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Best Guerlain Perfumes for Women / Men – (Reviews)

The Guerlain is the oldest French fragrance house with 175 years of outstanding trade, passion, and tradition. The Guerlain has always used opulent and rare elements for its scents, such as French vanilla or ylang-ylang from their vegetation in the Comoro Islands. Not only that, but Guerlain also has an innovator that uses artificial elements. Jicky was the first fragrance of the Guerlain Perfumes brand that contained synthetic ingredients is coumarin. 

The Guerlain brand started by Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain in 1928. During the starting days, they used only Hygienic products. The Guerlain made a fragrance for his customer, and over time, he revolved the business into a highly profitable company that became an official scent for several European courts. 

After him, his’s son took over and made Alme Guerlain as prominent perfume. His popular scent was Jicky, created in 1889. It is the first “modern” scent. It is also believed that it was he who made it the so-called “Guerlinade”- the Guerlain trademark base notes used for creation many Guerlain scents.

His Nephew Jacques Guerlain took over the Guerlain brand. He made some of the most popular scents of the house, comprising L’Heure Bleue in 1921, Mitsouko (1919), and Shalimar (1925), which is one of the best Guerlain housed. 

Jean-Paul Guerlain is the grandson of the Jacques Guerlain. During the initial, he was assisted, then made his first “solo,” providing the now-popular vetiver (1959). He also knows as made comprise Habit Rouge, Chamade, Eau de Guerlain, and Nahema. The Guerlain fragrance house was a family business until 1994 after it was sold to Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. In 2002, the family tradition of Guerlain ended with Jean-Paul Guerlain’s turn over, though he continues to work for the house as a consultant. 

Guerlain is an old fragrance house and has around 421 perfumes in our perfume base. The first edition was made in 1840 and the latest was made in 2020. Guerlain scents were made in co-operation with perfumes Jean-Paul Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, Jacques Guerlain, Mathilde Laurent, Sophine Labbe, Aime Gurelain, Sylvaine Delacourte, Randa Hammami, Delphine Jelk, Christophe Raynaud and many more. 

In this blog, you will come across various best Guerlain perfumes in 2021. We have shared complete details of each perfume including notes and others.

Best Guerlain perfumes in 2021:

1. Guerlain Homme:

Guerlain Homme is a fantastic perfume with a refreshing holiday fragrance. This perfume reveals with refreshing notes of rum, mint, and lime. These notes are also elements to a mojito, and that is actually what you’d be smelling here. This mojito fragrance will stay there for some time, which is followed by some soft woody and green notes. However, with this perfume, you mainly get refreshing notes of lime and rum, along with a cooling element of mint. Truly a fantastic perfume with an interesting unruly aspect.

The notes of the perfume are vetiver, cedar, rum, geranium, bergamot, mint, mojito, and lime. The Guerlain Homme is a fantastic perfume to wear during the summer season. This perfume does not only have bracing fragrance, but it also has the feeling of being on a lovely holiday in a tropical region. These two aspects make for a fantastic summer scent. This scent has revived, holiday feeling makes it the best casual wear—the best summer outfit, which, when combined with this perfume, will get you notable. 

2. Guerlain Imperiale:

Guerlain Imperiale is a wonderful perfume with its roots are back to the 1800s. However, this is a modern play on the original form 1800s. Despite this, this is still a fantastic perfume. The perfume has an amazingly clean, citrus revealing. After some time, you can start to note a hint of lavender. The base of the fragrance is very fresh and clean notes, followed by many, many years of changes. 

The top notes of the perfume are bergamot, neroli, verbena, lemon, and orange. The middle note of the fragrance is lavender. The base notes of the fragrance are cedarwood and Tonka beans. The Guerlain Imperiale is a wonderful perfume to wear during the summer season. This scent has an excellent fresh beginning, which is best for some get-up kick morning. However, it could work as a scent to keep you lively and fresh throughout the day. This perfume is best for casual wear, as well as formal wear. The only disadvantage of this scent is that it doesn’t have longevity. However, the price of the smell made it for that, and with affordable price. 

3. Guerlain I’Homme Ideal:

Guerlain I’Homme Ideal is a belle perfume with robust notes of tonka beans and almond. The perfume begins with citrus and zesty note. With this fresh fragrance comes with a note of almond, which offers you with a nutty, little sweet note after some time, you can start notable the Tonka beans, which add a creamy sweetness. This creamy sweetness goes belle with the almond perfume. The sweetness is not too overwhelming 

The top notes of the perfume are citrus, rosemary, and orange blossom. The middle notes of the perfume are amaretto accords. The base notes of the perfume are Tonka beans, leather, vetiver, and cedarwood. 

Guerlain I’Homme Ideal is a fantastic perfume to wear during cold seasons. This perfume has a gourmand-like note with its focus on almond and Tonka, which work best during the cold seasons, gratitude to the hotness and sweetness. This scent is best for casual wear, but it is also the best scent to wear at night or maybe on your date.

4. Guerlain Habit Rouge:

Habit Rouge is a classic perfume for men made by Jean-Paul Guerlain. The floral notes are mixed in harmony with fresh notes of lemon, orange, bergamot, and scent of oriental warm note. The final incense has a different character with smoke essence; leather contrasts with the smell of first ripe fruit. The middle notes of the perfume are flowers, precious wood, and a hint of warm cinnamon.

When you use can smell lemon on the skin, and aroma of lemon, orange that has a strong smell but very natural effect. Then, the citrus essence starts to become smooth and pleasant, a relaxing vibe, but the lemon essence is overwhelming. During, the smooth notes fades but the lemon essence always exit. 

Habit Rouge is a perfume for confident and sensual men who are full of curiosity and passion. 

5. Guerlain Heritage EDT:

It is a masculine perfume carrying the heritage of old values in the modern age. It is men with sensual and cultural styles. Classify to the strong smell of woody elements. Heritage Eau de Toilette was made by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1992. 

Eau de Toilette has a very overwhelming scent of lemon, lavender, sage, and raspberry. After a little time. The top note of the perfume is sweet vanilla notes. The pink pepper is a vital element of middle notes due to its long flowering elements. The ultimate note of sandalwood, familiar to the Guerlain L’Instant perfume for next men. With a deep, warm, and little floral note, Eau de Toilette can make the user fresh and always be peaceful of the other person. 

6. Guerlain Coriolan:

Coriolan was introduced in 1998 by the artistic hand of Jean-Paul Guerlain. Coriolanus starts with a mixture of fresh, natural blue of lemon and orange blossom to make a belle and wonderful senses as if you are covered in the petals and leaves of note citrus. The top notes show the sensual note of nutmeg, the note of cilantro, and sage. After on, you will the hottest, natural note of patchouli, vetiver, and oakmoss. The base note of the perfume is leather. 

Coriolan as a present to help men show they are overwhelmed, masculine charm. Like a perfume that is best suited for romantic dates, she will trovered to resist the delights that are smells from your skin.

7. Mitsouko by Guerlain EDP:

Mitsouko by Guerlain Eau de parfum is a secret, chypre-fruity note that is an absolute hit among those who choose robust and woody notes, feminine florals, and fresh citruses. Mitsouko is authentic that mixed balance and creation, giving you a symphony of peach, Jasmine, and rose

The top notes of the perfume are citrus, bergamot, and peach. The heart notes of the fragrance are lilac, Jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang. The base notes of the fragrance are mixed with hottest of woody and spicy notes such as amber, cinnamon, and sandalwood. The awaking and long-lasting scent makes it overwhelming and ideal note for those days when you want to stand out from the crowd. 

8. L’heure Bleue By Guerlain EDP:

L’heure Bleue by Guerlain Eau de parfum is an artistic hand of Jacques Guerlain. It was introduced in the market in 1992. L’heure Bleue or “The Bluish hour” is sensual, secretive, and endless. The perfume is a celebration of dusty – a time before the begins stars make their presence in the sky. 

The top notes of the perfume are bergamot, and spicy-sweet aniseed that changes into the heart notes of the perfume are carnation, rose, neroli, tuberose, and violet. The base notes of the perfume are vanilla, benzoin, iris, and Tonka beans to this florals notes with dusty undertones, overall, the perfume comprises casual sophistication best notable to evening wear. 

9. L’Instant De Guerlain by Gurelain EDP:

L’Instant de Guerlain by Guerlain Eau de Parfum is the made under influence of perfumer Maurice Roucel. It was introduced to the market in 2003. Its scent is undoubtedly to accentuate the mix of all your favorite dresses.

The perfume is a mixture of citrus honey accord, amber accord, Chinese magnolia accord, with ylang-ylang and sambac, Jasmine, The top notes of the perfume are fresh bergamot, mandarin orange, and apple. The heart notes of the perfume are magnolia, iris, and Jasmine. The base notes of the perfume are honey and vanilla mixed with warm notes of musk and amber.  

10. Guerlain Vetiver:

Guerlain Vetiver is a belle perfume with a fresh, clean note. The revealing of this perfume is citrus fresh with a hint of spicy. In addition to this is very green aroma vetiver. After some time, this citrus fresh, little spice scent dry-down to a smooth version. In this version, the green note takes more of a front, whereas the spice starts to fades. At that point, you can also create a notable hint of tobacco. It is genuinely a belle perfume with fresh, green, and clean notes. 

The top notes of the perfume are lemon, mandarin, neroli, and coriander. The middle notes of the fragrance are vetiver and cedar. The base notes of the fragrance are tobacco, nutmeg, pepper, Tonka bean, and capsicum. The Guerlain Vetiver is a belle perfume to wear during the spring and summer season. The fresh, green notes are very greeting addition during those hottest days. 

This perfume has an immaculate feeling around it, making it perfect for a groomed man. This perfume is the best companion for a workday. The citrusy begins will guide you through the hours, and the smoothing finishing fits in best with the ending of working summer day; this perfume is affordable. 

 11.Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisee:

Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisee is a belle perfume with a fresh, woody note. The beginning of this perfume offers you with belle perfume of both mint and lime. It is made up of a crisp and fresh note. In addition to this are notes of this note of rum, however, this boozy element. The dry-down of the perfume offers you with a woody, earthy note. Overall, you get a very fresh, woody, and green note that smells great and does not stray away. 

The top notes of the perfume are lime and mint. The middle note of the fragrance is rum. The base notes of the perfume are vetiver and woody note. Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisee is a fantastic perfume to wear during the summer season. This perfume has a relaxing note with the different beginnings of mint and lime the mint beginning paired with the woody; green dry-down made very sophisticated perfume. Therefore, this perfume is best for formal wear, yet it can works best for casual wear too. 

12. Guerlain Santal Royal:

The Guerlain santal Royal is part of the select Guerlain perfume line, called Les absolus d’orient. The perfume has a belle note of oud, rose, and sandalwood. The begins with an instant smell you with the belle note of rose. In addition to these notes like peach, it offers some sweetness after some time; you can notable the oud and sandalwood. It makes a wonderful, hotter, and sweet note. It is truly a stunning perfume that not many people have to own.

The top notes of the perfume are neroli and Jasmine. The middle notes of the fragrance are peach, rose, and cinnamon. The base notes of the fragrance are amber, sandalwood, leather, oud, and musk. The Guerlain Santal Royal is a wonderful perfume to wear during the cold seasons. This perfume has a hot, cozy fragrance that would be perfect for those cold days and winter season. This perfume is very legendary. It works best as a causal scent, but it would work better when worn formal attire. Another fantastic time to wear this perfume has happy-smelling perfume. 

13. Guerlain L’Instant de Guerlain:

Guerlain l’instant de Guerlain is a belle gourmand perfume with a hint of relaxing to it. This perfume begins with a peppery, fresh note. In addition to this are some spices, as well as the note of tea. It is where the gourmand shows itself. With notes such as cacao, paired with woods, you get an almost chocolatey note. It makes a lovely, hottest perfume that is quite different when compared with other Guerlain perfumes. 

The top notes of the perfume are star anise, bergamot, lemon, pepper, and elemi. The middle notes of the fragrance are Jasmine, hibiscus, and tea. The base notes of the fragrance are sandalwood, patchouli, and cacao pods. Guerlain l’instant de Guerlain is a belle perfume to wear during the fall and spring seasons. With its fresh beginning and sweet finishing. This perfume best positioned itself in those cultural seasons. During this season, this classic perfume can be worn both casual wear and formal wear. However, when you’re wearing this perfume, make sure you’re dressed up a little nice and typical. 

14. Guerlain Homme Intense:

Guerlain Homme Intense is an overwhelming version of the earlier noted Guerlain Homme. This time, it has a sweeter just like bubblegum fragrance, while still having the mojito note. This perfume begins with notes of mint and lime. In addition to rhubarb and some sweetness. After sometime. You can start to special some spicy and woody notes. It makes a little sweet, just like bubblegum fragrance. After all, this perfume still has the mojito note going on, but this time. It is a bit smooth on the rum. The top notes of the fragrance are mint, rhubarb leaves, and rum. The middle note of the fragrance is geranium. The base notes of the fragrance are patchouli, vetiver, and cedarwood. 

Guerlain Homme Intense is a great perfume to wear during the winter, fall, and spring seasons. This perfume is more than the sweeter side, making it work great with colder seasons and days. You can even wear it while going to an office.  However, thanks to sweetness, you can also wear in the hottest seasons or night when you are going out. 

15. Guerlain I’Homme Ideal Cologne:

Guerlain I’Homme Ideal cologne is a flanker of the authentic Guerlain I’Homme Ideal. It is a much-relaxing take on the authentic one. This perfume begins with a fresh note, consisting mainly of grapefruit and orange. The grapefruit makes fresh bitterness, and the orange makes a fruity sweetness. It creates a fragrance that is present in the summer hottest. Also, this is the element of almond. It creates a different and lovely fragrance. Altogether, the authentic Guerlain I’Homme Ideal DNA in it. 

The top notes of the perfume are orange, bergamot, pink pepper, and grapefruit. The middle notes of the perfume are almond and neroli. The base notes of the fragrance are white musk and vetiver. The Guerlain I’Homme Ideal Cologne is a fantastic perfume to wear during the summer season. This clean, airy perfume is best for those hottest summer days. It is relaxing and harmless, and it will be robust to find anyone who hates this perfume. 

16. Guerlain Shalimar EDP:

 An indeed classic of a note. Shalimar is an exotic mixture of vanilla, citrus, rose, jasmine, leather, and musk. It has a fair bit of citrus, that floats around in the smokiness of incense, and play well of the leather note.

The citrus is an overwhelming front, but then the smoky, vanilla, and leather trio will come together as fruity aside. At times, you get more of a dusty feel from Shalimar, then the smoky and hottest with sweet vanilla. It has been around forever, still applaud, and the best perfumers. The Shalimar and authentic perfume are due it. 

This delicious fragrance was introduced in 1925. It has become a canon of what is thought of as perfume of the Oriental-spicy olfactory family. The delicious chord will capture you between balsamic, woody, shaved smoky, and vanilla feel. Being so tricky, but stable, it will make you feel feminine and sensual. 

The top notes of the perfume are cedar with delicacies of citrus, mandarin, and lemon. The heart notes of the perfume are patchouli, vetiver, and classic fragrance flowers such as Iris, Jasmine, and rose, give it a romantic and thoughtful character. The base notes of the perfume are leather bottom, alfalfa, incense, Tonka bean, opoponax, and musk, join very present vanilla that changes overwhelming and making a little sweeter. 

With an awaking that goes middle to intense and a pleasant long-lasting, it is an excellent option for the cold season of the such as autumn, winter, and nights although, with that side, it could well seek in hot seasons if used with caution. It is aimed at best, feminine, and classic Homme. It is best for women across 25 and 30 years of age. 

17. La Petie Robe Noire By Guerlain:

Sexual, feminine, and playful are the threads that best define this elegant fragrance and are classified into Oriental-Vanilla olfactory family. The perfume was introduced in 2012. Its central accord is fruity and sweet, however. It takes a certain character through spicy changes the fragrance highly tempting. The notes are mixed with bergamot, almond, sour cherry, and red berries. The heart notes of the perfume are classic rose, Tahif rose, tea, and Licorice. The bottom notes of the perfume are anise, tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, and Iris. It gives it some intensity that offers presence, but it is not very overwhelming. 

With a moderate awaking and a long-lasting on the skin, It is a fantastic suggestion to wear throughout the year. However, you will get excellent performance in climatic conditions. It is a target for women’s age range being able to absorb from the younger audience to older ones quickly. However, its fragrance is not for everyone but is oriental to those ladies with daring and happy ones.  

18. Mon  by Guerlain:

This fragrance is classified into the woody olfactory family. The perfume was introduced in 2017. It will be relaxing, sweet and fragile experience, gratitude to its vanilla, dusty, aromatic, and spicy fresh accord. The top notes of the perfume are lavender and bergamot. The heart notes of the perfume are jasmine, sambac, Iris, and rose. The base notes of the fragrance are Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli, and coumarin and deep notes of the Tahiti vanilla. 

The awaking ranges from mild to middle level, while it’s on the skin is extended, making it a fantastic option for days of the mild seasons of the year. 

Buyer’s Guide:

The Guerlain Brand has fragrant the most impressive figure across the world for almost two centuries, kings, presidents, and celebs have been regulars of the brand virtually from its started to present. It has reached to all types of users, changing to social trends and changes, which has earned its position at the top. 

The Guerlain perfume smell like opulent and sophistication, but at the same time, lightness, trance, and magic, absolutely every woman wants to keep at least one bottle for herself. Thinking about this, we present a selection of the top best Guerlain fragrance for women, to assist you if you have not to buy Guerlain fragrance yet or to think to have one to try a new brand if you are existing customer of the brand tell us which perfume we missed.


Guerlain perfumes are present in the market for long and have gained customer’s faith and belief. We have shared the best Guerlain perfumes in market. You can choose any of the perfume and beautify your life with tranquil fragrance. Do not forget to share your views in the comment section and have an aesthetic life with best Guerlain perfumes.

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