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Best By Kilian Fragrances for Men – (Reviews)

Best by Kilian Fragrance

The whole By Kilian fragrance is unisex, so there’s something for everybody in his brand, and the bottles are elegantly done. The containers themselves are top-notch glass whose sides are embellished with an interesting fired theme. In this blog, we present the Best By Kilian Fragrances for Men.

The fragrance offers both energy and distinction. Notes of vanilla, golden, and musk settle pleasantly with the more surprising enjoyments of tropical mango, osmanthus, and plum. 

Here are some of the best By Kilian Fragrances for Men:

1. By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven 

With regards to a warm, refreshing day, Moonlight in Heaven Eau de Parfum whisks you away to someplace intriguing in Mid-year. The exceptionally present mango resembles a reviving mixed drink in your grasp. The vetiver brings the greenery for the landscape around you; that is the base and the last note that remains once it transforms into a skin aroma. 

That vetiver is delicately marginally manly; however, I consider this a dash of added complexity for a lady who would not like to possess a scent like a sugar bomb. There’s a sweet rice note that you wouldn’t think about what it is except if you’re a specialist, yet once you know it’s there, you can smell it out of sight until you hit the last vetiver stage. 

A shining citrus opening of lemon and grapefruit spiced with pink pepper is a genuine stunner. Coconut and rice hit the dance floor with tropical mango and jasmine. At long last, a consistent base of Tonka bean and vetiver completes the experience. 

Top Notes: 

Grapefruit, Lemon, Pink Pepper.

Heart Notes: 

Coconut, Rice, Mango.

Base Notes: 

Tonka Bean, Vetiver.

2. By Kilian Vodka on the Rocks 

This unisex creation is conventional in its methodology, which is essential for its allure; you’re not rehashing an already solved problem. Be that as it may, what you are getting is a close faultless new aroma. The fragrance is somewhat intense, yet thus, so new in the most flawlessly fantastic way that could be available. 

This cologne has intense juice, so back off of the sprayer. It’s not precisely in the manufactured new bomb class; it runs over very characteristic. It oozes certainty, and the image Kilian uses to show the notes do give an incredible impression of it. 

Cold yet zesty coriander and cardamom mix with aldehydes on the opening to make something both noteworthy and exciting. Harsh rhubarb and ambroxan carry an icy chill to beginning hotness. Upon dry-down, inebriating woody/overgrown notes of sandalwood and oakmoss complete the experience. 

Top Notes: 

Cardamom, Coriander, Aldehydes.

Heart Notes: 

Lily-of-the-Valley, Rhubarb, Rose.

Base Notes: 

Oakmoss, Ambroxan, Sandalwood.

3. By Kilian Back to Black 

The underlying impact of this fragrance is lovely nectar. When dried down, the fragrance turns into a smooth and modern work of art. Steamy incense and somewhat spiced vanilla before long surface and blend with cherry to make a fantastic mix. The dry down is lovely. New tobacco, sandalwood, and cedarwood give astounding profundity. 

One could contend that it’s formal in its introduction. It’s wearable by one or the other sex, yet it’s staggeringly appealing as a female aroma. This fragrance is the ideal counterpart for a little dark dress at night. 

Like with a few Kilian’s, it could be excessively on the provocative side for the workplace. I feel this one fills in as a scaffold to be an all-rounder in that it has an enchanting appeal, yet very lovely and pleasing in general so that in tiny portions, everyone around you will discover you to be new in an extraordinary manner. Back To black would be an incredible mark fragrance that is certain to charm anybody. 

Top Notes: 

Bergamot Saffron Nutmeg Cardamom Coriander Raspberry Chamomile, Ginger.

Heat Notes: 

Olibanum, nectar, Almond, Labdanum, Geranium. 

Base Notes: 

Cedar, Oak, Patchouli, Tobacco, Vanilla, Benzoin, Tonka Bean.

4. By Kilian Black Phantom

With a name, for example, this, you can expect something evil, and that is precisely what Dark Ghost conveys. It’s new without floating botanicals. It’s attractive, flavorful, and practically edible in its methodology. 

In case you impart one to a male accomplice, this one would likewise be a magnificent decision, and you’ll rapidly like that decision as you would then be able to twofold your delight in Dark Apparition when you smell it on him—and yourself. 

Since it doesn’t have shrieking florals, the smooth notes, while huge, aren’t sentimental even though the fragrance volume is up to 11 on the espresso and rum, dull chocolate adds a feeling of a combination of energy and expectation as it drifts in and out. Base notes of sugar-stick and dull, rich sandalwood hold everything together pleasantly. 

Occasionally, this is a pre-winter/winter monster, however on a warm night, the new parts of this aroma could try to please advantage, making you the most overwhelming woman in the room—possessing a scent like nobody else. 

Top Notes: 

Rum, Sugar Stick. 

Heart Notes: 

Dull Chocolate, Espresso, Caramel, Almond.

Base Notes: 

Heliotrope, Sandalwood.

5.  By Kilian Intoxicated 

Intoxicated inclines are somewhat more manly than Black Phantom in light of a steamy zesty side. 

This marvelous creation starts with a rush of cardamom and fiery yet somewhat sweet cinnamon. Nutmeg before long joins the rundown of hot spices. In any case, dry-down before long uncovers wickedly flavorful new espresso and sweet caramel. Inebriated is one amazingly inebriating scent that requests consideration. 

This is a fall/winter decision. Like with numerous Kilian’s, it’s very weighty and powerful. This is best worn while cuddled in bed or by a fire, as this aroma can bring that next degree of comfortable closeness. 

Top Notes: 


Heart Notes: 

Cinnamon, Nutmeg.

Base Notes: 

Espresso, Caramel. 

6. By Kilian Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi 

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi is Lady dressed in Gold’s more splendid sister. She’s vanilla in shading, however, not in the aroma. A delicate, ladylike cloud follows. It’s exceptionally new, however not in a foamy way; it’s luxurious in its aroma profile. 

Ylang-ylang is an exceptionally tasteful flower, and here it doesn’t disillusion. VVCAM starts with this rich and complex botanical and tuberose. Delicate rose and gardenia are tossed in for good measure and don’t baffle. The powder identified isn’t as nose tickling and cloying the same number of maybe, nor is it geriatric at all piece. 

This is delicate, delicate, and some “refined” form of provocative—a certain lady so OK with herself. It’s a pleasing fragrance without making a decent attempt. It has a comparable rose to Lady dressed in Gold, however that rose is dialed-back. 

As the beautiful sandalwood plays for the duration of its life, and it adjusts the fundamentally white florals—particularly ylang-ylang and tuberose—so well. Ideal for the energetic Lady, a fragrance with an excellent presentation of gentility in a hotter climate. 

Top Notes: 

Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose.

Heart Notes: 

Bulgarian Rose.

Base Notes: 

Cedar, Vanilla, Gardenia, Sandalwood.

7. By Kilian Straight to Heaven 

Straight to Heaven by Kilian is a Woody Zesty aroma for men. Directly to Paradise was dispatched in 2007. The nose behind this aroma is Sidonie Lancesseur. 

Fragrance Notes:

Virginia Cedar, Rum, Patchouli, Dried Natural products, Nutmeg, Musk, Vanilla, Jasmine.

8. By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses


Liaisons Dangereuses By Kilian is a Chypre Fruity scent for ladies and men. Liaisons Dangereuses was dispatched in 2007.

Top notes: 

Peach, Plum, Black Currant, and Coconut.

Heart notes:

Rose, Geranium, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), and Cinnamon 

Base notes:

Musk, Sandalwood, oakmoss, Woodsy Notes, Vetiver, and Vanilla.

9. By Kilian Smoke for the Soul 

Smoke for the Soul by Kilian is a Woody Sweet-smelling aroma for ladies and men. Smoke for the Spirit was dispatched in 2014. The nose behind this aroma is Fabrice Pellegrin. 

Fragrance Notes:

Cannabis, Eucalyptus, Birch, Tobacco, Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cashmirwood.

10. By Kilian Pure OUD


Pure Oud by Kilian is an Oriental Woody aroma for ladies and men.  

Oud is an amazingly uncommon and valuable oil found in agarwood, the resinous heartwood of the aquaria tree from southeast Asia. The oil itself is dim in tinge and has a perplexing fragrance, warm and woody, yet firmly bestial simultaneously. In many Center Eastern nations, oud is accepted to be worth more than its weight in Gold. To repeat this conviction, the Kilian bottle has a gold plaque engraved with the name of the scent, and the crate is enriched with a gold plate on the top. 

Fragrance Notes: 

Agarwood (Oud), Guaiac Wood, Saffron, Copahu Medicine, Cypriol Oil, or Nagarmotha.


These are a few of the best Kilian fragrances for men. The best way to find out a perfect fragrance for you is to try it on your skin and feel the way it melts into your skin. This perfume is a must wear during cold days to feel fresh and energized. The diversity of Kilian fragrances have proved their ability to blend into the different skin types, which labels them as one of the best fragrances for men and women alike. This list may be a push for you in the right direction of choosing your signature scent! 


Written by Redolence

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