secret Perfumes that are available in the market. However, it is not the case. Anyone with a little information about the perfume can choose which perfume is best for you and your loved ones.

Let us look at the history of Victoria’s secret to enhance your knowledge base.

History of Victoria Secret:

Victoria’s secret is a company that has a unique history. Roy Raymond and Gaye Raymond founded the company in the year 1977. The company has been founded because Roy Raymond thought that the underwear, which is packaged and nightgowns, was ugly. A few years back, when he tried to buy lingerie for his wife at a department store, he felt the experience was so embarrassing. He thought that all of the nightgowns, which the department was selling are very much ugly, and the department of the store also marked him, unwelcomed guest, so he wanted to open a store so that the men should enjoy shopping. 

So the Roy Raymond borrowed a total of $80,000, i.e., he borrowed $40000 from his parents and an additional $40000 from the bank and then established Victoria’s Secret. In addition, he opened his first store in Palo Alto, California, in the Stanford Shopping Center. The idea behind the name came from Queen Victoria with the idea of secret clothing lingerie hidden beneath day-to-day clothing. Since his wife was in a sorority which is called Pi Beta Phi, which is used, angels as their mascot. Therefore, he decides to implement this idea Victoria’s Secret angels into the marketing and image of the company.

During the first year of the company, it generated half a million sales, and as in the early 1980s, it was making around $7 million in a year. Also, after a year, their sales have been gradually increased. Moreover, they wanted to improve or increase their business model, so they decided to get into the perfume industry in the year 1992. The name of the perfume, which they were released, was Rapture – it is a perfume that was based on a citrus and floral blend of notes.

From the early 1990s to the present, the company has released several perfumes and won many industry awards like Fragrance of the Year Awards, Consumer Choice Awards, and even an award for Best Packaging of the Year. The company has released approximately 353 perfumes in their collection and is going to introduce new collections in the future too. The company is focused on bringing the most innovative fragrances in the market to meet the expectations of all sorts of people.

How to choose the right Victoria’s Secret Perfumes:

Before buying a perfume that suits you, it is very important to sort out the fragrance into the scents that you almost like, and some of the fragrance you like and some fragrance you do not like. Almost there are plenty of scents, and choosing the one that fits you the most might be some difficult task. So one way to sort of these various fragrances is through the fragrance wheel.

If you are not familiar with the fragrance wheel, let us sum it up quickly for you. The wheel will sort the perfume notes according to Floral, Oriental, Fresh, and Woody Notes. Besides, each of these is further divided into smaller subcategories, which include Aromatic, Dry Woods, and Fruity or Floral. How do this fragrance wheel will help in choosing the fragrance? You first must decide which notes you may like, and they find the perfumes based on those notes. 

Choosing the Right Fragrance Type: 

Whenever most people come across the scent, they will call it a perfume, even if the fragrance is not especially a perfume. It is because many people do not know the nomenclature behind the fragrances. As many of the people do not know the difference between the EDT sprays, perfumes and parfums. In addition, their strengths and longevity. Therefore, we are here to educate our readers to find out which type of perfumes is best for them. 

Eau de Parfum:

This is the strongest type of fragrance that the company offers. Here the fragrance will last about 7-8 hours and is dabbed on the skin for better results. 

Eau de Toilette:

It offers the light body mist, and it lasts for 6 hours. It is mainly designed to use during the daytime.

Eau de Cologne:

This type of fragrance is mainly light, and it will last for about 4 hours on average. 


Perfumes assists in enhancing our personality in society. People remember us for our scent. Therefore, people are getting more interested in buying perfumes. One can find different varieties of perfumes in the market. These perfumes are made by the world’s best perfume maker companies. Victoria’s secret is one of the best perfume maker companies across the globe. Victoria’s Secret perfumes are highly popular among girls as well as women of a certain age. This brand is providing best quality products since its execution and is dedicated to meet the expectations of the people.

As there are so many brands, Victoria perfumes available in the market so choosing the best perfume for yourself and for your loving ones is not an easy task. In this blog, we have tried our best to provide honest reviews on best Victoria perfumes in 2020 for you to consider. The list provided above is a game-changer and will surely assist in choosing the best Victoria’s Secret perfume in 2020.

We have listed the products that can be used on every occasion and are applicable for people with any sort of mood. You just have to pick the notes you love most and make your purchase. Check the perfume that fits your mood and your loving ones also. Choose any one of the best Victoria’s Secret perfume and have a tranquil feeling. Do not forget to share your reviews in the comment box.

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