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    Recipe for Body Lotion

    If you’re a beauty-conscious woman, then there’s no doubt that body lotion is one of the products you need to have. Body lotion is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. It helps protect your skin from dryness and chapping. The body lotion comes in a variety of forms […] More

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    Recipe for Toothpaste Gel

    Toothpaste is one of the basic requirements of our daily life. Healthy teeth are key to a healthy body and maintaining proper body functioning. According to various dentists, strong teeth help in chewing foods properly and properly chewed foods are easy to digest as well as keep our digestive system […] More

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    Recipe for Sugar Lip Exfoliator

    Lip exfoliator commonly known as lip scrub is a method of exfoliating your lips, it works on the areas which got damaged by allergies, sunburns, dehydration, excessive heat, etc., or other behavioral habits like the persistent licking of lips and smoking which easily damages your lips skin. Just like our […] More

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    Recipe for Sea Salt Bath

    Introduction Sea salt baths help to relieve tension and stress. Sea Salt Bath is best for releasing the whole day’s working stress and is the best way to make you feel fresh and energetic. Sometimes you only take a long soak in the bathtub to release your whole day’s stress […] More

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    Recipe for Mild Shampoo

    Everyone wants healthy hair and that to be naturally silky and smooth. Shampoos played a vital role in our hair care routine. And also we are aware of the fact that nowadays how these shampoos and hair care products are affecting us in a way making our hair damaged and […] More

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    Recipe for making Scalp Scrub

    Everyone loves to have long, healthy, and strong hair. Healthy hair is a dream of every person. We search around basically in the market place to find chemical-based hair protection. Nowadays, as we see DIYs are in trend, and by following this trend we are here with some DIYs for […] More

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    DIY – Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

    This scrub smooths your skin because of the power of the pumpkin. In addition to it being great in cooked and baked goods, pumpkin is great for the skin and perfect for adding to a homemade pumpkin sugar scrub. This article will give you directions on how to make your […] More

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    DIY- Opalescent Highlighter

    “Beauty lies in naturality” this line is not only meant for saying but also applies to us. We all are very well versed about how our daily lives got stuck in busy schedules and rush. And in managing our day-to-day schedule sometimes we end up avoiding taking care of our […] More

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    DIY -Mineral Gel Toner

    Introduction – Toners are very helpful to keep your face’s skin glowing and healthy. In this day-to-day busy schedule, we avoid taking healthy foods and grains which directly affects our skin, and also due to direct contact with pollution outside damages our skin and makes it dull and dry. Just […] More

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    DIY – Eye- Brightening Serum

    Everybody dreams of clear and glowing skin and for sake of this, we applied numerous products containing harmful chemicals. Sometimes, kitchen beauty recipes prove a way better remedial option for such conquering skin care problems. Also, these kitchen beauty recipes often have remarkable results like homemade eye brightening cream for […] More

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