Opalescent Highlighter

Reasons Why You Should Try A DIY Opalescent Highlighter

“Beauty lies in naturality” this line is not only meant for saying but also applies to us. We all are very well versed about how our daily lives got stuck in busy schedules and rush. And in managing our day-to-day schedule sometimes we end up avoiding taking care of our skin and faces. We found it always convenient to buy products from markets that mostly contain harmful chemicals and also cost expensive.

In this article, we will see some sort of homemade opalescent highlights which 100% will provide you with sure and effective results. You will fall in love with this highlighter. This one will be gentle and soft to your skin, totally natural, and avoid any kind of skin irritation. So, let’s get started with the article to know about it in detail kindly read this article thoroughly.

Ingredients required to make opalescent highlighter –

· A moisturizing cream.

· Any eyeshadow palette

· Vitamin E oil

· An bowl

· Small Container to store product

· A spoon for mixing

· A nail filer for Scraping out

Procedure –


Take a half teaspoon of moisturizing cream in an empty bowl. A moisturizing cream will provide a perfect base for the highlighter and will help it in making long-lasting and smooth and also add some sort of shine to it.

Step 2

Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to the bowl. Vitamin E oil will make the highlighter hydrating and long-lasting on the skin.

Step 3

Scrap the eyeshadow of your choice whichever color you want and drop the scrap eyeshadow in the bowl and mix all the ingredients well until a whipped, highlighter lie consistency is achieved.

Step 4

After mixing them well transfer the product into an empty container and store it accordingly.

Now your highlighter is ready to use, you can apply it as any cream base highlighter. This is your homemade highlighter which is very cost-efficient and easy to make. It just takes a few minutes and you are up with your highlighter. 

You can make as many highlighters of different colors and shades according to your choice by following 4 easy and simple aforementioned steps. This highlighter is better to apply on the high points of your face, on your shoulders, or your collarbones for its best result. It will give you an all-natural glow and don’t look too shiny and shimmery.

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