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Best Orange Perfumes for Women in 2021 (Reviews)

Orange Perfumes for Women
Orange Perfumes for Women
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We know that women are more particular about dressing collections, gadgets, perfumes, etc..,. Now we go for perfume discussion.

Most of the women seek clean, refreshing, strong, and sweet perfumes. So fresh and floral fragrances get more attention in the summertime. These all perfumes are the notes of citrus.

Citrus notes make a fresh feeling to all other perfumes, from delicate florals to pepper spices. In the orange perfumes, we have mostly citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit, and orange in their fragrance.

We have listed some of the best orange perfumes for women given below.

1. COCO Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

The design house for the COCO MADEMOISELLE is Channel. It was launched in the year 2001.

COCO MADEMOISELLE is an oriental floral fragrance that is used for women. The fragrance was created by Jacques Polge. It has mostly citrus notes and woody notes. It is a perfect fragrance with a fresh and classy scent.

Notes: The top notes are Orange, Bergamot, and Grapefruit. The heart notes are Lychee, Rose, and Italian jasmine. The base notes consist of Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, bourbon vanilla, and white musk.

COCO MADEMOISELLE is too sweet and spicier with a stronger Citrus smell and woody notes. It suits any occasion and any season. This fragrance will be great for casual wearing, due to the clean and classy scent it also fits for Office space.

2. Rock the Rainbow Oh So Orange

The design house of Oh So Orange is Juicy Couture. It was launched in the year 2018.

Oh, So Orange is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. It has citrus and sweet notes.

Notes:  The top notes are kumquat, mandarin, red berry sorbet, and apricot blossom. The heart notes are jasmine, gardenia, and orange crème. The base notes are sandalwood and musk.

Oh, So Orange is a fresh and fruity smell. Sweet and fruity are like honey and fruit.

3. Clean Shower Fresh

The design house of Clean Shower Fresh is Clean. It was introduced in the year 2007.

Clean Shower Fresh is a floral fragrance for women. This fragrance is soapy fresh and it has full of citrus notes. The combination of citrus and white florals creates a clean and soapy scent.

Notes: The top notes are lemon, mandarin orange, and orange. The middle notes are like jasmine, orange blossom, and lily-to-the valley. The base notes are musk and woody notes.

Clean Shower Fresh will stays close to the skin. It is great for the spring and summer seasons. It is perfectly suited for the Office and workout. Overall it is a fantastic and clean scent.

4. Blood Oranges

The design house of Blood Oranges is Shay & Blue. The Scent was introduced in the year 2012. The perfumer was created by Julie Massé.

Blood Oranges opens with an amazing smell of fresh oranges. It becomes a super-refreshing spritz scent when it gets really hot. It is one of the best orange fragrances for women to wear outdoor.

Notes: The top notes are blood orange. The heart note is leather. And the base notes are musky, Dark woods, and amber.

Blood Oranges is a fresh, bright, and uplifting scent. It is a great fragrance to wear every day. And it is good for wearing in the summer holidays.

5. HUGO Women Eau de Parfum

The design house of Hugo women is Hugo Boss. It was introduced in the year 2015. It is a feminine perfume.

Hugo Women is the Best Orange fragrance that most women use. It is a fruity and floral fragrance that contains an unusual and young twist.

Notes: The top notes are Boysenberry, Italian mandarin, Himalayan red grass. The heart notes are Jasmine sambac, Black plum, Iris, Indian black tea. The base notes are warm with sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber.

A Hugo woman is more suited for casual, active jobs routine day in the office, running errands, etc.,

It is suitable for the transitional season and summer as well.

6. Calvin Klein (cK) one Unisex

The design house of CK one is CALVIN KELIN. It was introduced in the year 1994. This fragrance is unisex i.e.., shared perfume.

CK one opens with citrus, musky and green accords. The opening is soft, clean, and fresh.

Notes: The top notes are bergamot, lemon, mandarin, fresh pineapple, green tree accord. The middle notes contain violet, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, orris, and green trees accord. The base notes contain green tea, oakmoss, cedarwood, sandalwood, nutmeg, musk, amber, and green tree accord.

CK one is best for formal events, outdoor vacations, gyms, office business, casual, holiday trips, dating, and clubbing. This is an office-friendly fragrance. It is a very affordable fragrance to everyone and versatile.

7. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Eau de parfum

The design house of 5th Avenue is Elizabeth Arden. It was introduced in the year 1996. It was created by perfumer James Bell.

5th avenue is a mixture of floral notes. It is versatile, clean, and classy in nature. With white floral notes, the fragrance makes it more elegant, gentle.

Notes: The top notes are lilac, linden blossom, dewy magnolia, magnet, exotic mandarin, bergamot. The heart notes are rare rose Bulgarian, violet, jasmine, Indian tuberose, peach, clove, nutmeg. And last, the base notes are amber, Tibetan musk, sandalwood, iris, vanilla.

5th Avenue fragrance is pleasant, perfect for daytime, office work, and business purpose. This is a rich perfume at an economical price. This fragrance is for women who have a sense of style, are intelligent, elegant, and easily suits in between luxurious show stages.

8. Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic

The design house of Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic is Guerlain. It was introduced in the year 2007. The fragrance was created by Maria Salamagne.

 An Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic is the Best Orange fragrance for women. The opening is sweeter, refreshing, clean. It has citrus notes which indicate clean but also it is soapy.

Notes: The top notes are clementine, orange blossom, green tea. The heart notes contain mandarine orange, basil. The base notes are sandalwood and amber.

This fragrance is suited in summer and spring seasons. It is indeed very wearable for a vast range of people. This is a perfect position to add your perfume collection.

9. Clinique Happy

The design house of Happy is Clinique. It was introduced in the year 1998. The fragrance was created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Jean-Claude Delville.

Clinique Happy fragrance is a joy, the nature of sun and happy morning. The fragrance is a very clean, fresh, safe, and casual scent. It contains a lot of bright citrus notes mixed with light and floral notes.

Notes: The top notes are Ruby red grapefruit, bergamot, fresh apple, high altitude laurel. The heart notes contain a boysenberry brush flower and Melati blossom. The base notes consist of white lily, spring mimosa blossoms.

Overall, Clinique Happy is a very delicate, sparkling, bright feminine fruity-floral that makes you feel good. It is perfect for every day and for possible occasions.

10. Tuscan Blood Orange

The design house of Tuscan Blood Orange is Pacifica. It was introduced in the year 2007. The fragrance was created by perfumer Brook Harvey-Taylor.

Tuscan Blood orange is a women’s fragrance. This is a greenish, sharp, orange-peel scent, and extremely juicy-smelling and strong. The opening of the fragrance was fantastic;

Notes: The top notes consist of strawberry and raspberry. The heart notes contain blood orange. The base notes are mandarin orange, sweet orange.

This fragrance smells fresh, sweet, and strong. It mostly suits for warm/ summer season. The fragrance has excellent longevity and it is an affordable price to everyone.



Most of the perfumes have strong, sweet, and fresh scents. In every perfume, there will be compulsory citrus and floral notes. These notes give clean, refresh, strong to a person.

The orange fragrance is perfectly suited for the spring/ summer season. It is used for many occasions like gym, office, outdoor vacations, holidays, dating, parties. On this occasion, we need stronger, sweeter, and fresh scents.

At that time the right choice you have to look for Orange fragrance. The list I give will best Orange fragrances for women.


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