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11 Best Lavender Perfumes for Women in 2021- (Reviews)

lavender perfume
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Lavender is the best fragrance for the summer and spring seasons. The history of lavender is used for over 2500 years. The word lavender is derived from a Greek name called “Lavere,” which means “to wash.”  The Romans are frequently used to scent their baths, beds, clothes, and even hair. Lavender has green leaves, and purplish-blue flowers scent has crisp, clean, floral, and sweet. Primarily, the fragrance is used for unisex shared perfume. The following list is the best lavender perfume for women.

1. Jo Malone Amber & Lavender

Amber & Lavender was designed by Jo Malone in 1995. It is a scent that is shared for unisex. Jo Malone created the fragrance. It’s aromatic-spicy-fresh-floral, with loads of therapeutic lavender and warm amber being dominant.

The fragrances of top notes are lavender, bergamot, and mint. And heart notes consist of cinnamon, clove, and lily. The base notes contain amber, patchouli, and myrrh.

Overall, it is clean, herby, and feels like natural wear for casual daytime occasions.

2.  Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Mon Guerlain is designed by Guerlain and launched in 2017. Thierry Wasser created the perfume. The scent is so elegant, feminine, and lovely. The fragrance opens with fresh and floral with lavender, jasmine, and bergamot. The smell makes a delicate, soft, delicious scent, warm, powdery, cozy, slightly sweet.

The fragrance contains notes like Carla lavender, sambac jasmine, album sandalwood, and vanilla. The lasting power is good; the sillage is divine. Marvelous, it is one of the best lavender perfumes.

3.  Ninféo Mio 

Ninféo Mio is designed by Annick Goutal and launched in 2010. Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen created it. The scent is unisex. It is fresh and clean without any soapiness. The fragrance is simple, classy, sophisticated and the opening is wild and thus an obvious choice for lavender perfumes.             

The top notes are cederate, Italian lemon, and galbanum. The heart notes add fig leaves and lavender. The base notes contain lemon tree woody. It is a very green, humid, and mossy scent.

4. Burberry Brit Rhythm

Burberry Brit Rhythm is designed by Burberry and launched in 2014. The fragrance was created by Antoine maisondieu and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto. It’s fresh, feminine, and clean like laundry, and has excellent performance.        

The top notes are English lavender, pink pepper, neroli. The heart notes contain Orris absolute, blackberry leaf, and orange flower. The base notes are vetiver, musk, and woods. It is too much for the summer season and falls a bit flat in winter, but it fits both the season.

5. English Lavender

English Lavender is designed by Yardley, is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance for women. It was launched in 1913. The fragrance is a very elegant, relatively conservative, and traditional scent.

The top notes are consisting of rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, and bergamot. The heart notes contain clary sage, cedar, and geranium. The base notes are bean, musk, and oakmoss. It’s easy to wear to use and suits any situation. It is a humble scent and quite charming.

6. Libre

Libre is designed by Yves Saint Laurent and launched in 2019. Carlos Benaim and Anne Flipo created the fragrance. Libre is feminine, warm, and cozy, yet bright.

The top notes contain mandarin and neroli. The heart notes consist of Orange blossom, Jasmine, and lavender. The base notes like amber, vanilla, ambergris, and musk. It works for all kinds of situations like work, dates, casual daytime.

Libre is definitely for autumn, winter, and early spring. Sillage is moderate; longevity is excellent.

7. French Lavender and Tuberose

French Lavender and Tuberose is designed by Vera Wang and launched in 2018. It is a feminine perfume and very lovely, clean, and fresh. The opening of the fragrance is aromatics lend nuance to the sweet and floral aspects.

The top note is mandarin. The heart notes are tuberose, French lavender. The base notes are cocoa bean and vanilla.

8. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely is designed by Sarah Jessica Parker and launched in 2005.  Perfumers are Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry. Lovely is a floral woody musk, fresh, powdery, musky.

The top notes are lavender, bergamot, and mandarin. The heart notes contain apple martini, rosewood, paperwhites, and orchid. The base notes consist of patchouli, musk, cedarwood, amber, and woods.

The perfume smells like rosy lavender with musk and cedar. It is an easy to wear and safe choice for a cheap blind buy.

9. Lavender by Woods of Windsor

Lavender is designed by Woods of Windsor and launched in 1974. This is classic English lavender; it’s an aromatic floral spray to scent your house. This is a pleasant journey into the woods.

The notes lavender, patchouli, musk, and camomile. It is a beautiful pairing of lavender and rosemary, the scent does develop quickly, and you can make it out of the smell of vanilla and amber.

Lavender is mainly recommended for your home as an air freshener for spring and summer, and it is inexpensive.

10. Covet Sarah Jessica Parker

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker is designed by Sarah Jessica Parker and launched in 2007. It is a feminine perfume and was created by perfumer Ann Gottlieb and Frank Voelkl. Covet smells hesperidin, slightly spicy, musky, and herbal in a realistic way.

Covet fragrance notes contain geranium leaves, lemon, honeysuckle, lavender, lemon, and amber. Bergamot and lavender in combination provide a compelling aroma of fizzy indeed. The geranium and honeysuckle provide earthy/floral subtleness more detectable at a distance. The final amber touch is balanced with connected to flowers and warm.

Overall, it is a slightly warm, woody scent with an aromatic and chocolate twist and surely one of the best lavender perfumes.

11. Green Tea Lavender

Green Tea Lavender is designed by Elizabeth Arden and launched in 2010. It is light, fresh, and sharp lavender which is similar to the original green tea. The fragrance is great for bedtime.

The top notes are lavender, lemon, mandarin, and spearmint. The heart notes consist of chamomile, oolong tea, and magnolia. The base notes are soft skin musks, birchwood, and ambrette seed.

It is entirely inoffensive, cheap, and cheerful and discounts to find at discount stores.


To find the best lavender perfumes, you have to know “what are the best notes in Lavender?”, “the best” we have listed above. So, you can choose the perfect perfume. Finding the best fragrance on the list is also the biggest challenge, for that you have to seek scent according to the situation, location, and different environment.

Some lavender is pleasant, clean, and fresh in a few environments. Strong smell, floral notes, and aromatic are perfect in some situations. So, remind them of these thoughts and find the best lavender perfumes.


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