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10 Best Rihanna Fragrances for Women in 2021 – (Reviews)

Best Rihanna Fragrances
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Perfumes are one of the best cosmetic products preferred by users, and among them is the world-famous Rihanna Fragrances. The global superstar Rihanna and her song ‘ Pon de Replay’ successfully launched fragrant perfumes. Reb’l Fleur Perfume launched the first perfume that became a tremendously successful brand, and since then, various Perfumes launched, which gives excellent profit to the marketing business. Moreover, among several Rihanna fragrance, the best Rihanna fragrances are highly demanded by users. Across the globe, among all the other cosmetics, perfumes are the most authentic product as perfume gives pleasant odors throughout the day and keeps you fresh and in a good state of mind. It enhances your personality as it reduces stress levels and anxiety, making you self-aware about your well-being at the workplace and even on special occasions. Rihanna Fragrances are world-famous and highly acknowledged as the best cosmetic product.

1. Reb’l Fleur Perfume Rihanna:

Reb’l Fleur Perfume Rihanna is a wonderfully fragrant perfume that was launched in 2011. It gives a fruity chypre fragrance. It was crafted in the presence of experts like Caroline Saba’s and Mary Pierce Julien. It provides a delightful aroma and has the scent of heavy silage, which is above average longevity. This perfume consists of three layers. The topmost layer has Ted berries, plum, and peach. Tuberose, hibiscus, coconut, and violet together make the middle layer. And finally, its base has vanilla, Amber, musk, and patchouli. Thus, Reb’l Fleur Perfume Rihanna has the combination available in an exquisite bottle that is beautifully covered with silk ribbons and has a gold ring on its stopper.

2. Rihanna Crush Perfume:

Rihanna crush Perfume was launched in the summer of 2016. The perfume contains oriental floral, fresh, and perfume. The fragrances are mainly made up of sweet red berries and red roses full of enhanced extracts of rose petals. Bergamot and Mandarin orange blend with pink pepper and creates a healthy and lively atmosphere. It also contains musk, cedar, and patchouli makes it smell even more pleasant.

 3. Rihanna Rogue Rau De Perfume

Rihanna Rogue is esthetically a feminine fragrant perfume for women. It was mainly launched in the year 2013. It is famous for generating a pleasant mood for women and blossoms their personalities. It is giving a crafted fragrance. This perfume has floral petals of roses, cyclamen. It also contains fruity layers of lemon, which blossom and plum. The middle layer includes the mixture of the leathery and soft aroma of suede. Its base contains Amber, vanilla, musk, and patchouli. This perfume is used mainly by stylists, fashionistas, and models, which gives them a fruity odor and creates a pleasant atmosphere at work.

4. Rihanna Nude EDP :

Rihanna Nude Eau de perfume was released in the year 2012 for women. It was manufactured in the United States. It is inspired by nakedness and skin. Most women generally refer to this perfume as it is highly demanded, and they adore it. It is Eau De parfum. Its opening consists of juicy Mandarin and guava. Slowly and gradually, it blossoms into a floral of sambac Jasmine. And finally, Gardenia petals of skin musk creates its base. Every spray gives an intimate vibe that creates fragrance with freshness and makes your body feel calm and composed. The skin musky fragrance generates intimacy. It has sandalwood, which creates the aroma of freshness. It is the most preferred perfume by women.

5. Rihanna Ri Ri EDP:

Rihanna Ri Ri Eau De parfum was launched in the year 2015 and is the most cheerful and enthusiastic fragrant perfume for women. The top notes have Italian mandarin, black currant, passion fruit, and rum absolute. Musk, Madagascan, vanilla, and Indonesian sandalwood create their bottom layer, providing warmness and giving a fresh feel on every spray. Ri Ri also contains a beautiful fragrance of orange blossoms, pink freesia, Jasmine, and Japanese honey. It ultimately provides the person with a sense of purity and softness, which generates a feminine aroma. Women use Rihanna Ri Ri Eau De Parfum for both casual and occasional events. It gives the most beautiful feeling as its fragrance lasts for a longer time, making you feel fresh and enthusiastic.

6. Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Love Always Perfume:

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur Love Always Perfume was made as a remake of the original Reb’l Fleur launched in 2011. The perfume was launched in the year 2018. It gives a feeling of fruity flavors and positive vibes. Its ingredients are similar to the original Reb’l Fleur Parfum. Its top notes have peach, plum, red berries. While coconut, violet, tuberose, and hibiscus form the middle layer. Vanilla, Musk, Amber, and patchouli are responsible for making its foundation. The fragrance is delightful; it provides the users with a much exciting experience. It mainly contains the citrus fruit elements that give an exuding aroma as it has exquisite finishing. It offers a fruity and sweet odor and makes the users feel comfortable and warm. It is most likely to be used by women as it provides a sweet fragrance.

7. Rihanna Rebelle Perfume:

Rebelle Rihanna fragrances for women was released in the year 2012, which gives a fruity fragrance. This perfume top note consists of strawberry, plum, and gender. Vanilla orchid, coconut absolute along with heliotrope, firms its middle layer. Its base contains musk, coffee, patchouli, and Amber. This perfume initially gives a spicy odor, but slowly, it starts giving a fruity smell as it melts down. It makes the user feel elegant and fresh throughout the day. After using this, it eradicates laziness and reduces your stress as the presence of strawberry makes the perfume smell even stronger and fruitier. It gradually gives the feeling of freshness. Its sweet flavors add up to make the perfume worthier enough for users to afford. Many women have used it because of its sweet and fruity fragrance. It comes in a purely elegant and feminine bottle.

8. Rihanna 17026 Rouge Love EDP :

Rihanna Rogue Love is a high-standard fragrant perfume for women launched in the year 2014. This opens with a mixture of fruity and juicy odors, including red berries, peach, and sweet mandarin. The middle layer consists of tropical breezes and orchids, honeysuckle coconut, and Arabian Jasmine, i.e., Jasmine Samba. Its base has caramel, vanilla, Amber, which gives the sensation of softness to the user. It provides the best feeling of warmness and makes the user feel delighted. This is a sugar-kissed fragrance for women, which gives a tremendous pleasant feeling and makes users feel energetic.

9. Kiss Rihanna Perfume:

This is among the latest perfume from Rihanna and was launched in the year 2017. The scent with the most elegant, soothing, and beautiful features captures every user’s heart. It contains white flower which generates feminine energy all around and makes the environment gloomier and shinier. This perfume gradually opens with juicy plums, which mixes with gardenia along with orange blossoms the heart. Vanilla, cedar, cashmere, and ambergris bring pleasure and joy all in one spray. Women widely use this perfume for parties and functions as it is a perfect combination of delicate and exotic grace, which gives positive vibes and enhances the user’s confidence. It comes in a gold-capped bottle, which is embraced with floral fragrance.

10. Rogue Man Rihanna:

 Rogue man Rihanna fragrances were launched in the year 2014. This is a masculine sweet, and spicy scent is for men. It consists of quite decent and lovely woodiness, which gives freshness and energetic and positive vibes. This is the perfect combination of fresh and woodsy cologne for men. As its topmost layer consists of juicy and tangy clementine. Along with this, it also contains piquant black pepper. The base note consists of bergamot and rosemary, responsible for giving a pleasant fragrance.


Rihanna Fragrant perfumes are world-famous and highly demanded by people across the globe. Depending upon the needs and interests of the user, there are various floral and fragrant perfumes. The perfume company works to provide the best and quality products to their customers. They also look up to the reviews of user’s time to time to update their services and improve their brand. Hence, over the years in the cosmetic market, the sales graph of Rihanna fragrances has reached great heights and has become immensely popular. The best Rihanna fragrances have a more comprehensive range of qualities by which the customer gets delighted.


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