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Best Versace Colognes for Men – (Reviews)

Versace is well known in the industry because of its high-end products and the top edge fragrances for both Men and Women. When we solely talk about the top Men Colognes by Versace, we particularly focus on the products that are tasteful, unique, and masculine. 

Versace hits the right area by providing the brand value for which it was established. The idea of the company was to create a maze that will be difficult to get out of. Moreover, this is only because today, a conversation about Colognes cannot end if the name ‘VERSACE’ is not included. 

With the use of Versace Colognes, you get a level boost up in your confidence. It happens with the perfect mixture that is used to prepare the scent. The scene is blended with the fresh citrus notes of woodsy or earthy undertones such as cedar and musk. 

On the other hand, some of them even have a geranium or rose middle notes so to bring out the best aroma. Additionally, Versace Colognes often use tobacco as well as some other unusual notes to offer distinctive scents. 

Versace Colognes have sensual notes, which makes them ideal for younger as well as an older man. In this blog, we have shared the best 10 best Versace colognes for men in 2020 to assist men in choosing the best Versace cologne for themselves. 

Let us talk about the BEST VERSACE COLOGNES FOR MEN IN 2020:

1. Versace Pure Homme

This plush cologne is perfect for the summer days, as well as the time of the fall season. It’s a remarkable fragrance, featuring notes of perfume, lemon, bergamot, and rose da mai. However, the middle notes also include germanium, cedar, Clary Sage.

Moreover, it also features Tonka bean, Amber, and Musk. Wearing this fragrance will help you to remain fascinated throughout the day at work. 


  • A perfect scent for summer
  • Slightly sweet smell
  • Versatile scent profile


  • The scent may seem humdrum.

2. Versace Men Eau Fraiche

Olivier creep launched this version of men cologne in 2006. The original version of this perfume had the Latin vibe of tobacco because of its environmental tunes. Well! The latest introduced version has a certain aquatic and fresher touch. The top-notch fact is that it belongs to the Mediterranean quality. The best of the note includes roses, bergamot, lemon, and rosewood. The other aspiring heart note has cedar, tarragon, pepper, sage touch. 

The basic note includes tweak wood, amber, and saffron. This version is all suited for the forever youngsters. However, there are not any choice lags, but theme parties like pool parties, dating zones, clubbing goofier, etc. are much preferable. You can get this product on the Amazon site. It has the entire original version readily available for you. They have 3.4 ounce of EDT sprays. Moreover, yeah! The sample testing is not acceptable here.

Versace Men Eau Fraiche is cleaner citrus cologne. Is has taken over the Versace Man though it is not designed for yearly used. It is moreover made for summer days. 

 The middle tone of the product consists of pepper, sage, and tarragon. The base tone is made up of musk, amber, saffron, and other woody notes. Moreover, the woody notes can be worn year-round but are more concentrated on the summer season


  • Crisp
  • Good Summer Scene
  • Bright Aquatic Top Notes


  • Heady top notes
  • Silage initially Heavy

3. Versace Eros

The Eros from Versace is an energetic cologne that provides an air of confidence and sensuality. 

The Eau de toilette features a unique blend of Italian lemon Zest, green leaves as well as mint to offer a mesmerising scent. 

The middle notes consist of Vanilla, Tonka Beans, amber, geranium flowers with a base of vetiver, and cedarwood. 

This cologne is a long-lasting one. It also features a medium silage. It makes it ideal for social context. 

However, the product is not recommended for men who are not fond of strong colognes with fruity highlights. 


  • More towards Masculine
  • Projects well
  • Isn’t offensive


  • Often considered too generic

4. Dreamer by Versace

In 1996, Dreamer Versace was first launched in the house of Ginni Versace. This cologne is classified and also well known for the oriental, strong, and woody fragrance. This muscular cologne is full of blends of lily, wildflowers, tobacco, and amber. 

The dreamer by Versace includes some best ingredients in the top-notch. It includes clary sage, mandarin, and lavender. The middle notes of the fragrance consist of tobacco, geranium, and carnation. The earthly base notes are never the less from the other. They consist of Tonka Bean, Cedar, and fir. 

With some lite as well as hard mixtures, the perfume is the best fit for the age of 30s and older. 


  • Light smell
  • Excellent bottom notes


  • Top notes are too light
  • Too floral

5. Versace OUD Noir

The Versace OUD Noir is a product of rich aroma and sensual. With a spicy touch, the product offers you a kind of tempting feel, and this is something that people crave for. The cologne provides you with a kind of untainted muscularity. Thus, this makes it more ideal for individuals with a strong sense of smell. 

However, the cologne doesn’t have distinctive notes. But still, it gives a feel of unique woods, blends of OUD, spices leather as well as Oriental essences. With the use of OUD Noir, an individual may leave a perfect first impression. 


  • Known for good longevity
  • Starts with classic top notes


  • Bottom notes too woody
  • Not a summer cologne

6. Blue Jeans By Gianni Versace For Men

This version of Ginni Versace as Blue Jeans is a woody, Asian – inspired perfume that blends up with spices, citrus, musk as well as amber. It is a renowned product because of its classic scent. The eau de toilette contains a mixture of jasmine, bergamot, lily, basil, lavender, and rose. This blend offers it with the essence of florals when it is prepared. 

The remarkable smell of blue jeans makes it a perfect product for everyday use. 


  • Good Sillage
  • Nice casual smell


  • Not highly versatile

7. Versace L’Homme

Ginni Versace named this unique Cologne as L’Homme in the year 1984. The product is versatile. It can also be worn on casual as well as business wear. The top notes of the cologne consist of petitgrain, bergamot, green notes, pimento, lemon zest, and basil. 

On the other hand, the heart note of the cologne contains cedar-wood, rose, carnation, sandalwood, cinnamon, jasmine, and patchouli

Additionally, the finishing notes of the product include Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, vanilla, amber, rich leather, and labdanum. To get a lovely complement to your unique personality, Versace L’Homme is a great choice. 


  • Versatile
  • Great Finishing notes
  • Classic Scent Profile


  • Isn’t a modern scent

8. Versace Eros for Men

This Cologne from Versace was launched back in the year. It was renowned as the one prepared on Greek Mythology. The cologne was too similar to great Versace Perfumes. It was a sign of new DNA for the firm. Also, it’s smell became the most exclusive men’s perfume by Versace. 

Eros was a hard work of the perfumer named Aurelien Guichard and was introduces with a perfume having wooden textures on it. 

One can easily hit the base notes of fresh mint. You can also easily sense the aromatic accord of all the bright and happy ingredients that are blended up to make up a new texture. The middle notes present in the cologne gives you a whiff of lemon and green apple to lift your spirit on a boring day. 

The best-suited people for the perfume are those who are young at heart, irrespective of what age you are. You can wear it on social gatherings, dates, clubs and anywhere else you like. Also, you may get rid of worrying about the floral notes doing a disservice to your muscularity. It is a pleasant fragrance that loves to be noticed.

Additionally, the performance of this product is impeccable. The no. of time you spray it, you will realize how long it lasts and the way it lingers in the air. 

Overall, it is one of the most celebrated product Versace had ever sold. 

9. Versace Eros Flame for Men

This variant was another remarkable product from Versace. The fragrance was known to be a flanker. One of the greatest whiffs of passionate and sensual love is Olivier Pescheux, which is the nose behind this scent. 

The Mandarin Orange the touch of elegance and warmth to the original Eros Eau da perfume. A person can apply this fragrance in any weather. It is because of the presence of aromatic and fresh spicy accord. It also provides a unique selling point for the fragrance. 

The base note consists of the ingredients like comforting Tonka Beans and Texas Cedar. The fragrance is capable of forming a romantic sillage around you.

Romance is a strength of the product. It is the reason that those red dot nights to woo your partner a little further. This fragrance is the men’s best friend. 

It grabs a lot of attention with its hard smell. It is also the reason to choose it wisely. Apart from this, it is the best choice in terms of performance and usage. 

10. Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme EDT

Back in the year 2016, Versace launched Dylan Blue under the Pour Homme collection. It is another big name from Versace and is popularly known for the mix of 2 of the early Pour Homme scents, i.e., the Oud edition and the original one. 

This cologne has mostly been featured around fern. Other composition includes citrus, etc. The top notes of this version contain lemon, rose of May, bergamot, neroli. Apart from that, the middle notes include hyacinth, clary sage, cedar, geranium, while the base note has emerged in Tonka bean, musk, and amber. It has got 3.4 ounces of spray. Moreover, it is not a tester at all. 

The musky and aromatic fragrance blended with the aquatic notes makes it more charmer with the men. While opening the scent, you may feel the lemon and grapefruit notes. It is more refreshing than any other blended stuff. 

The pleasant whiffs of fig leaves, patchouli, incense, and many more makes it such a promising combination. Musky, woody and fresh spicy are some of the main accords that you can experience here. 

Because of its versatile nature, this fragrance can be applied by men of any age. It has no harmful chemicals and no addons. Also, if you are a woman, then you might be fond of flowers, and this fragrance can give you a touch of flowery smell. 

It has a rich aroma that feels amazing. This product form Versace can be quickly wear – off and is very mild compared to other Versace variant in the list. 

This version of perfume is very easily adaptable. Mostly people use this perfume when they have the urgency of being outdoor for longer hours. This cologne is available at the Amazon site. One has the returning durable of 30 days from purchase. For further, re-supply of the stock –you might be charged for the very same purpose. 

Buyer’s guide

Versace is one of the most leading fashionable luxury brands in the world. Late, Gianni Versace introduced the Italian fashion industry in 1978. In addition, the trade commenced from thereon. As the brand, Versace was already getting popular with the time for their unique and different identity –Gianni decided to categorize his trade into various cosmetics and products. One such brilliance and highly recommended product of the date is Versace Colognes for men as well as women.

Initially, it was not given much thought, but due to the uncontrollable and luring fragrance of it, these colognes caught local is attention. Soon, it hit the online store too. Today, there are over millions of sales of Versace cologne across the world.

The significant breath-taking odour of the colognes for men in the Versace brand has labelled out the rest. It is impossible to resist their fragrance and leave the store without purchasing it. It has such a soothing aroma filled up. There are specific numbers of colognes available in the Versace zone as per people’s choices. Some prefer light and durable colognes while some go for strong hitting perfumes. Versace has all your demands and desires fulfilled. You may check out the best among the rest of the Amazon store.

It has built a brand name throughout the years, and this is the reason people prefer to buy the products that lie under the brand’s name, i.e., Versace. 

With several colognes on the list, a person can easily choose the one that perfectly his taste.

With lists that consist of variants like: 

  • Ginni Versace
  • Pour Homme
  • Eros Flame
  • Dreamer
  • ODU Noir
  • And many more. 

However, to make a perfect choice according to the skin type, weather condition, and the type of clothes you wear. Consider the following: 

 Eros Flame: highly preferred for dates, suitable for all season. 

  • ODU Noir: strong or hard snelling product, Suitable to gain attention, can be used in any type of climate.
  • Ginni Versace: Woody tones, perfect for everyday use. It is highly recommended for hot regions. 
  • Pour Homme: a perfect fit for summers, fruity scent, light smelling product. 

These lines – ups were some of the biggest hits of the brand Versace. You can prefer the best ones according to the suggestion being made. It will help you to avoid danger or allergic problems to your skins and apply the one that fits perfectly to the climatic conditions. 


Starting in the year 1978, the founder of the company Ginni Versace has built a great empire running her brand down the line for years. It has become one of the leading Italian brands in the fashion house Versace.  

The trust people have shown on the brand name is also surprising but yet acceptable. Choosing the best Cologne from Versace is the call of the time. With the use of fewer chemicals, the brand is concerned more about its customer health. 

Considering Versace as a permanent need for cologne will be a great decision. Choosing wisely, the type of fragrance is only what matters. They have a fantastic collection with an excellent customer base. You can use any of the listed top 10 Versace colognes for men in 2020 for your father, brother, or boyfriend to make them feel merry and innovative for their presence in your life. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section and keep on enjoying shopping from our platform.

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