Best Tom Ford Perfumes for Women in 2021- (Reviews)

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In this blog we have shared best Tom Ford perfumes. We have shared top, middle and bottom notes and pros and cons of each perfume. But before seeing the list of best Tom Ford perfumes lets know about existence of them.

Tom Ford left Gucci Group in 2004 to start manufacturing his perfume under his name. He was inspired by the fashion industry. He was often acknowledged for his contribution to Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent fashion company. He was known for making very influential advertisements that notice taken by people. So, he wanted to create one of his’ own top fragrance lines. 

Starting with relating to Black Orchid perfume, Ford started to create a fragrance that has winning all over the world.  So, many winning perfumes in the market can give a headache for its customer which to choose and which to best for themselves.

The best Tom Ford Perfumes are trying to figure out the world’s best odor.  This perfume differs from one person to person, but The Tom Ford perfume will guarantee you any purchase of perfume that will give you best fragrance.  The Tom Ford perfumes are highly reputable in the market. 

Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and filmmaker. He launched his luxury brand in 2006, having work experience at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.  Tom has directed the Academy Award-nominated films A Single Man and many others. He currently the chairman of the board of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Tom was born on 31 August 1961 in Austin, Texas, U.S. He was completed his’s graduation at Parsons School of Design. He was the son of realtors Shirley Burton and Thomas David Ford. He spent his early life in the suburbs of Houston. He has rearranged furniture in the house and gave money to her mother. They moved to Santa F.E., New Mexico, when he was 11 years old.

 At Santa Fe, he joined the St. Michael’s High School and later shifted to Santa Fe Preparatory School and graduated in the year 1979. He was admitted at bard College at Simon’s Rock, but he was dropped out. He went to New York to study art history at New York College. At NYC, he met Ian Falconer and took him to studio 54 for the first time. He was dropped out Of NYC and started focusing on acting in television commercials. Ford started studying interior architecture at The New School’s art and design in New York. While studying as Architecture, he started to work as an Intern in Chloe’s press office. At Chloe’s press, he was interested in fashion. After his graduation, he attended interviews for jobs at The New School’s parsons’ divisions. 

He was one of the most valuable designers of his generation. Tom Ford has won various fashion awards for his work with Gucci and also with his’s brand. He has won the five Council of Fashion Designer of America awards, Four VH1 and Vogue Fashion Awards. He was named 2001’s G.Q. designer of the year. Ford wrote, co-produced, and directed Nocturnal Animals, which is a psychological thriller based on a novel by Austin Wright. The film stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal and garnered Ford a Golden Globe nomination for the Best Direction 

Best Tom Ford Perfumes: 

1.Private Blend Oud Wood EDP

A rare, foreign, and particular Eau de parfum highlight Oud wood, one of the best valuable and expensive ingredients in perfumes’ armaments. Oud wood is frequently burned aroma filled in the temples of Bhutan. Exotic rosewood and cardamom give way to a smoky blend of valuable oud wood, sandalwood, and vetiver.  Tonka bean and amber add warmth and sexuality.  The style of perfume is woody. Top notes are rosewood and cardamom. Middle notes are oud wood, sandalwood, and vetiver. Base notes are Tonka bean and amber. The mood of perfumes is rare, exotic, and distinctive.  

2. Private Blend Tobacco Vanilla EDP:

A Luxurious, warm, and unique oriented fragrance which influence by Tom Ford’s affection in London. Tobacco vanilla trending to remind of An English man’s club and strong suggestion with spice. Tom ford reinvention a classic fragrance category by adding creamy Tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accord, and sweet wood sap for a new and nearly heady impression that’s for all men. The style of perfume is oriental.  Top notes are tobacco leaf and spices. Middle notes are Tobacco flower, vanilla, and cocoa. Base notes are dry fruit accord and wood sap. The mood of perfume is Opulent, warm and iconic 

 3. Private Blend Noir de Noir EDP: 

A dark oriental scent that includes warm and sweet glutton. Surround and celebrating the yin and the yang. This rich oriental fragrance gives away Tom Ford’s feminine side. Rich floral and the earthiness of black truffle, vanilla, patchouli, oud wood, and tree moss, which add a warm sensuality to this dark, heady perfume made from sandalwood. The style of perfume is warm and spicy. The notes are saffron, black truffle, patchouli, oud wood, and crocus flower 

4. Lost Cherry EDP:

An Eau de parfum that is full embodies the journey into once forbidden. Lost cherry is a contract scent that reveals a tempting separation of playful, candy-like gleam on the outside and green flesh on the inside. Innocence intersects satisfy with an opening the catch the classic perfection of the luxurious cherry fruit. Black cherry ripens flesh splash in the cherry liqueur glistens with touching of bitter almond. 

A heart burst forth in cherry waves sweet and quiche.  The breathtaking floral such as Turkish rose and jasmine sambac penetrate your senses and soul: the Peru balsam and roasted Tonka brand at dry down advice a new heroic symbol.

A blended with an unexpected mixture of sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar gives finish reaches a fantasy motivation level satisfaction. The notes are Black cherry accord, bitter almond, griotte syrup Scenttek, rose absolute, Peru balsam, and roasted Tonka.  A 100% original product and made in America. 

5. Jasmine Rouge EDP

An opulent, pleasurable, and bold Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge is a saturated and floral fragrance, which includes an unexpected mixture of valuable sambac jasmine sepals absolute. This ingredient never used before in the perfumery industry. It reveals a new facet of Jasmine’s exotic fragrance. Jasmine Rouge Bold as a print of red lips with the deep red bottle that infuses the lush and glamour. 

The notes are black and white peppercorn, clary sage, sambac jasmine sepals absolute,ylang-ylang, labdanum resin, and amber. This perfume speaks the essence of beauty. The perfume is particular about the fragrance. The perfume can wear on very occasions of women’s moments where she has to shine. This perfume can be perfect for a dating or a business meeting. 

 6. Eau de Soleil Blanc Fragrance:

A crisp, bright, and refreshing citrus perfume. Eau de Soleil incorporates a refreshing illumination on private mixture Soleil Blanc, fresh, colorful and saturated with sparkling citrus. The vibrant twist of floral amber and warmth mirrors the crystalline reflection of the Bright sun, a luxurious seen of the sky on water. The style of perfume is Citrus and oriental. The notes of the fragrance are Vert de bergamot, orange bitter, petitgrain big rape Orpur, ylang-ylang, pistachio accord, and coco de mer accord. The mood of the perfume is radiant, addictive, and Crisp.  

7. Private Blend Neroli Portofino Acqua EDT: 

A fresh, floral, Eau Fraiche perfume that is a very irresistibly light way to wear Neroli Portofino. Neroli Portofino Acqua is a welcome into a seductive atmosphere from Italian Riviera. A new conscious and floating in the coastal azure water with endless skies above and deep, slopes of hillsides just in one view. A fresh experience of Neroli Portofino’s good and sparkling effects.  The perfume is an irresistible to easy way to wear the fragrance’s citrus and amber notes. The style of perfume is Eau Fraiche. The notes of the perfume are Tunisian Neroli, Italian Bergamot. Sicilian Lemon, Winter Yellow Mandarin, orange flower, and lavender. The mood of this Tom Ford perfumes is Vibrant, sparkling, and transportive.  

8. Private blend Mandarino di Amalfi EDP:

Mandarino di Amalfi is an aerated, textured, bright private blend that catches the calm idyll of cover-up villas dotting the cliff sides of Amalfi. Citrus fruits drift their aroma with a tonic like an effect, and the evening comes with the warm little breeze of night-blooming flowers. 

The atmosphere is a scent with mint, thyme, and wildflowers. The notes of the perfume are Mandarin oil Italy Orpur, Lemon Sfumatrice Orpur, basil, spearmint, shiso leaf accord, and Jasmine. The perfume was the recipient of the Fragrance Foundation Award for Men’s Luxury Fragrance of the year in 2015. 

9. Noir Pour Femme EDP:

A warm and spices gourmand, These floral oriental catches the enchanting paradox of the Tom Ford Perfume for Women. Tom Ford combines dramatic and fresh floral and the trademark of refined sophisticate with mysterious Eastern accuracy and hedonistic amber and woods. It’s an ode to the woman who skilful and cunning balances her healthy and prosperous womanliness with softer femininity she keeps to reach out.

The feminine elements in the Tom Ford Noir pour Femme, which evokes both sides of the woman. The perfect suit you just like the jet black dress that reveals the curve of a woman’s shoulder. ” The noir fragrances reveal themselves in layers; Pour Femme captures the fascinating paradox of the Tom Ford woman, Extravagant and sensual.” – Tom Ford.

The style of perfume is Floral and oriental. The notes of perfumes are bitter orange oil, ginger extract, rose absolute, Indian Kulfi, vanilla Madagascar, and Amber. The mood of Perfumes is provocative, daring, and Extravagant. 

10. Vanilla Fatale EDP:

A perfect blend of saffron, roasted coffee absolute, and Madagascar vanilla. The vanilla Fatale is simply a nature personified. A blizzard that rushes us just like the rush of blood in the head. The dreams come to reality, a good became true. His or Her holding is fixed, refined, but yet raw and under polished. The new spice of saffron and coriander opens the perfumes—the senses with the holding incense of myrrh and olibanum. 

The vanilla Fatale is a perfect storm of roasted coffee absolute, narcissus, and frangipani. Vanilla mixture with rich mahogany and its smoky glamour made all the more sensual at the finish. The style of perfume is Woody and oriental. The notes of the perfume are safraleine, frangipani, coffee absolute, roasted barley, and vanilla. The mood of perfume is intense, transfixing, and challenging. 

11. Private Blend Oud Mineral EDP:

An Eau de parfum that mixture of rare and valuable oud with the fresh high spirits of the oceans. It catches the reviving play if surf and sea against the burning flame of smoked wood. Tom Ford’s reinvention of oud marks a collective watershed that pair of the world’s most exciting elements to open tonalities of the powerful transcendent. 

The notes are salty seaweed, pink peppercorn, oud blend, ambergris accord, and Firm balsam.  A 100% original product with all valuable ingredients and made in the USA. A winner of Allure magazine’s “Best Fragrance of Beauty” award of Best Oud Fragrance, 2017.

12. Soliel Neige EDP: 

A citrus floral musk that replicates the serene shimmer of sun and snow. A bright reveal of bergamot and carrot seed reflects the winter lights and the calm reflection of the sun, transforming everything visible into a blanket of snow. The fresh petal of Jasmine, grandiflorum, and addictive orange flower and the transparent white floral of karma flor catch mixture with the richness of Turkish rose. 

The fragrance melts on skin with woody and honey as base tones of citrus labdanum and musk, as vanilla finish with sun-kissed warmness. The style of perfume is Fresh. The notes are Bergamot, Carrot seed, Jasmine, Grandiflora, karma flor captive, cistus, and benzoin. A 100% original product with all valuable ingredients and made in the USA. The style of perfume is Crystalline, Cool, and Escapist. The floral heart looks in the sky with blooming with pale petals of Ivory and Rose. 

13. Private Blend Neroli Portofino All Over Body Spray: 

A fresh, floral, Eau Fraiche perfume that is a very irresistibly light way to wear Neroli Portofino. Neroli Portofino Acqua is a welcome into a charming atmosphere from Italian Riviera. A new conscious and floating in the coastal azure water with endless skies above and deep, slopes of hillsides just in one view. A fresh experience of Neroli Portofino’s bright and sparkling effects.  The perfume is an irresistible to easy way to wear the fragrance’s citrus and amber notes. The style of perfume is Eau Fraiche. The notes of the perfume are Tunisian Neroli, Italian Bergamot. Sicilian Lemon, Winter Yellow Mandarin, orange flower, and lavender. The mood of perfumes is Vibrant, sparkling, and transportive.   

14. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather EDP: 

The warm and spices scent motivated by Tom Ford’s love of best leather. The fragrance catches the primal, wildest scent of leather and its smooth opulent qualities. A modern classic and adding of olibanum, night-blooming Jasmine and black suede gives the scent a particular, modern spin of raw but refined and sensual. The style of perfume is warm and spicy. The notes are saffron, thyme, olibanum, leather, black suede, and amber wood. A 100% original product with all valuable ingredients and made in the USA.

15. Fabulous EDP Atomizer:

A pure, oriental leather Eau de parfum with a secure grip that can be only be described in this way. A prominent, fabulous, and catching a very rarefied air. An Inducing the private across and insider moments where Imagination comes true. A name that has a vivid opening makes an early remark of clary sage and fresh lavender. 

The bitter almond and vanilla add richness to the leather perfumes. Saturated Orris root from Iris Flower, the full lush of the body of the supple Italian Plunge discovers its beauty. By addiction of Tonka Bean and lavish leather, that became a scent as amber notes resound as warm glow. Ultrafine blonde wood creates a confident feeling of pure luxury with a creamy effect. 

The notes of the perfume are Clary sage, lavender, bitter almond, vanilla, leather, Orris root, Tonka bean, and Blonde Woods. 

16. Ombre leather EDP: 

A floral leather Eau de parfum that is a big release and steer. The Freedom comes from the desert heart of the west enclosed in leather. It moves upcoming through the stillness in the air of open space. The Dust in the wind, ombre leather opens itself just like a landscape in layers, where the stretch of the rock changes into sunrise blonde low on the horizon. Floral leather and cool spices unveil a scent for men and women. The textural fragrance marks you with a strategic sensuality. That makes feeling different, beautiful, and attractive. 

The style of perfume is floral and leather.  Top notes are cardamom. Middle notes are jasmine sambac and black leather. Base notes are patchouli, white moss, and amber. The mood of perfume is vast, untethered, and driven. 

17. Velvet Orchid EDP:

A warm oriental floral that unveil the femininity of the Tom Ford orchid. Velvet Orchid is a fragrance that is glamorous, mystique, sharing its aroma and standing separate with its own identity. It moves the DNA of the black orchid into a new dimension, progress hidden facts of the original structure with unnecessary ingredients to unveil more brilliance, femininity, and attractive. The velvet orchid is a daring and robust feeling of floral signature of black orchid is the motivates for warm, uplifting fragrance with shimmering freshness, honey, and rum.

The wood and spicy of the original scent retreat and changing veil of petals floral casts a shadow of femininity. A new fragrance emerges, one that pulls instead push, and it’s more mysterious. Finely refined and polished, the style of perfume is Oriental floral. The notes are Italian bergamot, rum, honey, velvet orchid accord, black orchid, and vanilla. The mood of perfume is Brilliant, lavish, and refined.  

Buyer’s Guide: 

Tom Ford Perfumes has been motivated by the glamorous past. When the world’s most valuable ingredients were used to make scents of Extreme, sophisticated, and reflecting fashion, the collection is motive by a specific theme. He started a line of fragrance with Black Orchid, which are not attracted by women and men around the world, but he won many awards, which are Fragrance Foundation Awards for Violet Blonde, Cafe rose, Jasmine Rouge, Grey Vetiver and Tom Ford For men and list goes on. The different players on the delicious notes of white Musk and Jardin Noir. One of the most fascinating ingredients in perfumes collection. The Tom Ford line has a trademark of Private Blend Collection consists of original fragrances that are unknown in mainstream scent making. 

The Private Blend is made with the true fragrance that designer and perfume lover himself describe as the most reputed collection. Scents such as Amber, Tobacco, Black, violet, leather, and gardenia are extracted from one single note. Both women and men can wear the Tom ford fragrances. He is known for working actively with perfumes that have to create his collection. Tom Ford is a widely known perfectionist, and every scent is very close to his’ heart.  

He worked as Hardwick’s design assistant before he started designing jeans for Perry Ellis on the New York’s 7th avenue. Later he moved to Milan to take the role of Women’s wear Designer for Gucci. During this time, the exalted leather company was disturbed by management and struggle to manage with market trends. Ford gives a new hope Gucci. He quickly prompted higher ranks and Design Director in 1992 and as Creative Director in 1994   

The Ford ultimately repeated Gucci’s Image. By replacing the minimalism from the early 1990s with updated retro looks with sex appeal. He enlarged the company into various new ventures, including men’s and women’s evening wear, sportswear, and home furnishings. Under his’s leadership, the Gucci acquired the valuable French brand Yves Saint Laurent and making a noticeable growth in the sales of the company. Over the decade, he served as the driving force of Gucci. 


We have shared the best Tom Ford perfumes for all perfume lovers. You can choose any of them and have musing and scent of serenity and blissfulness. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section and keep enjoying the shopping!


Written by Redolence

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