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Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle comes first in our all-time best perfumes list.It is for all those endless sweet summer days meant for clothes and visits to the beach. The sweet citrusy flavour of this perfume will take you to sunny days spent lounging, with a sweet drink at hand. Romantic and flirty, with very unique notes of oranges, roses, orange blossoms, bergamot among others, this fragrance is adorable and ladylike and should land up on your dresser. Women all around the world agree that this perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is simply unforgettable for its cherished scent. Sweet, fruity, and yet so flower and light, this playful fragrance sings of youthful exuberance while being sensitively womanly.

The newer version retains its original sensuality while adding the spirit and rebound of fresh spring. Bottled in a pink glass bottle adorned with classic pigeons created out of crystals, this scent should be a must-have for females who want a bit of old and a bit of new. Fragrances include queen rose, citrus, jasmine, crystal flower, and plumeria. 

Chanel No 5

The next in our list of all-time best perfumes is No.5 since the famous perfume designer Ernest Beaux, working for Gabrielle Coco Chanel, perfected the odor in his 5th attempt. But No. 5 isn’t just a number, nor a simple perfume people can forget. Ever since its launch, it’s been a favored among females and handed down as a secret recipe to odor womanly. This bestselling perfume brings combined fragrances from aldehydes, iris, jasmine, and citrus, among other notes. This oriental vanilla fragrance is another timeless treasure women have enjoyed through the years. If you have just discovered the magical world of perfumes, you won’t be capable to tear yourself away from this enchanting fragrance that pays tribute to none other than Shah Jahan and his love for his favored Begum Mumtaz.

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