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Best Vera Wang Perfumes for Women – (Review)

Vera Wang, an American bridal wear designer brand that brings an exquisite range of fragrances. The first fragrance was launched in 2002, and many fragrances after the launch featured a bridal theme.

The range varies to 29 kinds of fragrances. A wide range makes the selection all the more subjective, and hence a most delicate review is a necessity.

The below list incorporates the best ten perfumes, which the women from Vera Wang most embrace.

1. Princess by Vera Wang

A launch of 2006 that brings a new attitude in life which is mystical. The top notes are Water Lily, Apricot, Apple and Mandarin Orange. Middle Notes cover Dark Chocolate, Guava, Tiare flower and Tuberose, and the base notes are vanilla, amber and woody notes. All the letters ranging from flowers to woods and fruits allows a sense of magical surroundings. The fragrance is suitable for all types of climate equally. Wear it on a date or office; floral fragrance will bring you the zeal. The bottle comes in a heart shape, and the purple colour with a golden crown-shaped top provides an elegant and rich look.

2. Lovestruck by Vera Wang

It is all about love and emotions. The top notes are guava, Angelica and mandarin orange and the middle notes are lotus and tuberose. Base notes include musk and woods. The fragrance fits best for summer daytime. The best thing about it is the bottle with clear cubicle glass with intricate pink flowers attached on the top, tied with a beautiful pink net strang that symbolises love. A perfect fragrance for yourself or for someone you love.

3.Vera Wang EDP

A perfect bridal fragrance that provokes memories. It gives a sense of joy and dignity with a bit of intimacy. The top notes include water lily and apricot, and the middle notes are dark chocolate, guava, tiara. Base notes are vanilla, amber and woods. This fragrance is perfect for your special yet long day because it remains with you for longer when you wear it. The bottle comes with clear glass and a silver chrome edge on the top, giving it a look of simplicity.

4. Rock Princess Perfume by Vera Wang

A waggish fragrance perfect for those rare joyful, and memorable days. The top notes are Peach, Raspberry and Bergamot. The middle note comprises flowers, and base notes include musk, Iris and coconut, making the overall fragrance different and unique. The bottle is heart-shaped with black colour making the bottle look different and unique and bold.

5. Vera Wang Anniversary EDP

A perfect match for moderate flower lovers as the top notes are orange, apple leaf, but middle notes come with rose blossoms accompanied by Musk and Amber on the lower notes. If you like flowers but not strong enough, it is a perfect fragrance for you. It is best suited for regular use as it has controlled sillage—an ideal gift for yourself and your other half. The bottle looks simple yet elegant because of the little purple curtain shaped shade.

6. Glam Princess by Vera Wang

This launch of 2009 is all about fruits and flowers and is perfect for summers. Its initial notes include guava, pear and Red Currant. Middle notes are orange flowers and honey, which alone gives it a sweet texture. Base notes are cashmere wood, cedar significantly. Yet again, it brings a fragrance evoking feminine beauty. The flask is heart-shaped and gold in colour with the Crown Shaped top.

7. Vera Wang Bouquet EDP

It is a flower fragrance by Loc Dong, launched in 2008. Top notes include Bergamot and water notes with middle notes of Jasmine accompanied by lavender and musk as base notes. It is unique in itself, unlike other flower fragrances that make it perfect for your wedding day. The bottle is elegant because of the mild green shade and the silver edge at the top.

8.Vera Wang Embrace EDP Rose Buds and Vanilla

This launch of 2015 comes with a top note of rose and middle notes of Magnolia, Iris and Cyclamen and base notes of vanilla and sandalwood. The exclusive fragrance is soothing with significant highlights of roses and vanilla, making it perfect for casual days even. Flasks is cubicle in shape, and Pink shade gives it a simple yet sophisticated look.This is one of the Best  Vera Wang Perfumes.

9.Vera Wang Embrace EDP Embrace Periwinkle and Iris

This 2015 launch brings floral fragrance. Front notes are Bergamot and mandarin orange, and middle notes are flowers including Jasmine and violet. Base notes are whipped cream, sugar and vanilla, which makes the fragrance sweet and distinguished. A scent perfect for any climate at any time of the day. The flask is a cubicle, blue in colour, which gives it a sophisticated yet simple look.

10. Vera Wang Embrace EDP Embrace Green Tea and Pear Blossom


This launch of 2015 brings woody-flower fragrance. The top notes are green tea and blossoms, and the middle notes are peony and orange blossoms. Base notes are musk, cedar and sandalwood, making a perfect mix of wood and flowers. Ideal wear for Springs and summers. It comes in a cubicle flask with a green shade, making it look simple yet sophisticated.

Vera Wang since 2002 provides the range of fragrance which is varied, and each perfume is quirky. The choice should be made considering the notes and the occasions carefully.

I hope you make your best choice from the above list of the Best  Vera Wang Perfumes.

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