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Best Perfumes for Women in India in 2022-Reviews


Your outfit is perfect, your accessories are perfect, your makeup is on point, and you step out of your house to slay everyone. You step on the dance floor to dance your heart out. Oops! What’s that smell! Yes, that is you! That sweaty body odour of yours shattering all your efforts of looking like a diva. Don’t you like the story? Need something um, a supporting character, maybe! So you are looking for Best Perfumes for Women in India.

Perfumes are one of the most critical, at times, underrated and important products in the arena of self-grooming. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while buying the best perfume in India. These things include your skin type, your aura, your vibe, the occasion you are wearing on, etc. A pleasant fragrance is capable of defining your personality as well as grab you the attention you deserve.

Here’s a list of best perfumes in India.



The first in our list of Best Perfumes for Women in India is Addidas. This fragrance out here is perfect if your personality is bubbly and lively. It’s a fruity scent that is completely irresistible. It’s not at all harsh, so you can use it every day even if you work indoors.

Pros: The amazing fruity scent makes you feel fresh and confident all day long. Appropriate for every occasion.

This is neither too harsh nor too light, so it gives out a professional vibe.




The next in our list of Best Perfumes for Women in India is from Engage. This beautiful thing out there has everything you need to become a trendsetter. Plus, it’s pocket friendly. And just look at this stunning bottle, it’s travel friendly you can take it anywhere with you. Just take it out, and you’ll smell amazing.

Pros: This scent is a perfect blend of sweet floral and fruity tones.

It is long-lasting, and the fragrance gives out a unique natural vibe.




This good-looking, sleek bottle can surprise you with its contents. A bold scent that gives out a professional vibe. It is a massive explosion of spicy floral and fruity tones, totally office-friendly.

Pros: It has a unique musky tone that oozes out perfection.

It’s bold, fierce, and wild, so if you are ambitious, this is your product.




This fragrance is an attractive one. Cmon girl, it’s time to turn some head. This fragrance defines you and makes you feel confident. The fruity-floral and musky tones infused together is a masterpiece. You should grab a bottle for yourself. You’ll never regret it.

Pros: This product is offered by one of the most trusted brands in the country, so it’ll never let you down.

It is long-lasting. You might smell traces of it even after 24 hrs of application.

Cons: it might be a bit harsh.



5. United colours of Benetton united dreams love yourself


This scent is surely going to carve your feminine poise and impart a playful vibe simultaneously. And thus has all the reason to be in our list of Best Perfumes for Women in India. When you are dolled up for a certain occasion, this is the finishing touch you need.

Pros: It’s a sweet floral scent link in colour packed in this beautiful container.

It defines grace and perfection and gives out an alluring vibe.




This ravishing fragrance takes you to the countryside orchard. Its jasmine tones provide an old school vibe but are alluring.

Pros: This is a natural fragrance that makes you feel positive every time you wear it.

It makes you feel divine and is attractive.

Long-lasting and a classic scent, what more can you ask for.


7. Yardley Perfume


This scent works as a perfume as well as an antiperspirant. It cools down your skin temperature and blocks your sweat glands to prevent excess sweat. Lavender tones provide it with a classy yet playful vibe.

Pros: This is an amazing scent. It’s an antiperspirant.

It is super affordable.




If you wish you slay with utmost modesty, this is your product. Nike is one of the Best Perfumes for Women in India. This wild yet classy scent defines your feminine aura and gives it a tad bit of sporty vibes as well. That’s why this product deserves a feature in our best perfumes in India list. This scent is suitable for youngsters. All the girls out there who wish to feel chic, sexy, and classy won’t ever regret buying this.

Pros: Fragrance is a blend of spicy floral and musky citrus, which is long-lasting. Its unique scent provides an exquisite aura.

It’s not too harsh and akin friendly. You can wear a versatile scent at any time.

Cons: The bottle can be too fragile to carry around.




It can be your everyday fragrance. This is one of the most famous perfume brands in the country. Just a few sprays can make you feel fresh. The lavender tones mixed with fruity floral rejuvenates your aura and keep your poise intact. This scent is going to turn several faces around you.

Pros: This is a distant scent that can be your prime choice as it’s affordable and has amazing results.

It’s soft and delicate, perfect for defining your sweet spirit heart.

It has antiperspirant effects that reduce sweat accumulation.

Its travel friendly but is not that long-lasting, so you have to spray it twice or thrice a day for feeling fresh all day long.

Cons: it’s not long-lasting.


10. Fogg Essence 


This bottle and it’s contents are wonderful. It’s an antiperspirant as well an amazing fragrance at a super affordable price. This fragrance gives a sleek and calm vibe as soon as you wear it.

Pros: The fragrance has a rose and sandalwood base, which personifies beauty and simplicity simultaneously.

It’s light, impact, and long-lasting too.

Getting these features at this price is next to impossible, so grab one for yourself.

Cons: It’s more of an office fragrance. It’s not suitable for some party or big occasion.




This beautiful product out there is a perfect mixture of Perfume and deodorant. It’s antiperspirant effect reduce sweat secretion and keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

Pros: The most trusted brand NIVEA offers this amazing combination of rose, ocean tones, and deodorant.

Just a few sprays are enough to provide you with a splash of freshness for an entire day!

It’s long-lasting and attractive.

Cons: Might be too harsh in the beginning but lightens after some time.




This is for the queens out there. Victoria Secret is surely one of the Best Perfumes for Women in India. A bold, sassy scent which is perfect if you wish to be the trendsetter. Just look at this beautiful bottle. Looking yourself in the mirror, finishing your look with this beauty, just picturing it is insane. You need this in your closet plus it’s Victoria’s secret, its not something to think about twice. It is Royal and sophisticated. It’s for women who personify mystery and aims for the best. Let the ambitious slayer inside you defined by this exquisite fragrance. This is going to impress everyone around you and define a dignified persona.

Pros: It’s citrus, fruity floral, and musky tone is vibrant and versatile.

Day or night is not an issue with this perfection oozing fragrance.

You can slay without putting too much effort into this by your side.

The customers are really happy with it.

The immediate fragrance of lavender steals your heart, and the base notes of musk and jasmine are mesmerising.

Cons: It’s expensive.




If you can get the hands on to Jo Malone Best Perfumes for Women in India, you are at your best in terms of scent. This is going to steal your heart immediately and helps you to steal hearts as well! This is a classic scent crafted carefully with love. The top notes include delicious honey, which illuminates everyone surrounding you. It imparts a playful and sleek vibe to grab the attention of everyone you pass. To define it in simple words, this transports your soul to paradise, and this makes it important in the list of best perfumes in India. The Bulgarian rose middle notes are simply mesmerising. This bottle is magical!

Pros: This simple yet elegant bottle will increase the quality of your closet.

It’s long-lasting. It is a sophisticated fragrance suitable for classy gatherings.

It is light, creates impact and will summon several memories for you every time you wear it.

Cons: It’s expensive.




This unisex perfume defines the epitome of beauty. Inspired by the Japanese art of incense appreciation, this is the explosion of fragrance. The top notes are ginger and waterlily, which provides a clean, sensual vibe. This iconic and stunning bottle surely deserves a place in your closet. The calm and relaxing amber and black orchid create an exquisite atmosphere around. It’s perfect for night events.

Pros: Illuminating black cardamom and the sensual touch by ginger and water lily is stunning.

Perfect who women love to be in talks and thus one of the Best Perfumes for Women in India.

It is rich and mysterious and has a smoky character, which makes the scent alluring.

Cons: The bottle is fragile, and it is expensive.




This woody and citrus fragrance are perfect for summer days. The perfect weekend is achieved by working hard for five weekdays. If you wish to slay in your normal days, you are going to love this Calvin Klein. The top notes of mint and citrus make you fall in love with this fragrance.

Pros: It has a broad appeal due to its amazing notes.

It is long-lasting stays on your clothes for long.

It’s endearing, and it is lovely.

Cons: Extremely strong and expensive.




All the flower lovers, this is going to take on a journey to the parks full of lovely flowers. The exquisite lily and sandalwood are going to mesmerise you for sure. The top notes contain orange and rose. The base note is a  blend of cedar, vanilla, and musk

Pros: Just look at this pretty bottle. It demands your attention. You need to have this.

The fragrance is primarily feminine and is versatile.

It preferably a day perfume but usage at night isn’t bad either.

Cons: It is expensive.




No list of Best Perfumes for Women in India or world can be complete by this epic perfume. It is a classy and sexy scent. The citrus orange and rose notes are never going to let you down. Its office-friendly and a party slayer. It keeps your feminine poise intact and steals all the hearts around you.

Pros: It is a bold yet light fragrance.

Vanilla and beans base notes are enchanting.

It is skin-friendly and will leave its effect on your clothes for a very long time

Cons: It is expensive.


18. Yardley All Good Scents Rose 


This scent oozes perfection combined with sensuality. Suitable for your evening gathering, a few splashes will make you feel confident and special.  The base notes of vanilla are mesmerising and transport your soul to a paradise.

Pros: The blend of rose and vanilla are a match made in heaven. This will turn all the heads around you and make you feel like a goddess.

It is a sophisticated fragrance.

Suitable to make your evenings memorable.

Cons: It’s is expensive and might not be strong.




The contents of this sexy looking bottle can be defined by three words, Sexy, Bold, and elegant, which is why it has earned itself a place in the best perfumes in India list. This proves being bad is the new good. Its exotic fruity and musky notes are sensual. If you are looking for an explosion of freshness, playful vibes with a sexy touch, this is your product. This oozes out modern, feminine vibes great for the lady who loves to slay everyone around her.

Pros: It is long-lasting.

The fragrance is attractive and exquisite.

It is the epitome of fierce feminine beauty.

Cons:  The bottle is fragile.




This exquisite hot pink scent is strong, enchanting, and gives of an Italian feel. This scent is made to unleash all you trapped desires and live them. The fragrance is light; everlasting helps you stand out in the crowd. It can last for 8 to 9 hours and is suitable to boost your evening and make it a memorable one.

Pros: Jasmine base tones are mesmerising and grab the attention of everyone who passes by

Long-lasting and crafted by the most trusted brand.

Cons: fragile glass bottle. It is not a strong scent.



This is our list of the Best Perfumes for Women in India. You can choose from these products. However, it all depends on the skin type or fragrance preference of people. Your taste for fragrance and your schedule will help you decide what is best for you. If you like, the article or you found it useful to subscribe to our newsletter and share it. We would know your suggestions do comment below.

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