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  • Perfumes for men under Rs 2000

    The Best Perfumes for Men under Rs. 2000 – (Reviews )

    You are probably sporting the maximum elegant clothes, hold a well-groomed beard, have your hair done right, or even have a chiselled body. However, often, the most underrated detail of a man’s ensemble is the fragrance he is carrying. A good fragrance can make all of the distinction in developing […] More

  • Best Perfumes for Men in India

    Best Perfumes for Men in India – (Reviews )

    India is a land of festivals. As we all know, in India there are a lot of festivals, and what comes in mind when we talk about festivals, shopping. We love shopping at festivals. We buy clothes, jewellery, but many times, we forget to buy an essential thing that is […] More

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    Best Organic Deodorants – (Reviews )

    It is easy to recognise body odour coming from the armpits of our loving children when they start hitting the adolescent age. Whether going to school or coming after soccer practice. Experts say that puberty brings hormonal changes that are somewhat related to the development of body odour. For girls, […] More

  • Best Perfume Brands in India

    What are the Best Perfume Brands in India ? -Reviews

    Who does not appreciate a great fragrance? The sweet and attractive aroma is simply too delectable to be ignored. From fruity fragrances to spicy cinnamon, there are various varieties of perfumes. We can discover several varieties of perfume in the marketplace with one of a kind fragrances.Do you want to […] More

  • Hugo Boss Colognes

    Best Hugo Boss Colognes for Men – (Reviews )

    Hugo Boss introduced its first perfume in 1984.Over the years, Hugo Boss has successfully added various fragrances features in this line.Hugo Boss has become a recognised brand and successfully placed itself at top among the other brands. Ultimate Guide for Top 10 Colognes of Hugo Boss Reasons to buy Hugo […] More

  • Deodorants for Women

    Best Deodorants for Women – (Reviews )

    For women,the key to confidence is to look attractive and appealing. One of the critical factors that determine the attractiveness is how you smell all day . It is important to look fresh and feel good all day. However, sweat is something that can ruin your new look. Although sweat […] More

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    How to Choose the Best Perfume?

    As long as I look good, it is not important how I smell. This statement could be right to some extent if it were the 1980s. However, this concept does not works now. Imagine you are on a flight and go beside the air hostess, and suddenly she says,” you […] More

  • How to apply and wear perfume

    How to apply and wear Perfume?

    You are an artist if you know how to apply perfume on yourself, without this “special” art, the scent might get over-applied, or the fragrance might fade away earlier. It’s easy to wear a fragrance, but a little more skill is required to maintain the fragrance on our body. Since […] More

  • perfume, perfume bottle, glass bottle

    How to Make your Perfume Last Longer

    Do you need to apply your perfume repeatedly? Do you feel the fragrance has faded away by lunchtime? Are you losing your confidence with lost fragrance?Are you always thinking how to make perfume last longer on clothes? You need not worry about it. We bring you the best practices to […] More

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