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Best Pheromone Perfumes for Women – (Reviews)

In 2020, Pheromone Perfumes for women is an excellent point of discussion. We hear news about whether they work well or not, but out of many Perfumes in the market, some of them are good as a fragrance.

With this endless discussion about Pheromone Perfumes, we have reviewed and rated some of the best Pheromone perfumes for women. 

Let us move ahead and explore this range of affordable and unique perfumes supported by science. 

What are Pheromones? How do they work in Human Colognes?

Pheromones are a type of Odorless Chemicals. They are transported through air from one party to another, from animal to human body. These chemicals are widely known to have the potential of attracting individuals and creating romantic and sexual attraction between them. 

Pheromones are well known to stimulate the vomeronasal organ. The organ is a small receptor of chemicals in the nose. 

The receptor, on the other hand, is connected to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the gland that responds to chemicals responsible for emotions. 

Different studies around the world had claimed that male and females hormones are known to have distinct mental activity in humans when smelled by other gender or sex. It confirms the authenticity of Pheromones to a large extent. 

Pheromones in perfumes is a new concept and do have any existing competitor in the market until not. 

Pheromones imported from either humans or animals are added to the perfumes as a standalone. 

 They have many pros, and anti – groups from here cannot be judged how reliable these are.

Let us talk about the top 10 best Pheromone Cologne for women in 2020:

1. Zarko Pink MolAcule for Women


Ingredients: Champagne, black orchid, apricot, and black elder.

The Perfume is in line with the concept of pink champagne mixing, including some Nordic elements. Zarko perfume was launched in the year 2014. 

Perfume lovers who had tried this piece got connected with innocense and purity to this state of the art cologne. Very few perfumes are available in the market that goes from top to base notes, and Zarko is one of those. 


  • A sense of purity and innocence. 
  • The rare product with top and base notes

To rate it:

Ideal for: Women

Value for money: 7/10


Among the top notes, there is a mixture of ingredients like the black elder, black orchid, apricot, and champagne. You must follow the fragrance for some time to notice how unique this is. Moreover, because the notes jump from first to base very quickly, to add the richness, the base notes consist of blackwood and mahogany. 

If you wish to take things to the next level by adding spices or if you are going on a romantic date, then this Perfume is something you can depend upon. This piece of Perfume comes with long-lasting power, and with the great sillage that fills up the atmosphere with a sense of happiness. 

With more towards the softer side, this fragrance lasts about 6 – 7 hours. This is undoubtedly one of the best Pheromone Perfumes for Women.

2. Do Me Premium Pheromones


Make your crush go crazy with you or make yourself a centre of attraction with a couple of sprays from this Perfume. 

This product from Do Me is another remarkable creation. With the sole motive of making you more attractive, this Perfume makes you more visible and make men notice you more. This has all the reason to be in our list of Best Pheromone Perfumes for Women.

To rate it: 

Ideal for: Women

Value for money: 7.5/10

Longevity: 6.5/10

The blend with this product has been created with the four most popular and effective human grade pheromones. 


  • Powerful stuff
  • More attractive than it’s competitors


  • Not a long-lasting product

Every bottle of Pheromones Perfume carries not less than 57mg of pheromones. It is among the largest concentration of any other product in the market. Another convenient feature is its small bottle. Its bottle is so small, and it easily fits the hands and also be carried in the pocket. 

However, If we talk about the best positive aspect of the product is that it is free from harmful chemicals. These chemicals can undoubtedly harm the wearer. It is also neither tested on animals nor contains any animal-derived contents.

3. Gucci Rush 2


Ingredients: spicy and floral notes

This Perfume was launched in 2001 after the success of Gucci Rush. It is a very affordable and attractive Pheromone Perfumes for Women. It makes the wearer truly irresistible. 

Ideal for: women

Value for money: 7/10

Longevity: 6.5/10 

With a combination of spicy and floral notes, the fragrance has proved to have a unique combination. The top notes consist of musk, rose, and freesia. It ends with oakmoss and palm.


  • Authentic product
  • Followed by a big name


  • Not a long-lasting product

4. Coco Mademoiselle


Ingredients: grapefruits, Sicilian oranges, bergamots. 

Coco Mademoiselle was introduced in the year 2001. It came from the house from Chanel as Eau de Parfum. The nose behind this attractive and beautiful Perfume is Jacques Polge. 

This Perfume with pheromones have a sexy, feminine, attractive, and young and surely a must-have for every lady. 

The heart notes consist of jasmine and rose extracts. The top notes consist of grapefruits, bergamots, and Sicilian oranges. The base notes of this perfume consist of vetiver, vanilla, and patchouli


  • Rich in ingredients
  • A light scent


  • Consists of mixed reviews, positive and negative.

5. Dior Hypnotic Poison


Ingredients: Anise and Carnation

This Hypnotic Poison comes from the house of Dior. The creator of this Perfume is Annick Menardo. It was launched in the year 1998. This is a mesmerizing perfume which is known for it’s sensual and addictiveness. With the beautiful heart notes of Anise and carnation, the Perfume is filled up with a unique combination. 

The base note of the Perfume has a combination of amber and sandalwood


  • Attractive bottle design
  • Good packaging 


  • Aggressive scent.

6. Paris Hilton Heiress EDP


Ingredients: Apple, oranges, alcohol, and Melon

This Perfume is the first one endorsed by Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton from Parlux Fragrance is a very attractive and seductive perfume.

The top notches consist of Melon, oranges, and apple. The heart consists of tuberose, jasmine, lily, and mimosa. It ends with musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood. 


  • A mixture of fruity ingredients
  • Attractive scent


  • May not be suitable for hard scent lovers.

7. Cacharel Amor Amor


Ingredients: white musk, vanilla, lily, sandalwood.

This Perfume from the house of Cacharel is for a woman who seeks adventure. The notes in this Perfume are fruity and floral, i.e., blood orange, grapefruit, white musk, metal jasmine, vanilla, lily of the valley, and sandalwood. 


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Adventurous smell


  • Priced on a higher side

8. Hugo Boss Deep Red


Another cool and seductive perfume in our list of Pheromone Perfumes for Women is Hugo Boss Deep Red for Women. It is a very sensual perfume that is made for today’s modern, provocative, and independent women. 


  • Followed by a big brand name
  • A trustable product
  • Full to modern capabilities


  • Not everyone loves the deep smelling scent.

9. Lancome Hypnose


Ingredients: woody, oriental notes, and sunny.

Hypcome is a seductive and exotic perfume for the hose of Lancome. With the add on the passion of flowers and gourmand nuance, this Perfume stands out from the odds and is a kind of addiction. 


  • Flowery smells make it more natural.


  • Less known product

10. Clinique Aromatics Elixir


Ingredients: Chamomile, sage, and verbena.

Aromatics Elixir the most premium and the top-selling Perfume from the house of Clinique to date. It belongs to the unique classification of perfumes called chypre – floral.

The heart notes consist of rose, geranium, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and tuberose. The top notes consist of sage, verbena, and Chamomile. The endnotes consist of patchouli and oakmoss. 


  • Formed from the unique classification
  • Affordable pricing. 

11. Pheromones For Women Pheromone Perfume Spray


Get his attention with specifically designed secretion fragrance to charm to his wishes. This definitely makes in our list of Pheromone Perfumes for Women.

Elegant secretion fragrance scent that’s each effective in attracting men, however additionally smells wonderful.

Pharmaceutical grade human pheromones fragrance that works for over twenty four hours when being applied to permit time for the Pheromones to draw in Men.

Patented 50mg mix of pheromones together with Estratetraenol and Copulins.

Buyers’ guide

There are products that are available in the market. Everyone rush to buy the best one. As an individual can go trying out each product separately, so to make it concise, the list of top 10 has been created according to the category of products and people. 

However, you will find a separate listing on both the genders, i.e., male and female. 

The variety and choice of products vary from person to person. Some need natural products, some need alcohol free, and some need such products that may last longer than the others. 

There are products with a potent smell, and every individual prefers a particular brand according to the smell or scene of his likes or dislikes. 

Some products also have side effects in hot or tropical climatical regions. So, there is a need to look for a suitable product before you invest in it. 

To analyze the product more deeply, one must look after the ingredients being mentioned. Based on the presence of ingredients, an individual can qualify the product as good or bad, as per his/her preference. 

Another way to qualify the product is by looking after the brand of the country where it is manufactured. With the brand value, you can also determine the product’s effectiveness and quality. 

Fragrance products even vary as per the type of clothing. It completely matters, son, what kind of clothes do you wear. As per the clothing sense, you can choose the Perfume of your choice. 

It is also suggested that before investing in a product, go for its reviews first. You may or may not buy the product, but based on the customer’s review, you can collect a brief idea about the product’s quality. The feedback from different customers around the country helps you to understand whether the product is good for you or not. 

Nowadays, people are suggested to go online and search for the product. Going online gives you knowledge about the product. However, remaining offline does not help you to gain any knowledge about the product. Sometimes, offline markets provide the wrong products, and the problem is faced by the customer itself. 

The most important aspect of the product is its ph balance. If it is high, then it is a matter to avoid the product. 

People prefer affordable products. If the brand keeps the pricing on a higher side, it doesn’t state that the product will automatically be good. As we discussed, women’s fragrance, and they are much conscious about the pricing. So to make a perfect choice, different aspects, along with the pricing, should be kept in mind. 

To sum up, it all depends on the customer’s liking, i.e., hard scent or a soft one, the ph scale, the brand, and the price at which it is offering the product. 


By discussing the top Pheromone Perfumes for women, You would have got a grasp of what the brands are offering in the market. Different brands with different ingredients ought to provide the best to their customer.

However, the likes and dislikes of the customer still strike in place. It is a massive topic of discussion about the parameter that a customer will judge a brand. But, people prefer to buy those products that fulfill the need and provides the best of smells (as in case of Women scent matters a lot). 

You could instead recommend everyone to use Pheromone or can gift your boyfriend or husband a new one. It is a high chemical and has great importance in human life for an attractive purpose. 

These products are highly recommended, which bring a complete change in your life. Most of the Pheromones are available at a high price with the best quality in the market. 

All it does is boosting confidence in a person’s social life. Keeping in mind the reviews, recommendations, and self-made analysis, you can find the best one that suits your need. You can try any one of the top 10 Pheromone cologne for women to gift it to your girlfriend or wife. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section box.

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